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Create Your Own Stickers To Use With Facebook Messenger [iOS]

Stickers have become exceptionally popular and are often used instead of emojis. They’re cuter, more expressive, and animated. There’s a fair number of apps out there that give you a rich library of awesome stickers to use. Snackshots is a new iOS app that lets you create your very own stickers, and send them over Facebook Messenger. Snackshots provides you a library of different characters that you can use.  They come in many different poses and you can add a background, and text to it, and send it to a Facebook contact. The app gives you lots of customization options; you can set the color and size of the text, choose from different fonts, and even change the color of the background you’ve selected.

Open Snackshots and select a character from the library. Scroll up/down to view all poses for the selected character. You can resize the character, flip it, and drag and reposition it.

Snackshots Snackshots_sticker

Once you’ve selected a character, you can add text and a background. The text option includes a text resize tool and a list of fonts to choose from. The color wheel tab lets you select a color for both the background and the text (independently of each other, of course).

Snackshots_bg Snackshots_color

When you’re done composing your masterpiece of a sticker, tap the checkmark at the top and you can either save the sticker as an image to your camera roll (with a watermark), or send it to a friend over Facebook Messenger.

With regard to the customization features, Snackshots is amazing. What it needs is more characters, possibly more versatile ones.

Install Snackshots From The App Store


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