Automatically Reboot To A Different Operating System From Desktop

I have two operating system installed on my system, Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 7 32-bit. Switching between them takes only two clicks on BIOS prompt but iReboot makes sure the whole procedure is automated. Since I am more of a productivity and multitasking guy, it can dramatically help people like me.

Frequently changing between the two OS to test software and various features becomes tiresome. While the system is rebooting, I would do my best to complete other tasks, like cleaning up all junk apps on my iPhone, grabbing a cup of coffee, and so on. iReboot makes it all possible by automating the manual steps and saving few extra minutes of precious time.

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With this tool you won’t need to sit on the workdesk during the whole rebooting procedure. It is a very lightweight system tray app taking only around 400Kb of memory.

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