• Kianda

    Now it ask me the password twice… how can i uninstall this?

    • Jordi Mueters

      I should have made an uninstaller for it lol. I think the installer failed to write to your registry, or you’re not the only user on the PC.

      You must do the manual installation steps in reversed order:

      • Jordi Mueters

        What I’m actually interested in is why the installer failed. It DID get access to the WINDOWS folder which should be higher protected than the registry (registry is in the WINDOWS folder I know I know..) but once the files get written, it should also be able to write to the registry. I would like to investigate why the installer failed for you and then possibly update the application since I need it to be fail-proof of course 😉 Could you PM me with your computer details (OS, UAC, Antivirus, etc)

  • Tone

    Thank you my friend, works perfectly provided there’s only one account enabled and the Windows Welcome screen is disabled.
    XP SP3 – 😉
    Very valuable little utility.
    Thank you so much.

  • Matt

    Your web site lists it as v1.0, but the title says v4.0. Is there a newer version?

    Will this work for domain-based accounts? I attempted to install it but it kept saying that my password was incorrect. I suspect it’s looking for a local Windows account.

    Thank you.

    • Where does it say v4 in the title? The latest version is v2 and the download link provided is correct!

  • Matt
    • I believe you are confused. Yes that one is v4 but Jordi used it to create an automated installer called FastLogon v1.0. Later he updated FastLogon to version v2.0.

  • Yun

    Sor…just want to ask where to download V2, as the link provided can only download V1.

    • I replaced v1 with v2. Which means the name of the file is same but the application is actually v2.

  • mike

    I’m assuming this stores a copy of your password so it can log you on……How is this password secured?

    • Jordi Mueters

      Just to come back to your question: It stores your password in your registry without any encryption!!

      This is done by windows and is the same as when you tick the checkbox “Log me in automatically”. It will then store your password in the registry for logon.

  • Joseph

    The link is broken and I’m having the same double login issue that Kianda is having.

  • gabriel

    so how do i uninstall this? the link up there is dead

  • christantoan

    It doesn’t work with password which has spaces