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FastLogon Skips Windows Login And Locks Your PC

Last year we wrote a guide on automatically logging and locking your PC. We tested it on Windows 7 but it required some tedious steps. If you have multiple PCs then following that guide on each one of them can be irksome. AddictiveTips reader, JM felt the same way and created a simple automated installer to install it without touching the registry or manually copying files.

FastLogon is a command line program where you have to provide your Windows password to install the script. Once done, restart your PC and you will see that Windows will automatically login and lock your computer. This saves time because you will not have to wait for all startup items to load when you actually return to use your computer.

According to JM, this program does the following:

  • It writes the files to the WINDOWS directory.
  • It makes these files the new shell (one for normal and one for safe mode = 2 files)
  • It makes your computer auto-login to WINDOWS so you don’t have to login twice (once normally, second because of the lock).

Download FastLogon

Please note that it has only been tested on Windows 7. It will also work on Windows XP and Vista but we are unsure, if it works let us know in the comments.

This program has been written in C++ with Visual Studio 2010, so if you cannot run this program (and receive either MSVCP100.DLL or MSVCR100.DLL errors), please install MS Visual C++ redistributable package from Microsoft for free – both for x64 and for x86 systems.

Update: The developer has updated the application to V2 which fixes the double password bug and is completely stable. Below you will find the small changelog:

  • The application logs more to console now.
  • The application does more error checking now.
  • The application checks for a valid WINDOWS password now.
  • Some code cleanup.


    • Just to come back to your question: It stores your password in your registry without any encryption!!

      This is done by windows and is the same as when you tick the checkbox “Log me in automatically”. It will then store your password in the registry for logon.

    • I believe you are confused. Yes that one is v4 but Jordi used it to create an automated installer called FastLogon v1.0. Later he updated FastLogon to version v2.0.

  1. Your web site lists it as v1.0, but the title says v4.0. Is there a newer version?

    Will this work for domain-based accounts? I attempted to install it but it kept saying that my password was incorrect. I suspect it’s looking for a local Windows account.

    Thank you.

  2. Thank you my friend, works perfectly provided there’s only one account enabled and the Windows Welcome screen is disabled.
    XP SP3 – 😉
    Very valuable little utility.
    Thank you so much.

    • What I’m actually interested in is why the installer failed. It DID get access to the WINDOWS folder which should be higher protected than the registry (registry is in the WINDOWS folder I know I know..) but once the files get written, it should also be able to write to the registry. I would like to investigate why the installer failed for you and then possibly update the application since I need it to be fail-proof of course 😉 Could you PM me with your computer details (OS, UAC, Antivirus, etc)

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