Get Weather Updates For Any City In System Tray With SMETAR

Weather applications gives a quick preview of current weather conditions and other weather characteristics, including, wind, pressure and humidity information along with weather forecast for next couple of days but they require constant internet connectivity to keep users updated about weather conditions of any area. Some weather applications, such as, previously covered YoWindow focus on beautifying through heavy animations which takes too much of system memory resources. SMETAR is a tiny, lightweight (takes 38 KB of disk space) system tray application for Windows that let you keep tab on current weather conditions from its balloon message pop-up notification.

Being a portable application, it saves user configurations in a INI file which can be edited using any text editor. SMETAR fetches weather information from and shows weather information for Barcelona, Spain, but you can replace the default location with any city in the world from INI file Configuration section.

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Open SMETAR.ini file and scroll down to Configuration section. Now change the source city code with any city code you want. You can also change the update time interval but it’s recommended to keep it 3600 seconds, as weather information gets updates once in an hour.

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You can find source city code for your location from website. Once source city code is defined, move to bottom of the page to change options of weather information you want to fetch. Before changing weather characteristic value, go through SMETAR description present above [Options] section to understand the available options.

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Once you’ve saved the changes, close the INI file and restart the SMETAR application. Now it will show weather information of defined area with specified weather characteristics.

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SMETAR works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Versions for both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions are available in download package.

Download SMETAR

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