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YoWindow – A Beautiful Weather Monitor Application

Many of us like to keep tabs on the latest weather updates. We plan our days and events around the forecasts, we decide our schedules based on how the skies would fare. For this purpose we use various tools, web services, television forecasts and what not. Almost all mobile phone platforms come with native weather applications, and so do operating systems. Keeping this in view, a weather application running on our PCs doesn’t sound out of place at all, especially when it combines usefulness with a beautiful aesthetic sense.

YoWindow is a weather program that works just like a real window; the real weather of your location being displayed against a landscape.

YoWindow 2

This software presents weather and forecasts in a totally different manner, using visuals. You can see how the weather is out there, including sunlight conditions, cloudiness, rain situations etc. The software not only displays the weather for today, but can also visualize weather forecast in the form of how it would look at a given time and date.

When you run the application for the first time, it will prompt you to select your home location. You can add as many locations as you like. Once location is added, the software will download the weather data for that location and display accordingly.


Weather conditions are covered in real life effects, for example, if it’s windy out there, you will see the grass move in the direction of the wind. Clouds shown are animated, and follow the actual speed and direction of the real ones.

Another useful feature of this application is timeline view, using which you can check the weather forecast not for just a particular date, but also a particular time on that day. The top bar shows the time and can be controlled through mouse movement. Other than that, weather information includes temperature, wind speed and direction, pressure, humidity, etc.

The program also adds a tray icon which will continue to show the current temperature.

YoWindow supports multiple languages, and can be customized in terms of landscapes available, custom backgrounds etc. Units can be changed, and so can be the forecast period. You may also use it as a screensaver or simply put the program in full screen mode. The options menu offers further controls, including location management, display, inspector panel, forecast etc.

YoWindow Options

YoWindow is available for Windows and was tested on Windows 7 32-bit OS. It consumes around 80 MB of your system’s available RAM.

Download YoWindow


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