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This Tweak Lets You Customize How Screenshots Are Saved In iOS [Jailbreak]

For a pro blogger, screenshots are of critical importance. Not only do they add color and vitality to what we write and bring to our readers, but they also enable us to illustrate our point better by making things visual (they don’t say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ without reason). They also help you – our valued readers – get a better picture of what we’re attempting to show you (pun intended). That’s the prime reason we at AddictiveTips take our own screenshots for every bit of software and technology that we review, to keep that experience personal and pure.

iOS has always had a really great screenshot mechanism (it was pretty decent even when Android required us to use ADB for pulling screen captures), and to this day, I prefer that over pretty much every other platform. Still, it wasn’t without room for improvement, as finding the right one from amidst several similarly-named images is a hassle I’d always want to avoid. Well, if you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can get a better screenshot experience courtesy of a free tweak named Almpoum (yeah, it’s weird, we know). Details just past the jump.

Almpoum (3) Almpoum (2)

Distributed through the BigBoss repo in Cydia, Almpoum allows you to perform a number of actions with every screenshot that you take on your iPhone/iPod touch. Once installed, the tweak adds its settings in the native Settings app on iOS under the extensions panel, and by default triggers a pop up every time a screenshot is taken for deciding what you want to do with it. Other options, which are pretty numerous, can be set up via the tweak’s settings panel, where most of the things are self-explanatory. Again, with the default pop up, you get the option of either saving the screenshot to the Photo Library on your device, or copy it to the clipboard, or both, for that matter.

Almpoum (1) Almpoum (4)

Within settings, the number of options that you get is pretty significant, although what I find most useful is the ability to save screenshots to a separate, custom album instead of everything going to Camera Roll. That alone has helped me more than anything else. Other options include changing the screen flash that takes place when a screenshot is captured (and removing it altogether), notifying apps that a screenshot has been taken and whether or not to upload those to Photo Stream, etc.

Almpoum is a great tweak for pretty much everyone, and especially if you’re a user that’s heavy on screenshots. Grab it now for your jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch (iPad compatibility not confirmed), whilst the tweak works fine with the 64-bit architecture of iPhone 5s.

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