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Tiny Deduplicator Searches Duplicate Files Based On Hash Value

Even a brand new desktop computer can come packed with loads of files. If you need to free up some space on your hard disk drive then using a disk cleaning tool like CCleaner can really help to remove leftover and temporary items that are no longer needed. This is just the start though because your computer may also be carrying various duplicate files, which if not removed, may be wasting a great deal of space. So it’s often a good idea to use a duplicate file detection software like Tiny Deduplicator to find how that might be effecting your system. It’s an open source application that finds file clones based on their hash value, and gives you full flexibility and control over which duplicates you want to delete.

Tiny Deduplicator can be best defined as a really simple looking application. It’s also very lightweight (about 25KB in size) meaning it won’t bog down your system’s overall performance. To get started, launch the program, click ‘Browse’ at the top right corner, and choose the drive or folder you’d like to scan, for instance, D:\. Alternatively, you can simply type the directory path in the appropriate field above if that seems easier.

Next, click the ‘Scan’ button besides Browse to start the scanning process – which is generally quite fast but may take a very long time, particularly if the application need to locate several files on your computer –after which Tiny Deduplicator will show the list of matching items.

Tiny Deduplicator

The information it provides may sound complicated at first glance, but it is pretty easily understandable in fact. It shows the hash value of each duplicate file, its path directory as well as total space it’s taking on the disk in bytes. You can click an item from the list to highlight it, then the application allows you to open the file location (simply click it on the bottom left) as well as remove the file from your system by clicking ‘Delete’. The program does prompt you about confirmation of its removal, but if you’re really confident that you don’t actually need the selected item(s), you can have Tiny Deduplicator remove duplicates without asking you at all.

You can also sort the list by hash value, path and size by clicking the pertaining table headers. And another good thing about the application is that it doesn’t automatically delete duplicates unlike many other similar programs available for Windows.

Tiny Deduplicator is a portable application that works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Tiny Deduplicator

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  1. Thanks for bringing this portable tool to our notice. Would be nice if future version prompts for user confirmation of removal of selected duplicate file.

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