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Generate A List Of Everything You Need To Pack For Your Trip With Ultimate Travel Packing List

Do you travel often, reach your destination, unpack your things, and ask yourself, ‘Where is my toothbrush?’ It happens to the best of us because it’s far easier to create a mental list of things to pack in the week leading up to your departure than it is to actually remember them all when you’re packing. The logical thing to do would be to create a small travel pack or make a list of things to pack as you remember them. Ultimate Travel Packing List is little web app that generates a list of things you should pack based on your gender, the length of your trip, the climate you’ll be experiencing, and the nature of your trip. Although it sounds complicated when consider how many factors it takes into consideration, it’s is actually quite simple to use.

Ultimate Travel Packing List


The side bar lets asks you to select between different options so it can suggest things to pack. You have to enter your gender, the climate (warm or cold) you’re likely to experience when you reach your destination, how long you plan to stay, whether you’re travelling within the country or internationally, and what kind of trip it is you’re taking i.e. the nature of the trip. You can choose between skiing, beach, camping, and business. When you’re done, click ‘Pack now’.

travel options travel options 2

The app generates a printable list of items to pack. Each item appears next to checkbox and they are all sorted by nature. The items are sorted into clothing, money and documents, equipment, health items, electronics, and toiletries. The layout needs a little cleaning up but it’s fine otherwise.

packing list


The check boxes are functional on the web app’s interface and are designed to look good when printed out so that you can check them off a printed list. In terms of the items it lists, the app covers most things that the average traveller would need on a short or extended trip but two features would have made the app all the more useful. An editing feature to add or remove items to the list would be welcome because a traveller might need to add certain items that aren’t covered by a generic list such as a blood sugar monitor. The lists can’t be saved, not even by bookmarking them which means if you frequently travel, you will have to create a new list each time and you can’t go back and edit an older one. The app design isn’t responsive and an app like this is likely to be used more on a mobile device than a desktop Overall the app is a neat idea but the execution could do with some refinement.

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  1. I used to travel a lot internationally and each itinerary was for five weeks at a time, but never kept a list. I you do a lot of traveling, you don’t need one. I used to check my garment bag and my carry on rarely got unpacked. My carry on contained all of my basic needs (including duplicates of the things I needed at home) and a change of clothes.

  2. It says that if I want to go camping for seven days I necessarily have to take the tie and laptop but knife is optional. I’m not convinced to this list.

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