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New Firefox Add-ons Manager Revealed, Coming Soon!

The latest trunk nightly build of Firefox (3.7 alpha 5 pre) has landed with the much-awaited overhaul to the Add-ons Manager. Dave Townsend has managed to put together the final patches and calls it, “a totally new extension manager backend that will make it easier for us to improve and build upon in the future”, which shows that there is much more than a simple UI change. The new version of the Add-on Manager opens in a new tab instead of the annoying new window and contains a sidebar to choose what kind of add-on you want to work with; Languages, Search Engines, Themes, or Plugins. There is also an option to get the add-on directly without having to visit the Firefox add-on page, just like in previous versions of Firefox.

Add-ons Manager FirefoxFirfox plugins add-on manager

Since this is a huge and significant change, the Mozilla QA team are holding a test day today, i.e, 30th April (Friday) for the new add-ons manager. Users who want to help test for issues or are interested in developed should head over there now. Also it is worth noting that the icons and graphics are not final, this has been verified by Borisshimself. The plans for the add-ons manager has not been revealed since it is in early testing phase. Will it be a part of Firefox 3.x or Firefox 4 is left to be seen but our guess would be the latter. Any thoughts on the new Add-on Manager? Let us know in the comments.

[via MozillaLinks]

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