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AdBlock Video Blocks Ads On Hulu, CBS, NBC, ABC And Fox [Firefox]

Nobody likes ads, if people actually liked them, there would be TV shows about ads where people could see ads and then during the commercial break, they could see some more ads. While some video ads are admittedly good or even great and tend to go viral, not all are and the one place where you don’t like to see an ad is when you’re streaming videos online, just trying to relax and have a few laughs. For those persistent video ads, you can use AdBlock Video, a Firefox extension that effectively skips ads on popular sites like Hulu, CBS, Fox, NBC and ABC. It removes any and all delays caused by ads and skips straight to the video you really wanted to watch.


Once installed, the extension works seamlessly to block ads without so much as prompting you to click a skip or next link and videos start loading instantly.

Install AdBlock Video Extension For Firefox


  1. so, how do you propose they pay for the writers, set designers, wardrobe, cameramen, ect,ect,ect. Magic unicorn? Seriously, how is this not censorship? Doesn’t the person providing the content have every right to show what they want to show? Is it really wise to kill the advertising business, one of the few remaining economic strong-points in America?

    • Ads should not be shoved into the face of people. I DELIBERATELY DO NOT buy from anyone whose ad interrupts something I was doing, but make a DELIBERATE effort to buy from their competitor.

  2. World’s Funniest Commercials was a pretty lame selection — BestAdsEver, ViralVideos and the annual Superbowl Collections are obvious choices, but there are also some standout shows like Gruen Transfer which push the concept to an entirely new level. most of the best advertisements are those where you are unaware you are watching them — eg. most Hollywood movies, which are funded through mass product placement.

  3. There is actually a show that is all “about ads where people could see ads and then during the commercial break, they could see some more ads”. It’s called “World’s Funniest Commercials” and granted, I’m not sure it’s on the air any more, but it was quite successful with different versions all over, from Australia to Great Britain.

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