GIF Resizer – Resize Animated GIF Image Files


Tools like IrfanView, Gimp, etc are great for editing and resizing the images, but they lack one important feature: ability to resize animated gif images. Some image editors do support the resizing of static gif image files, but they cannot resize animated gif images.

GIF Resizer is a free portable tool for Windows OS that lets you resize animated GIF images instantly without any loss in quality. Just run the tool and select the GIF animated image file that you want to resize. It will automatically detect the size and frames, now enter the new destination where you would like to save the file. Enter the new Width and Height and click Resize, make sure you have checked the ‘Good Quality’ checkbox.

GIF Resizer

The original GIF animated image is here(320×214) and the resized animated GIF image is here(520×347), you can compare the quality yourself. There is no limit on resizing, you can resize to whatever size you wish.  Obviously increasing the size will also increase the file size of the image and vice versa. Enjoy!

  • Lokesh

    Really a Great software.. I was searching for a freeware to resize the Animated GIFs..

    Thanks a Lot..

  • Lokesh

    Really a Great software.. I was searching for a freeware to resize the Animated GIFs..

    Thanks a Lot..

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  • David

    Thanks, just what I was looking for!

  • EaglesIsla

    So far cool share!

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  • Tim

    Would seem on some full color rotating image gifs, the colors get washed out by this program.

  • Jonathan

    Absolutely brilliant little proggy!

    Thanks a bunch for sharing this. 🙂

    Jonathan 😉

  • Mike

    works good for the resize, but the new image has lost the transparent background.

  • littlejj


    Thank you so much for this program. It really helped me out.

  • Aprile

    Thanks for this! It worked very well in resizing our outsourcing banners.

  • http://notupyet daz

    Didnt work too well for me. The background went from transparrent to black.
    Thanks though

  • borivoje

    Super !!!

  • saleh

    so thanks

  • Monroemonster

    Didn’t work well for me. The image looks normal at first, but then flashes completely random colours.
    Thanks anyways.

  • Lizzy

    OMG, thank yooouuuu~!! 😀
    I’ve been looking for this for quite some time now…

  • Christofer

    Great soft. Thanks for info 🙂

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  • markopolo

    I’ m gonna test it, I hope it is simple and eddicient like they say !

    Come check this gif and backgrounds gallery, high quality and various themes, all for free of course!!
    come check it here:

  • Jason

    Great Software! Really Works! Tnx a lot!

  • cici

    i loooooooved it ,it works fantastic

  • YLTO

    Great software bro! Thanx

  • srikanth

    Thx buddy , it helped me.

  • ricky

    thanks very much how ever owner of it hats off :)))))))))))))) my whole day day spent serching it but at night i found it here thanku very much thanku

  • FlatFX

    Thanks / Спасибо

  • Mike

    Great post! Just what I was looking for.

  • bob

    Finally something that works!

  • hey

    why some GIF didn’t accept by this? *failed to open image file* error..

  • wojtek

    Nice piece of software, very helpful thank You

  • Ode The Toad

    very cool-thanks

  • Ode The Toad

    very cool-thanks

  • isac

    Thanks a million dude

  • isac

    Thanks a million dude

  • isac

    oops, nonono~ some grey bugs keep showing…

  • iskander71

    I confirm : excellent application !

  • BoudicaL

    Thanks! Great tool!

  • Priya Pagal


  • Jacky

    Thanks 😀 😀 very helpful

  • Annie

    Works really good 🙂

  • darius king Domingo CUTE :)

    thank you.. nice app

  • Joske

    This app sucks. It completely ruins the image.

  • EJ

    not good at all for enlarging a gif. The output displays jerky, and grossly distorted image and colors. It is better if you use an online gif enlarger, the output file will be much smoother and better quality.

  • MessiahMews

    It doesn’t work. It’s not doing anything at all.

  • kIsS tHe PaNdA

    5 years ago? It’s not there anymore…signed 2015!