Make Windows 7 Remember Window Explorer Position & Size

According to some users in various forums, Windows 7 cannot remember the position and size of the window after you reopen it. This is not the case with me(using 64-bit OS) since Windows 7 has always remembered the exact position & size of the window when opening Windows Explorer or any other folder inside it.

To all those who are facing such a problem can try using ShellFolderFix. It basically forces Windows to remember the last position of the open Window of each folder and it’s size. It could be useful if you are using dual-monitor setup but is equally useful for everyone else.

Shell Folder Fix

Since I am not having any such problem, personally we cannot validate how good will this app work. According to many users who have tried it, the latest version has fixed the problem and is a life-saver.

Download ShellFolderFix

It is a portable tool that has been developed exclusively for Windows 7(both 32-bit and 64-bit) only.

  • DM

    I’m running Windows 7 64 and the windows sizes used to be remembered. Just recently, they started coming up differently. Very annoying.

  • G.N.R.S.U

    it make 7′ s operations faster

  • Temp

    If you do not have this issue then you do not work with folders much as its a BY DESIGN Win 7 issue!

    It is not there to make naything faster that is BS, its jsut some dumb decision made by MS to remove a feature in every other Windows OS!

    Windows does remeber the size/position of the last closed window (not talking apps as they are remembered) but it makes all others the same size/position as that last closed window!

  • Cam226

    I know this sounds wierd but it works. 1. Open the window that you want to
    resize. 2. Close or minimize other windows. 3. Right click on task bar and then
    left click on “show windows side by side”. 4. Resize/position the window to the
    way you want it. 5. Close the window.
    Now the new size/position will be remembered when you reopen it. This works with most windows/programs but not all. Once you try it a few
    times, it’s easy, and requires no extra little programs. Works with IE but all
    websites will open in same remembered position.

    • Ali Kavrak

      Just tried it and it doesn’t work. Is this supposed to work on Win 7 (32-bit)?