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Download Google Books Downloader [Mac]

Last year we reviewed an opensource tool called Google Book Downloader which became quite popular. Developer Hac has submitted a tool with the same name and purpose, but this time it is for Mac only. The interface is dead-simple, all it requires is a Google Book’s URL or ID and it will download in PDF format instantly.

We all know that some books can be downloaded directly but many cannot. If you come across a book that has full or limited preview but no option to download it, this app will come handy. 😉

Below are some screenshots showing the app in action.

google book downloader mac

google book downloader mac pdf

Download Google Book Downloader

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  1. Hi there. I’ve been using the app for a while now, love it. there is a pitfall in it though, which I would point out: it does not download all pages from the previews. It looks like it gets stuck and stops where the first few “This page is not available in Preview” start to occur. I have downloaded books that contain over 100 pages as previews, but the pfd only downloads about 30-50 pages each time…otherwise, it is such a great tool.

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