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A Complete Guide: How To Download Books From Google In PDF Format

Google Book Search has thousands of books, magazines, and documents available for free for the public. You can read them online, but what if you want to read them offline? Google should have a build-in feature to download books since most people are not always connected to the internet. What if I want to read a book while traveling and there is no internet connectivity? Google Book Downloader (link seems to be down, grab it directly here) a handy tool which you can use to download books directly from Google and save them directly in PDF format.

Update: Try out the new tools to download Google Books. For Windows, go here. For Mac, go here.

Here is how it works, you have to provide the book code in order to download it. But where exactly is the book code? It is given in the URL, the screenshot below will make it more clear to you.

google book id

The book code is the set of different characters after ‘id=’ and before ‘&’. In my case the Book code is ‘_kYBqLc5QoQC’. Now enter this book code in the tool and press Check.

melon google books downloader

It will begin retrieving data page by page, once the process is complete, click Download all. This will download every page of the book one by one which will take some time, you can see the status in the progress bar.

google books download status

Once the progress is complete, click Save Entire Book as button and save it anywhere in PDF format. It’s that easy. Enjoy!

Update: If you are one of those people who are having problem using this method, you can try an alternative method. If you are using Firefox browser, download the GreeseMonkey add-on and grab Google Book Downloader script. Now you will find the download button whenever you browse a book in books.google.com. 🙂


  1. If you don’t feel like downloading any additional programs or plugins, or if they are unreliable, there is an easy method.

    1. Open google books and find the book
    2. Do a “save page as” for every 3 pages (it only saves the current, the previous and the next one) in a folder
    3. You will find all the saved pages in png format in your folder
    (4) Rename them, compile them using pdffill, or something similar

  2. why some pages unavailable for viewing… in download book. can i fix this problem? thanks

  3. THis software takes a lot of time, and bytes download reaches in billions, even then the book seems not downloaded. I tried the alternate option but script link is not available. Is there any other way to download books from google books? Your response will be appreciated. Regards

  4. if we want to download from firefox & download this book is selected & google book downloader converts into images & how to downlaod the whole images at a time

  5. i have tried the update post and it works…but there is so many time required to save the image file…

  6. doesn’t work. clicked on “Check” and just keeps trying to retrieve data from the cover page. 2 billion received on 1 tread so far. just keeps scrolling…

  7. Please could someone in the cybersphere help me to download my book onto the Google Partner scheme. I am a complete ignoramus and can’t find a teenager willing to help me. Of course, I would be happy to pay the fee for the time and bother involved.

  8. For me, it did not work. What actually is the code books? before &? The first, the second…Please, anybody to help me?

  9. This is not PDF saving, it saves as images inside a PDF só it´s still useless, since i can´t select text.

  10. the first method is not worrking for me .. but the second one using FIREFOX is too good and very fast also. thanks a lot 🙂 

  11. The mac program was far better than this it just took me 5 mins to download a book. But this help me find that software. Thanks!

  12.  Had this running for 4 days straight for a 285 page book. Downloaded 30GB of data and didn’t get a single page. Might have worked eventually, but my data allowance doesn’t extend that far!

  13.  Had this running for 4 days straight for a 285 page book. Downloaded 30GB of data and didn’t get a single page. Might have worked eventually, but my data allowance doesn’t extend that far!

  14. It’s now 3 hours later, and it’s still doing the “checking” process for the book.. I’m guessing there’s something wrong..

  15. yes but this method doesn’t work for the pages that isn’t in the book preview!!!!!!

    there is a method for that pages?!?!

  16. please dont try this. It is not working as mentioned in this web page. It is total waste of time.

  17. taking forever with that program to just download a small magazine.
    like over a half an hour so i’m stopping it.

    greasemonkey script does pages as pngs, way too much work to download them one by one.

    why not screencap if that’s the case

  18. It is a really bad session for downloading e books.
    Don’t try this, it is really ineffective. I would suggest the website to come up with something realistic and effectual.
    I would say it again that it is really a waste of time and space.

    • Thank you Angryman! Indeed, the Lemon programme does not work for me. I waited a long time and it kept downloading things but not being ready. I don’t trust it.

  19. Hi,

    I was so curious to use it but I am continuously getting the below error, and no download/retrieving shows up

    ”17-Jan-11 12:03:04 PM 6 Chosen channel: direct (wt=30; dt=30)
    17-Jan-11 12:03:04 PM 6 Downloading book info from link ‘http://books.google.com/books?id=DMPDblZAfmgC&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_v2_summary_r&cad=0’.
    17-Jan-11 12:03:04 PM 6 Warming up direct channel…
    17-Jan-11 12:03:04 PM 6 Downloading via direct channel failed; length=813; type=text/html; charset=utf-8.
    17-Jan-11 12:03:10 PM 6 Channel not available. Waiting…”

    Any Idea?

  20. Hi all!

    It works for me as well. I thought that somebody should make a kind of .bin database. After downloading, the .bin file could be uploaded and otheres can download it. In this way you don’t have to start the downloading of your book from the begining, because someone has already done it. I have already 35-40 .bin files to be shared. Of course not all of them are totally finished. Some still need 8, some 30 or more pages. It could be written out that this book has e.g. 345 pages and 300 are ready. From the other side of the world it could progress on.


  21. poor all of you………………xixixixixixixi
    for now the program can’t used again.why??
    google has put a program which denied GBD….
    they said it’s related with the copy right.
    so just try to find another software!

  22. hello ….guys u r great
    this is the best option we have on internet …..DOWNLOAD the books

    the google downlaoder software is not perfect …it has some errors …i also have problems in downlaoding with this software …bt the next option of FIREFOX is awesome ….it helps me alot ..

  23. Wow, thanks a bunch dude 😀
    It worked perfectly although it’s a kind of draggy method but still it works.
    Yay 🙂

  24. Of course it won’t let you fetch the whole book but only a few “preview” pages from it. Google isn’t the pirate bay, it has strict policies that prevent assholes from stealing copyrighted material.

    • I have downloaded a few books completely. It surely works on limited preview books, but over several days

  25. Hey guys i need your help… google book downloader work for me good. but the problem i face is that it could not download the complete book from google… any body solve this issue??
    then plz mail me


    • Of course it works. I have downloaded complete books with it. But you have to be patient. You can download different pages on different days. I means pages are hidden on a particular day are downloadable on other days.
      Relax and keep trying.

  26. this program has be 18 hours retriving data and none, not work, not book, only retriving, retriving y nothing, please help me, sorry my english is bad . . .

  27. Ok, I used the RS link since the Codeplex site wasn't showing any link to download the app. About the book, does it download the whole book, or only the limited preview that Google Books gives? Because I used the Firefox method, and it gave me a few pages as .png files, but not the whole book.

  28. i have firefox…greasy monkey…and google book downloading script…but i still dont see the download button when i browse books…wherez it…PLEASE HELP…

  29. i have firefox…greasy monkey…and google book downloading script…but i still dont see the download button when i browse books…wherez it…PLEASE HELP…

  30. i have firefox…greasy monkey…and google book downloading script…but i still dont see the download button when i browse books…wherez it…PLEASE HELP…

  31. hi…i am unable to download google books. I have downloaded greesymonkey and unscript google downloader but unable to install melon google book downloader as its link didnt shows India's Server.

    Please Reply for my Query…..

  32. hey this downloader is good but not showing any response after clicking on search.just some links are seen like “downloading book info from so and so website”.Is that means the book is downloading or not?. Can u tell me what should be the options must be selected in “tools” of our downloader.

  33. When I search for a book using the Google book search I see a “Download” button. There are two different filetypes, one is PDF. I don’t recall the other

    If the methods above don’t work for you download the Firefox Add-on “PDF Download”. It allows you to download any page on the web as PDF. If PDF is not the default format PDF download will attempt to convert the file to PDF format.

  34. i hav download firefox & GreeseMonkey add-on but not getting the download option in the google book.

  35. hi
    i have downloaded GBD 0.1.0 alpha8 but while i want to install it,it shows the msg “MSGD encounter a problem and need to close”.

    plz help me regarding this problem.

    best regards………….

  36. How can I use this tool to download several books at one time, without having to check all the time if the previous download is done?

  37. i have start downloading one book……it already 2.5 hr still checking is goining on…..
    will you help me how much time it will take for complete download, no. of page 256 ……..

    • Like Aron said above, second method works fine. You can try the 2nd method, since I believe it will be more quicker.

  38. very good tips. However, on my internet explorer it does not work! The second tip via firefox works very fine and is easy to do!!!


  39. thanks alot, i installed MGBD three months ago, it was working well, but now it doesn’t
    the Weblogs work but no pages appeare to download, i think it was a trial vision.
    Do you think so, or i have a problem?
    Please tell me what to do, i need it in my researchs.
    Thank you again

  40. Its been almost 3 hours since i clicked on “CHECK” but till now nothing has happened ??i do not see any pgs gettn dowloaded as you have shown.
    Could you plz help

    • There could be be problems here, either you didn’t enter the Book ID correctly or maybe you didn’t Download All button after clicking Check.

      Post has been updated with alternative method, I hope it helps.

  41. i have got 400 pages of a book (494 pages), it took my about 3 days.
    But this afternoon, i save it as a bin file as usually as i do, and when i restart mgbd.exe and open the bin file, the program failed and quit itself. I try again, fail again…
    Not for this bin file, other bin file saved before also fail to open.

    The mgbd.exe version is “GBD-0.1.0.alpha8′, installed on Windows XP.

    Could you please help me to secure my file data?

    Best Regards,

    • It’s a little buggy, but works fine on my computer. Just follow the steps above and you can download the whole book, but it’s going to take some time since it reads and downloads the book page by page.

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