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How To Create Free Online Chatrooms With TinyChat

Is Instant Messaging banned in your office or school? TinyChat is a free online service that lets you create chat rooms instantly. You can create a temporary chat room and invite your friends to join it with one simple link. There is no restriction on the number of people who can join your chat room. And the best thing is, no registration is required while creating or joining the chat room.

tinychat logo

Sounds unbelievable, right? Here is how you can create your own chat room within seconds. Click on create a free chat room button, and it will begin creating a chat room for you. Every chat room has its own link.

tinychat - enter chat room

Click Enter Chat Room button and it will ask you to enter your nickname, you can also sign in with Twitter.

Enter nickname for chatting

Once you are logged in, you can ask your friends or co-workers to join by giving them your chat room link.

tinychat - personal chat room

At the end of the chat season, you can save the chat log, share it via Email, or add it to a website or forum. Enjoy!

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