Android App Of Social Voice Messaging Service VoiceBo Hits Play Store

VoiceBo is a cross-platform social voice message sharing service for web, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android that lets users privately as well as publicly share brief recorded audio clips with others. While the iOS client of the service has been around for quite some time now, the Android app has just made its way into the Play Store. Besides sharing Hallo-like short but high quality voice clips (known as Bos), the app supports sharing content under various tags/categories, and lets you supplement your audio bits with relevant images as well as your current location. Therefore, you can share almost anything that requires some sort of oral description, such as explanation of the picture being shared, a personal message to your loved one, your opinion on a common topic of interest, or anything similar. Each voice message can be recorded for a maximum of five minutes, and can be shared publicly, privately or directly with a specific contact. As with any social app, there are plenty of tools available at users’ disposal to interact with the shared content and spread the best content further with your mates.

To begin with, you’re required to log in to the app with a VoiceBo account. First-time users can register for a new account right from within the app for free. As far as the UI is concerned, the app is nothing but a complete replica of its iOS counterpart, with sleek looks and customizable notification settings. While iOS apps are generally quite polished, it would be nice to see developers making more use of Android’s own excellent Holo UI introduced in ICS.

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The app’s main UI is split into several tabs namely Featured, Popular, News, and Search. As each tab’s title suggests, there is plenty of interesting and informative crowd-sourced audio content to listen to, ranging from news to trending topics and more. Alongside each Bo, you can view relevant sharing info such as its creator, duration, time & location of sharing, number of times it has been played, number of comments and whether it contains a photo or not.

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When you navigate to the screen of a specific Bo, you can not only listen to the shared audio content, but also follow its user, like it, comment on it, or add it to your favorites. Furthermore, you may preview embedded images, view the location, share the clip further in a number of ways, and see other users’ comments as well as detailed user info.

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Almost the same applies to your own Bos. First, you’re required to record the audio message by tapping the microphone button. Once done with recording, decide whether you want to share the message publicly, privately or directly. Next, hit the ‘Click to Save’ button, enter a brief description, choose relevant tags, optionally add an image, decide if you want to geotag the post, and finally hit ‘Finished’ to share the post on the VoiceBo network. You can keep an eye on your personal activities on VoiceBo by navigating to the My Bo’s tab. To view activities of other VoiceBo users that you’re following,  just hit the My Network tab.

Like its all other variants, VoiceBo is available for free. Just hit the Play Store link provided below to download the app to your Android device.

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