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Does the Galaxy S23 Have an SD Card Slot?

For many of us, our phones are our go-to gadgets. They’re not just for calls and texts anymore; they store all our apps, photos, and videos too. So, it’s important to know how much space we have on our phones and if we can add more.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 comes with a hefty built-in storage, ranging from 128 GB to a massive 1 TB. This means you don’t have to buy a microSD card for your Samsung phone—it’s all there from the start.

That said, if you’re someone who needs even more space, SD cards are usually the way to go. Many Android phones, including older ones, have had the option to expand storage for years. A 1 TB Galaxy S23 SD card, for instance, would provide a huge amount of storage—twice as much as the S23 Ultra.

But sadly, the Ultra model, along with the basic and Plus models, doesn’t support SD cards. In fact, Samsung quit providing this option in 2021, so it’s really not a surprise. Fortunately, though, you’re not without options.

SD Card in Android Phone

Expandable Memory Options for the Galaxy S23

A Galaxy S23 SD card might not be a thing, but you can still expand your Samsung S23 memory. Here are some of our best ideas for how to get more storage on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone:

  • Cloud Storage: Cloud-based file storage services, also known as online storage, allow you to offload files to the internet instead of on your device. While still easily accessible from your phone, these files aren’t taking up space on your device itself. Although apps can’t be stored this way, you can store other file types like movies, music, and documents. Many cloud storage services offer free options, such as Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • External Storage: Invest in an external storage device that connects to your phone wireless or via USB. Much like microSD cards, these devices, such as flash drives or portable hard drives, can provide additional storage for your files. MyMemory has a list of Galaxy S23 USB flash drives meant specifically for this purpose.
  • Hubs with SD Card Readers: If you really want to use an SD card with your Galaxy S23, you can use a USB-C hub that includes a microSD card reader. The Galaxy S23 has a USB-C port, which means hubs like this one from Hicober will work perfectly with not only SD cards but also USB drives and other peripherals.

Another alternative, though it’s more of a workaround, is to remove apps and files that are unnecessary. This frees up space on your phone for the content you truly want to keep. Instead of buying a Galaxy S23 SD card, use an app like Samsung My Files or Files by Google. They make it relatively easy and quick to clean up unnecessary files, delete cache, and find duplicates on your phone.

Phones with an SD Card Slot

So, we’ve learned there isn’t a Galaxy S23 SD card slot. As much of a bummer as that is, Samsung isn’t the only phone manufacturer. There are other Android smartphones that do include the right slot for an SD card. Here are some examples:

  • Samsung Galaxy A54: This phone offers a premium design with a glass finish, a vibrant 6.4-inch FHD+ display with a 120Hz refresh rate, and a 32MP camera on the front that pairs well with Fun Mode for selfies. It also has a long-lasting battery and expandable storage up to 1 TB via a microSD card slot.
  • Redmi Xiaomi Note 12: It’s a budget-friendly option but still offers a lot of features, including a large 6.67-inch AMOLED display, a triple-camera system, and a powerful processor. It also has an SD card slot for 1 TB of extra space.
  • Motorola Moto G Stylus: A great option if you’re looking for a phone with a built-in stylus, this unique device has a 6.5-inch display and a microSD card slot to expand its 64 GB internal storage.

Remember, there are other options for getting more space on your Galaxy S23, even though it’s missing an obvious expandable storage option. If you’ve already picked out a microSD card for your phone, learn how to read it on your computer first; there might be some files you want to keep!