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PS5 Themes: Can you Change PS5 Wallpaper?

The PlayStation 5 has made a lot of console improvements that users love. That said, it is missing something that the PS4 had. Themes. It used to be that you could set custom images onto your home screen but the newest version did away with that, so if you’re looking for how to change PS5 themes, you’re out of luck. We’ll go over exactly why this feature is gone (darn dynamic background), and cover what other customization options you do have available. 

Key Points

  • No, you cannot change your home screen on PS5
  • Your PS5 home screen theme is un-customizable
  • You can customize your profile avatar
  • You can customize your profile background

How to Customize the Theme of PS5 Wallpaper

The biggest reason why customizable themes are gone from PS5 is because of the dynamic background the console uses. As you look through your game library and apps, the background will modify as you browse, dynamically changing depending on what you’re looking at, such as showcasing a highlighted game’s cover art. Because of this constant shifting of the wallpaper, customized themes are a thing of the past. That said, you can change the wallpaper of your profile background. 

How to Change Theme on PS5 Profiles

Remember, while you can change the cover image and background of your profile, your PS5 home screen wallpaper will not show these changes. You can only see them when you visit your actual profile. Here are the steps to find a new image and apply it. You can also use screenshots you already have saved to use as a profile image. If that’s your plan, skip ahead to step 17

  1. Access the main menu by pushing the PS button on your controller
  2. Select Game Base
  3. Choose Messages (on the left side)
    PlayStation messages
  4. Either choose one of your friends to open a message thread, or message a different account if you have it
  5. Type “Google.com” into the message chat
  6. Press R2 to actually send the message
  7. You should now see a hyperlink in the thread. Choose the new google link and it will launch in your PS5 browser. Note: Some users find that typing google doesn’t always give you a link. If that doesn’t work, try writing “Bing.com” instead
  8. Look for a wallpaper or image you like
  9. Choose the wallpaper and try to keep in mind your screen resolution so you may need to filter your image search to large/extra-large sizes
  10. Once the wallpaper opens, push and hold the Create button to take a screenshot
  11. Push the Create button a second time to open the screenshot options
  12. Choose the screenshot you made
  13. Choose the Edit button
  14. Use the Crop button
  15. Crop to fit your dimensions and Save
  16. You can either Replace Original or Save as New
  17. Push the PS button to return to the main menu
  18. Go to your profile image
  19. Choose Profile
  20. Select the Edit Profile icon (a pencil)
    PlayStation 5 edit profile
  21. Choose Cover Image
    PlayStation 5 cover image
  22. Choose Change Image
  23. Select your wallpaper
  24. Choose Select
  25. If you like the preview it shows you, select Save

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I customize my PS5?

We’ve already covered how to customize your PS5 themes for your profile. One other way to customize is to change your avatar. It’s very simple, here are the steps: 

  1. Go to your Profile (you can get there by selecting your current avatar and choosing Profile from the drop-down list)
  2. Choose Edit Profile
  3. Go to Profile Picture
  4. You can choose to select an avatar from ready-made offerings provided by your PS5. Some games also have the perk of giving you additional avatars to choose from too 
  5. If you want a custom avatar, choose Your Profile Picture
  6. From there, you can upload your picture via QR code, using the PlayStation app, or even their website

Can I change the color of my screen on a PS5?

You can’t change the actual home screen PS5 themes at all, including the color. You’ll be able to have plenty of customization on your profile background, however. 

Why can’t you customize the PS5 theme?

The dynamic background prevents you from customizing your PS5 home screen. It’s constantly shifting, depending on what game or app you’re looking at, using graphics from those media to showcase. Because of this changing background, no customization is available at this time. Hopefully someday Sony will decide to update that option. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for “how to change PS5 backgrounds,” the answer is…you don’t.