Install CyanogenMod 11 On Nexus 5

CyanogenMod 11 was released a few days ago and since then, anyone looking to try it out was on stand-by until it became available for their respective device. The M6 build for Nexus 5 became available not too long ago and I was looking for a good excuse to root my Nexus. Here’s a step by step breakdown of the process which is ridiculously  simple, and will have you downloading files for the most part.

Disclaimer: Although we personally test all procedures we write about, something can still go wrong. Follow this guide at your own risk. We take no responsibility for bricked devices

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Hardware Pre-requisites

A rooted Nexus 5: This guide does not cover rooting your device and if you don’t know what rooting is, reconsider what you’re about to do to your phone.

File Downloads:

You will need

The CyanogenMod M6 Build for Nexus 5:

Google Apps:

Our Device Specs

We used a Nexus 5, with TWRP installed.

Step 1 – Back Up

Back up your device. You will have to reset your device to factory settings so back it up.

Step 2 – Copying files to your device

Copy the files you just downloaded to your device. It’s a good idea to copy them to the root of your SD card. If you do not have  an SD Card, then copy them to the root of your device’s internal storage.

Step 3 – Boot Into Recovery

Power off your phone. Press the power button and the volume down button simultaneously until you see the screen with the Android bot on its back and the word Start at the top. Use the volume button to cycle through the options until you see Recovery at the top. Press the power button to select it and you will boot into Recovery mode.

Step 4 – Factory Reset

You will lose everything; all your installed apps, your photos, files you may have downloaded, text messages, and everything in between. If you’re going into this using TWRP, like us, tap Wipe and then slide to factory reset. This shouldn’t take much time

Step 5 – Flash that ROM

Once you’ve wiped the device, tap back and return to the main screen. Tap Install and select the files you copied to your device in step 2. This is where you will see the benefit of copying your file to the root of your storage i.e. easy access. Select the zip file named ‘’ and then tap Add more zips. This time select the file named ‘’. Swipe to confirm Flash. Tap reboot system when you’re done.

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  • Marian C.

    I wish a Nexus 5 🙂

  • duncanator

    I have a Nexus 5, but why would I do this? I used to install CM on my old GS2, 3, and 4, but since I got a Nexus device, I have felt no need to mess with it.

    • It’s a matter of personal choice, although you’re missing out on a lot of features that only CM offers.

      • morzinbo


        • h20ray

          many of customization

  • Avneet Singh

    Just once question, that I haven’t figured out yet!
    What’s the difference in the new M6 built? Anything specific?

  • Justin

    I’t going to wait for the OnePlus.