• Chris

    Nothing to do with this (probably), but you should be more careful whch programs you suggest.

    Hamster Free Zip Archiver did not seem to allow me to create a new folder when choosing a different install directory then standard, so i tested what it does when i tell it to install to /programs/ – it installed itself directly into /programs/, not creating a subfolder. so i had dozens of loose files in /programs. But thats not that much of a problem. The problem is, when i uninstalled it, it decided to delete half of the other programs, too. Because, you know, /programs was the install directory, so it decided to clean that one.. (though it failed..).

    Stoffi crashes every second click, making it useless, but harmless, and the EmptyFolderFinder or how it was called triggered *several* warnings from AntiVir.