Sign APKs And Update.Zip Files Directly On Android Device

If you’ve been into Android development and modification, you’ll be fully aware of the importance of signing APKs and ZIP files in the Android operating environment. For more novice users, every package that is executed in the OS, whether it’s an application package (APK) or an archive package (ZIP), must be digitally signed with a unique key before the OS can execute them. This signature check is kept in place to ensure that the contents of the files have not changed, the intent being to keep users safe from malicious code being executed. Read More

PhotoRocket Gets Updated, Adds Useful Sharing Options

A few weeks ago we reviewed a new photo sharing application called PhotoRocket. The application held quite some promise even then, and just yesterday the developer has released a new version, not only bringing new enhancements but also fixing many of the bugs noticed earlier. Check out the new features in PhotoRocket right after the jump. Read More

Show File Size In Firefox ‘Open With’ Dialog Box

It can be quite useful and helpful to know the size of a file before downloading it. Unfortunately, if you’re a Firefox fan and use the default download manager, you're out of luck, because Firefox itself does not display the file size when it pops up the ‘Open With’ dialog box. The only information displayed is the file name/type, and you get to choose where the file should go. Show File Size is a Firefox add-on that enriches the default Open With dialog box, displaying file size with customizable rounding options. Read More

Open Documents In Google Docs Viewer By Default In Firefox

Consider yourself in a situation where you’re working with some document files, and suddenly you discover that you do not have the appropriate software to handle these file types. In our work routine, sometimes we need to reinstall quite a few applications, or set up a PC a fresh, and the first day when you’re running a barebone OS, coming up against a PDF or DOCX document over the internet before you can install any PDF reader or Microsoft Office can be really irritating. Suppose another situation where you want to open a PDF file quickly but do not want to wait for the bloated Adobe Reader to open it for you. Ofcourse we have alternatives to Adobe Reader but opening the file online is quicker. Read More

Monitor And Troubleshoot Faulty Cable Modem Internet Connection

If your cable modem connection is causing problems for you, or you’re facing regular disconnections, packet losses or any other abnormal activity, then CMWatcher is what you need to troubleshoot the problem. It is a lightweight tool that runs in your PC’s system tray (Windows only) and allows you to quickly and easily monitor your cable modem and take screenshot records of any irregularity or abnormal activity. This can prove really helpful in diagnosing intermittent connection failure that may otherwise go unnoticed. Read More

[Rumor] Windows Phone 7 About To Receive First Update?

It’s been merely weeks since Microsoft’s shiny new Windows Phone 7 surfaced, yet here are the talks about an update already about to surface. This rumor, now engulfing the blogosphere and mobile enthusiasts all across the globe alike, was born out of Chris Walshie’s recent tweets, where he claims that the update ‘is going to be MASSIVE!’ In case you're not familiar with him, Walshie is part of the team behind the ChevronWP7 unlock, and from the looks of it, these guys have some sources! See Chris' tweet for yourself after the jump. Read More

Copy Multiple Items To Windows Clipboard With ClipCycler

Having a clipboard manager is almost essential to the kind of work we do. This holds true for almost any user handling text, and hence a good, free clipboard management program is essential. ClipCycler is a free, open source application with a memory footprint of under 500kB that lets you cycle between various clipboard texts with keyboard shortcuts. Read More

Hide A Message Or File In An Image With Free SilentEye Steganography Tool

Steganography is on the rising trend nowadays, especially among average/novice users. Such cryptographic techniques have been used by people belonging to certain walks of life for a long time of course, but as data-security awareness has increased amongst the masses, so has the need for blending data within different pieces to hide it from plain view. The main advantage that steganography holds over common techniques, such as password protection and encryption, is that steganography simply hides what you want to keep hidden, without making it conspicuous. No need to become an attention-catching neon sign for prying eyes! Read More

Wunderlist Is Beautiful And Easy-To-Use Task Management Tool

Task Management tools and To-do list managers can be abundantly found everywhere, and most of them offer a great feature set. They can also be very helpful for most people, simplifying work and making you better organized for increased productivity and efficiency. We have previously covered some really good programs like Task List Guru and GeeTeeDee, each with its own pros and cons. Recently, Wunderlist caught our eye. Read More

[Hack] Turn Your Windows Phone 7 Device Into A USB Drive

With every passing day, the hacking and development community for almost any device, platform or technology seems to be getting smarter. We have been witnessing the same for iOS, for Android, for gaming consoles, and now, it’s merely two weeks since Windows Phone 7 came to be, and already the hacker community is high on its toes trying to unleash the true potential of Microsoft’s newest mobile phone OS. Among these tricks and hacks comes the one to connect your WP7 device with your PC as a USB flash drive. Read More

How To Cut Down And Manage Facebook Contacts On Windows Phone 7

Facebook has become an integral part of most of our lives, and more often than not people who we barely know end up in our friends list, just the way acquaintances would. With Windows Phone 7 comes true Facebook integration, and the content from the famous social networking service spreads out all across your shiny new device. Now, who’d want that Mr. ABC from down the lane in their contacts list whom they barely know? Unfortunately, with the default settings on Windows Phone 7, this is exactly what happens, i.e., when you add a Facebook account, all your friends get added to your phone’s address book. Read More

Virtual Multitasking In Windows Phone 7

This may not appear very surprising, or it may seem rather obvious but the Windows Phone 7’s biggest bottleneck, lack of multitasking, may not be that much of a problem after all. Microsoft’s shiny new OS came under a lot of fire from Android and iOS 4 community for lacking a true multitasking solution, claiming that it is rather backward for an OS of 2010 to not support running multiple applications at the same time. Read More

Stylish Is A Great User Styles Manager For Firefox And Chrome

User styles can be understood as website-specific themes, but with the difference that they do not run on the webserver, but rather on the user’s end. How it works can be considered quite similar to the way Greasemonkey scripts for Firefox work, although this is simpler and easier. Using UserStyles, you can enrich your browsing experience with more control over what is being displayed and how it is being displayed. For example, you can take out irrelevant content, change colors, add extra functionality and in some cases, entirely redesign the website. In a nutshell, Stylish and are to CSS as Greasemonkey and are to JavaScript. Read More

Imgur Uploader Allows Easy And Fast Image Uploads From Desktop

If you’re an active user on Reddit or Digg, you are probably already using Imgur. For those who are unaware, Imgur is a quick and easy image sharing service offering both account-based image sharing, as well as free, community images visible to all. Most common usage of Imgur is to quickly upload images for sharing, and hence the software Imgur Uploader wants to make the process more easier from any desktop. Read More

Quickly Check HTML Validation Errors In Chrome With Validity [Extension]

For developers, webmasters, and people dealing with HTML coding out there, here is an interesting Google Chrome extension that can help you with your tasks better. Validity is an extension for Chrome that allows you to quickly and easily validate HTML documents right from the address bar, and in case of any validation errors, view them clearly in the JavaScript console. Read More

Plnnr Automatically Plans Your Trip In Few Simple Steps

Ok, so this may not be strictly ‘technical’ but the service being offered by the guys at is certainly worth a shot if you’re planning a trip to London, UK, Barcelona in Spain, Rome, Italy, or several other locations where Plnnr’s services are offered. What they do is, as their name indicates, they ‘plan’ your trip for you – in every bit of detail that you’ll need, right from your hotel where you’ll be staying to the time and means to reach the museum at your destination (just an example). Read More

Automate Your PC With Drag And Drop, No Coding Required

Automation programs are designed with users’ ease of use in mind, and hence the more simple they are, and the more they rely on graphics rather than commands, the better they are for a common user. vTask Studio is such an application that can automate most of the commonly performed tasks, and execute even some high-end commands as well to bring you automation in its real sense. What’s more, the program relies on a completely graphical user interface, hence no programming needed at all. Read More

Change Your Default Geolocation With Geolocater Firefox Add-On

With Mozilla Firefox 3.5, a new API was introduced in the browser dealing with the user’s geolocation. Basically, when you visit a website, the hosting server usually requests the accessing client’s geographical location. On cellular devices, this is usually triangulated using GPS, or through the data signal that your carrier assigns you. In desktop computing, geolocation is calculated either through WiFi, your ISP’s location, IP address etc. The geolocation API calls this data and provides with your geolocation to the website. This, however, never happens without the user’s consent. Geolocation triangulation on desktop computers isn’t always very accurate, especially when done through WiFi. Most of the time, chances are that you’ll be thrown outside of your actual location by a rather unacceptable margin, effectively rendering the geolocation API useless. To handle that, Firefox add-on Geolocater comes into play. Read More

Downgrade Windows 7 Enterprise To Ultimate, Professional Or Home Premium Edition

So you have a PC running Windows 7 enterprise edition that you want to use for your personal, daily usage? Let’s face it – the enterprise edition of Windows 7 OS is powerful and robust, but it is really not very friendly or useful to a home user. On the other hand, Windows 7 Ultimate may turn out to be the perfect choice for you. Or perhaps you want Home Premium for your wife, or your parents? Read More

Keep Flash Videos In Full Screen On Dual Monitor When Focus Is Lost

If you’ve had the experience of working in a dual monitor environment, you may have come across the fact that you cannot play a flash video in full screen on the second monitor and perform some other task at the same time. Supposing that one of your monitors is playing a flash video in full screen mode, as soon as you perform some other activity on the second monitor you’ll notice that the full screen mode is gone. Apparently, this is one of the limitations of the flash plugin for almost all modern browsers. Read More