How To Cut Down And Manage Facebook Contacts On Windows Phone 7

Facebook has become an integral part of most of our lives, and more often than not people who we barely know end up in our friends list, just the way acquaintances would. With Windows Phone 7 comes true Facebook integration, and the content from the famous social networking service spreads out all across your shiny new device. Now, who’d want that Mr. ABC from down the lane in their contacts list whom they barely know? Unfortunately, with the default settings on Windows Phone 7, this is exactly what happens, i.e., when you add a Facebook account, all your friends get added to your phone’s address book. Read More

Virtual Multitasking In Windows Phone 7

This may not appear very surprising, or it may seem rather obvious but the Windows Phone 7’s biggest bottleneck, lack of multitasking, may not be that much of a problem after all. Microsoft’s shiny new OS came under a lot of fire from Android and iOS 4 community for lacking a true multitasking solution, claiming that it is rather backward for an OS of 2010 to not support running multiple applications at the same time. Read More

Stylish Is A Great User Styles Manager For Firefox And Chrome

User styles can be understood as website-specific themes, but with the difference that they do not run on the webserver, but rather on the user’s end. How it works can be considered quite similar to the way Greasemonkey scripts for Firefox work, although this is simpler and easier. Using UserStyles, you can enrich your browsing experience with more control over what is being displayed and how it is being displayed. For example, you can take out irrelevant content, change colors, add extra functionality and in some cases, entirely redesign the website. In a nutshell, Stylish and are to CSS as Greasemonkey and are to JavaScript. Read More

Imgur Uploader Allows Easy And Fast Image Uploads From Desktop

If you’re an active user on Reddit or Digg, you are probably already using Imgur. For those who are unaware, Imgur is a quick and easy image sharing service offering both account-based image sharing, as well as free, community images visible to all. Most common usage of Imgur is to quickly upload images for sharing, and hence the software Imgur Uploader wants to make the process more easier from any desktop. Read More

Quickly Check HTML Validation Errors In Chrome With Validity [Extension]

For developers, webmasters, and people dealing with HTML coding out there, here is an interesting Google Chrome extension that can help you with your tasks better. Validity is an extension for Chrome that allows you to quickly and easily validate HTML documents right from the address bar, and in case of any validation errors, view them clearly in the JavaScript console. Read More

Plnnr Automatically Plans Your Trip In Few Simple Steps

Ok, so this may not be strictly ‘technical’ but the service being offered by the guys at is certainly worth a shot if you’re planning a trip to London, UK, Barcelona in Spain, Rome, Italy, or several other locations where Plnnr’s services are offered. What they do is, as their name indicates, they ‘plan’ your trip for you – in every bit of detail that you’ll need, right from your hotel where you’ll be staying to the time and means to reach the museum at your destination (just an example). Read More

Automate Your PC With Drag And Drop, No Coding Required

Automation programs are designed with users’ ease of use in mind, and hence the more simple they are, and the more they rely on graphics rather than commands, the better they are for a common user. vTask Studio is such an application that can automate most of the commonly performed tasks, and execute even some high-end commands as well to bring you automation in its real sense. What’s more, the program relies on a completely graphical user interface, hence no programming needed at all. Read More

Change Your Default Geolocation With Geolocater Firefox Add-On

With Mozilla Firefox 3.5, a new API was introduced in the browser dealing with the user’s geolocation. Basically, when you visit a website, the hosting server usually requests the accessing client’s geographical location. On cellular devices, this is usually triangulated using GPS, or through the data signal that your carrier assigns you. In desktop computing, geolocation is calculated either through WiFi, your ISP’s location, IP address etc. The geolocation API calls this data and provides with your geolocation to the website. This, however, never happens without the user’s consent. Geolocation triangulation on desktop computers isn’t always very accurate, especially when done through WiFi. Most of the time, chances are that you’ll be thrown outside of your actual location by a rather unacceptable margin, effectively rendering the geolocation API useless. To handle that, Firefox add-on Geolocater comes into play. Read More

Downgrade Windows 7 Enterprise To Ultimate, Professional Or Home Premium Edition

So you have a PC running Windows 7 enterprise edition that you want to use for your personal, daily usage? Let’s face it – the enterprise edition of Windows 7 OS is powerful and robust, but it is really not very friendly or useful to a home user. On the other hand, Windows 7 Ultimate may turn out to be the perfect choice for you. Or perhaps you want Home Premium for your wife, or your parents? Read More

Keep Flash Videos In Full Screen On Dual Monitor When Focus Is Lost

If you’ve had the experience of working in a dual monitor environment, you may have come across the fact that you cannot play a flash video in full screen on the second monitor and perform some other task at the same time. Supposing that one of your monitors is playing a flash video in full screen mode, as soon as you perform some other activity on the second monitor you’ll notice that the full screen mode is gone. Apparently, this is one of the limitations of the flash plugin for almost all modern browsers. Read More

GOM Encoder Is All Purpose Video Converter From Creators Of GOM Player

We’ve covered some really good video conversion applications over the years, Miro converter and Freemake Video Converter, just to name a few. While the list of well performing video conversion programs can be exhaustive, GOM Encoder is relatively a new one in town. From the makers of the famous GOM Player, this application takes the prize in its extensive (and I mean it literally) preset support, with built-in, ready to be used settings for almost any device you can think of. Read More

Top 10 Windows Phone 7 Tips And Tricks

With Microsoft’s new wonder toy, the Windows Phone 7, in town, things are definitely going to change. For starters, new application development platform, new user interface, new shiny tow to compete with. While all that is good, healthy progress in mobile phone arena, another thing is also for sure – questions! With a new OS, new user queries, confusions and issues are bound to arise, with people trying to find what gets done how and where. Find below AddictiveTips’ collection of 10 most essential Windows Phone 7 tips and tricks, right after the jump. Read More

Take Instant Screenshots, Annotate And Edit In Google Chrome [Extension]

At AddictiveTips, we are huge fans of screenshots. We pride ourselves in taking high-quality screenshots, so naturally, we favor applications that smoothen this process. Google Chrome has quite a few great applications that allow a user to take nice screenshots, annotate and modify them and then share with others. However, one feature where Awesome Screenshot takes the prize is the ability to blur areas within images. This handy little extension for Google Chrome can capture, annotate and edit and share/save the screenshots with ease. Read More Is A Fresh Approach To Online Photo Sharing

From online photo sharing services like Flickr and Shutterfly to Facebook and Picasa Web Albums, showing-off your creativity has never been easier. However, despite differences in their offerings, all these websites have one thing in common: the approach to using them. To use any of these free services, you need to sign-up with them, go through the process of uploading photos to your account and finally, share them with the people you know so that they can view (or comment, in some cases) on them. This can be a long procedure and some people need a faster way to share photos. While a lot of services exist that cater to this need, few turn out as impressive and functional as my personal favorite in that area, a fresh entrant labelled Minus (yes, the subtraction sign, literally!) Read More

Disable HSPA HSDPA HSUPA For Better Battery Life On Samsung Galaxy S

For Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 Android phone, one of the biggest drawbacks is the poor battery life. While there are many tips for improving that, one of the best ones is lessening the load on data consumption. Battery gets hit the most when using a data connection, and the stronger the data connection, the more the battery drain. Hence, one of the methods can be disabling HSPA/HSDPA/HSUPA and use 3G instead, which may not be as speedy but certainly consumes a lot less battery. Read More

OOo4kids Is Office Suite Designed For Kids In 7-12 Age Bracket

These days kids mostly use computers for gaming, or in some instances, browsing. When it comes to kids’ usage of computers, special care and attention is needed, in that determining what they see, who they interact with, how they spend their time and quite a lot more. Various services and programs have been developed to help kids interact with computers more productively and learn while having fun. Amongst such programs and services comes a contribution from the open source community, in the form of OOo4kids. Derived from OpenOffice, this is a version of OpenOffice especially designed for 7 to 12 year olds. It comes with a word processor, a spreadsheet program and a graphics application. The interface is colorful and attractive, designed with young minds in view. Read More

Get Rid Of ‘ADB Shell’ Command With Enhanced Putty [Android Guide]

For Android users, ADB (or Android Debug Bridge) is the wonder toy. Most of the modifications, hacks and changes to the Android operating environment rely on the use of this debug bridge. Although now many tools have matured enough to skip the command line interface in favor of a GUI, nothing still beats the power of a manual command input, and the manipulation that it brings. Hence the ADB still remains developers’ favorite. Read More

PhotoRocket – Easily Share Photos From Windows Context Menu

Social Networks has changed our approach towards how we view our digital life. Particularly beginning with Facebook, photo sharing has hit sky-high. Today it is common and a routine to snap hundreds of photos at a vacation or trip to some exotic location, parties, events, festivals etc, and share them with everyone that matters to you via either social sharing websites, or email. Both these methods, however, are rather time consuming and involve quite a few steps. Here’s where PhotoRocket comes into play. It is a free application (currently in Alpha and invite only) with a fresh approach towards photo sharing. The thought behind PhotoRocket is to make photo sharing as simple as selecting photos, selecting recipients and clicking the send button -  no resize hassle, no long waits, album creations etc., and that’s exactly what this application does! Read More

How To Enable Tethering On Samsung WP7 Phone

It’s just been a few days since the launch of the first Windows Phone 7 devices, and as people anticipated tethering, it has been confirmed now that the Samsung WP7 devices can actually be tethered on AT&T network. Reportedly, Samsung Focus has been successfully tethered via 3G on AT&T network. Doing so requires entering into the device’s Diagnosis menu, and it is due to this reason that tethering on Windows Phone 7 devices can only be done for Samsung phones yet, as they are the only ones for which the Diagnose mode is accessible. Read More