5 Useful Firefox 3 Hacks And Tweaks You Shouldn’t Miss

You may have installed countless add-on in Firefox to enhance the user experience, but if you want to get the most out of Firefox, you really have to hack your way into the about:config. The about:config page contains most of Firefox configuration options. It is the most effective, and the most powerful way to tweak and enhance your Firefox performance. Here are 5 the most useful tweaks you should know about.

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How To Enable Spell Checking In ‘All Text Fields’ In Firefox

Firefox has its own in-built spell check, but this spell check is available only in text area and one thing you may have noticed is that Firefox only checks the spelling on large text fields. Many times blogging titles have spelling mistakes which built in spell checker miss out, but a simple trick can activate spell check in text fields as well. If you want Firefox to check the spelling in all text fields, you just have to tweak one of the settings.

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Top 5 Kickass Online Video Editing Tools

There are plenty of websites that allow users to edit videos online within their browsers without the need to install a specific software. These video editing sites are generally characterized by a great ease of use, which makes it a breeze to do both basic and advanced editing. Most of these websites allow users to publish their edited videos on any web page, embedded in a video player. In this post I have collected for you the best, most popular and useful sites that allow users to edit videos online. Read More

Top 5 Useful Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets

Windows Sidebar is a pane on the right side of the Microsoft Windows Vista desktop where you can keep your gadgets organized. It makes great use of the space on widescreen monitors and also works smoothly on standard displays. Gadgets are mini applications with a variety of possible uses. If you don't want to keep your gadgets docked on the Windows Sidebar, you can simply move them off, hide the sidebar, and place them anywhere on your desktop. They can connect to web services to deliver business data, weather information, news updates, traffic maps, Internet radio streams, and even slide shows of online photo albums. Windows Vista comes with an essential set of gadgets to get you started, and you can easily download more. Here are some useful gadgets handpicked just for you. Read More

How To Sync Your Nokia Phone With Mac Easily Over Bluetooth

All Nokia devices supported by iSync can connect to your Mac through Bluetooth. However, selected Nokia device models can also be synchronized through a USB cable in addition to using Bluetooth. If iSync supports both Bluetooth and USB connections to your Nokia device, you can choose whichever connection method you prefer for the initial setup. Follow these simple steps to connect your Nokia Phone with you Mac. Read More

5 Best Free Remote Desktop And Screen Sharing Applications

Remote desktop sharing applications are the ones which sometimes save the day of a developer (specially the freelancers) or anyone who is working as a distributed team and need desktop collaboration, supporting a remote web application that you had built or need to manage the work computer from home. There are great free remote desktop applications which helps to build this remote connection. Read More

How To Resize Desktop Icons In Windows 7 or Vista

Do you find the icon size on Windows Vista desktop too big or too small? The effect of visual appearance on shortcuts and programs icons, is more stark when users adjust and change the monitor screen resolution or font size in DPI scaling, where the icons size becomes bigger and smaller to an uncomfortable level. Users can easily resize Vista desktop icons or change the size of icons on Vista desktop. There are four methods to resize the desktop icons, depending on your preference and also the ’size’ that you want to change the icons to. Let's delve inside and see what they are. Read More

Tips And Tweaks For The New Windows Live Writer Beta – Part OF Windows Live Wave 3.0

Windows Live Writer (WLW) is a visual blog editor for Windows. It integrates with most blogging platforms (WordPress, TypePad, Movable Type, Blogger, and others), allowing you to see how your posts will appear in your blog's theme, even when you're offline. It isn't just another text editor. As a former Notepad coder, I was drawn to WLW as I began to use more photos and embedded content in my WordPress blog. In this post you will get a glimpse of  some new basic features and ‘tips and tweaks’ to make a better Windows Live Writer experience. Read More

How To Autorun Programs From USB Flash Drive And Add Custom Icons

Do you want that a certain program should run when you insert your USB flash drive? Or do you want to add a custom icon for your flash drive? If the answer to any of the question is yes, then you have come to the right place. It is possible to auto run the programs and applications from your removable USB flash drive like the autorun feature in CD/DVD drives. The autorun.inf file is the key to getting your USB drive to perform certain actions automatically and customize it’s look in My Computer. The purpose of this article is to shed some light on how this can be done.
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How To Enable Windows Task Manager When Disabled By a Virus

Let’s face it. All of us have been infected by virus before. Even if you have anti-virus installed, you can still be infected by a new or custom virus that is not recognized by your anti-virus. Sometimes after removing the virus completely from our system, you’ll face new problems such as you can no longer bring up Windows Task Manager from CTRL+ALT+DEL. You get the error message saying “Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator”. This post will help you to re-enable the Windows Task Manager as long as it cannot open normally. Just follow these steps. Read More

How To Organize Your Digital Media Using Simple Steps In Windows Media Player

If you have a huge library of musics organizing those collections can be difficult. Using the built-in tools of Windows Media Player you can make the task much simpler. Microsoft Windows Media Player does more than just play. Windows users can use it to import their CD collection into digital music files, burn audio CDs, and organize their music collection by generating playlists and adding album art. One of Winodws Media Player 11's strengths is in organizing music by album; it's simply faster than iTunes(sorry Apple fanboys but this point is true). And browsing albums by cover is, well, fun. Combine it with Vista's search technology, which is built in to the player, and you can cue up any album just by typing in the first few letters in the Search box and then clicking on the familiar album cover.

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How To Reduce High Firefox CPU And Memory Usage Easily

Editor's Notes: These tips are for those users who are very new to Firefox. These are some basic tips and not the advanced ones. Is your Firefox loading slowly? Or it just keep freezing up everytime you use heavy extensions or open multiple tabs? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In my case it can sometimes take up to 500MB of RAM when I open around 16 tabs and use a good number of extensions(yeah I am that geeky). Memory hogging is caused by the caching of pages and images for faster browsing. Now, Mozilla is working on fixing this memory hog in their next update. Hopefully, the next Firefox  would have better memory management. Until then follow these simple steps to save memory. Note: This tutorial is a bit outdated and does not show the real solution, however using "Fix Firefox Slow Start Problem" trick has proved to work for many.

Reduce Number Of Extensions

Cut down on the number of extensions used. More specifically, try to remove those extensions which access internet to update information for each site. If you want to know which add-ons are useful then check out our post on Best 5 Firefox plugins.

Disable Java Plugin

Disable the Java plugin, by going to Tools > Options > Content tab and unchecking Enable Java. Most sites do not use Java. So, you end up wasting CPU resources for a plugin that you do not use.

Open Fewer Tabs

Open fewer tabs. By this, I mean that you should not open more than 10 tabs. The more tabs you have, the more memory Firefox consumes. Experiment with the number and come up with an optimal number for your PC.

By following these simple basic steps, Firefox will help you save some memory. :)

Top 5 Desktop Media Players To Organize Your Digital Media

You've collected hundreds of thousands of gigabytes of digital music and videos in the past 10 years, and as your media library has grown, so has the necessity for finding the perfect desktop media player for organizing the data. A perfect music player should not only be capable of playing back digital media , but it also needs to be able to help you search through and find any song or movie you're looking for at a moment's notice. Hit the jump for a glimpse at the five best desktop media players. Read More

How To Maximize Or Increase The Speed Of Your Wi-Fi Connection

Today, enterprises are deploying wireless LANs for corporate applications and home users that involve e-mail, Web browsing, and access to various server-based databases. The need for higher data rates and techniques to improve performance of wireless LANs is becoming crucial to support these types of applications. To get that extra performance, you may have a lot to consider.

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How To Increase Your Laptop’s Battery Life

With the rise in laptop sales it is essential for laptop buyers to make sure they use their laptop batteries to the fullest and also make sure they can achieve the highest performance with the available battery. Generally most laptops claim to have 4-6 hours of battery life but in real it comes to 50% of the promised backup time because of many factors like heavy laptop usage while on battery backup, running USB Based gadgets, CD/DVD ROMs etc. You also need to make sure about some battery life saving tips because the laptop batteries generally have a life of around 1000 recharge cycles. Here is a list of some essential tips which can almost double your laptop battery life.

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Top 20 Firefox 3 Compatible Themes

If you were using a customized theme on your Firefox 2 and have just upgraded over to Firefox 3, you might not want to settle with the default Firefox theme your peers have on their desktop. Firefox 3 may be new, but theme designers already have their muscles all flexed up. Here’s 20 Firefox 3 compatible themes to make your browser a little bit different from the rest. Full list after jump. Read More

Top 5 Registry Cleaning Software For Windows

The Windows registry contains information and settings for all the hardware, software, users, and preferences of your computer. Whenever you make a change to the Control Panel settings, files, system settings, or installed software, the changes are reflected and stored in the registry. Windows continually references this information during its operation. When the registry becomes very large and cluttered, your computer’s performance can decrease and cause it to be unstable. Also errors can form over time and cause operational problems in your PC. As it does so, it attracts obsolete and unnecessary information, and gradually becomes cluttered and fragmented. Therefore, you must scan your PC for registry errors and repair them. Read More

How To Repair Damaged And Corrupted Office Documents Easily

Have you ever opened your MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint files only to know that you cannot access them anymore? Well, I know how frustrating it is especially if the file contains some important data about your existing school project or research work. These circumstances really happen once in a while and the reasons vary from one user to another user. I have a fair share of these experiences and I used to skip sleep at night times just to retype/rewrite those corrupted documents. And it is just now that I discovered that there are actually ways to recover Microsoft Office documents(Word, Excel, PowerPoint) which I will share with you in this post.

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Compilation Of 6 Kickass Free Antivirus Software

Antivirus software has a constant battle to weed out the malicious malware and spyware out of your system while users are forever inundated with new releases and updates. This post picks up the best free antivirus softwares based on its virus detection abilities, features, and breadth of protection. Each of the following product provides superb virus protection for Windows-based PCs. Because every system is unique, evaluate several of these antivirus products to find the software best suited for your PC and your level of experience. This post aims to provide a brief review on the Top free Anti-Virus Suites available in 2008.

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