Shred Files In Ubuntu From Context Menu To Make Them Unrecoverable

Sometimes it becomes necessary to not just delete confidential files permanently, but to shred them to avoid file recovery. While there are many file shredding applications for Windows (such as Moo0 File Shredder and Universal Shredder), there is a shortage of reliable file shredding methods in Linux. Shred File Script is a Linux script, which allows shredding files in Ubuntu via right-click context menu. Read More

AnyConnect Allows Multiple FTP/SSH/Terminal Connections In Mixed Mode

AnyConnect is an FTP client that provides a simple mechanism for connecting to an FTP, FTPS, SSH and Telnet/Terminal client. It supports connectivity with multiple simultaneous sessions, and provides the utility of connecting to an FTP and terminal connection at the same time. While not as feature rich as Filezilla, however, it provides a simple interface to connect with single or multiple remote server simultaneously. Read More

Windows Defender Offline Beta: Create Bootable Anti-Malware Disk/USB

While normal anti-virus programs provide real-time protection, a system can get infected with malware when you connect a CD, DVD, or other media device, crippling your defences. In such a case, the only solution appears to be a wipe and load re-installation. Windows Defender Offline Beta is an application that can help you in such a situation. Using this tool, you can create a bootable USB, CD or DVD, and remove malware from your system, even when your system is unable to log on to the installed operating system. Read More

Depeche View Lite: Search, Load & Edit Thousands Of Text Files At Once

Depeche View Lite is a portable application for loading, viewing and searching text, CSV and log files within a directory tree. You can search a phrase (by simply clicking on it), fly through results by moving the mouse wheel, copy text and create bookmarks. For example, it can load thousands of text files in a single window, which provides you instant search facility (as you type). You can search a word just by clicking on it, by copying a line, creating bookmarks and adding self-defined commands on function keys. Details after the break. Read More

Activity Monitor: Regulate And Control Online Activity On A System

Many parental control applications are restricted to checking and/or blocking content according to some defined parameters. However, before one can block inappropriate content, sometimes it is necessary to profile the habits of children to find any loopholes that may remain open even after a block is set in place. For example, you might be interested in blocking webpages which may be displaying ads with explicit content, whereas your child might require using the same website (to which the webpage belongs to). SurveilStar Activity Monitor is a free parental control application that records the activity of a system, and allows imposing precise blockage rules to control online content that can be accessed from a computer. Read More

Moo0 AudioTypeConverter: Convert Audio Files Between 33 Audio Formats

Moo0 AudioTypeConverter is an efficient audio converter that supports conversion for 33 audio formats. It is quite easy to use, and will be found useful even by users who do not have much knowledge of complex audio conversion parameters, such as bitrates. Moo0 AudioTypeConverter supports conversion via simple drag and drop, and also provides advanced configuration options, which can be used by advanced users to adjust the conversion of audio files. The supported audio formats include 3GP, AMR, AU, FLAC, M4A, MOV, MP2, MP3, MP4, OGG, PCM and many more. Read More

NirLauncher: Launch Any Nirsoft Application With This All-In-One Suite

We have previously covered a number of applications developed by Nirsoft, all of which have come from a developer named Nir Sofer. Nirsoft has always provided top quality software that have helped many advanced and novice users to perform laborious tasks easily, recover passwords, manage network connections, fix system issues and much more. Now, Nirsoft has released an application suite which contains all the useful Nirsoft applications, known as NirLauncher. It is a portable application that can be used to launch any Nirsoft application, and to get detailed information about each program present within the launcher. Read More

Trout: Portable Load & Play Audio Player With Last & Support

While there are several good media players capable of playing audio files, at times you might just want to load and play a list of songs conveniently. Furthermore, many media players do not display tags on the main interface by default, to maintain eye candy. Trout is a portable audio player, designed with standard controls and a simple interface, which allows instantly loading and playing audio files. It has been designed using AutoHotkey, and displays all tags tied to an audio file on the main interface. Moreover, it provides and scrobbling, lyrics and album art display, support for internet radio streams, tag editing, as well as support for a large number of audio formats including, FLAC, WMA, WMP, WMV, ASF, MID, MIDI, RMI, KAR, WV, WVC, AAC, MP4, M4A, M4B, M4P, APE, AC3 and many more. Read More

Split Lossless: Nautilus Script To Split Lossless Audio Files [Ubuntu]

Some music players are unable to read CUE files. A solution to this can be to split single lossless audio files into multiple FLAC or MP3 files. Split Lossless is an open source Nautilus script to split lossless audio files (APE, FLAC, WAVPACK) by CUE to FLAC and MP3 (320kbps or 192kbps) formats. It automatically adds tags to the split files, however, you can also manually edit tags for artist, album, date and genre. Using Split Lossless, you can also trash input files after conversion, and receive bubble message notifications after the process is complete. Read More

Search And Record Live Internet Radio Streams With Antenna

Antenna is an Adobe AIR application that lets you find and tune into hundreds of online radio stations according to Country and Genre. Antenna has quite a unique user interface, as it comes with an integrated map, which displays the radio player showing where the stations are located. Using Antenna, you can add stations to favorites, rate them, and also download radio streams. Furthermore, Antenna provides station reliability indicators and  a search bar for quickly locating radio stations. Read More

Shift Nautilus Back And Forward Buttons To Left In Ubuntu [Tip]

Some Nautilus users have been rather annoyed by the positioning of back and forward buttons to the right-hand side of the Nautilus file browser in Ubuntu 11.10. While there might not appear to be any easy way of getting this fixed, a developer has posted a tip on Ubuntu Forums to provide a quick solution. This tip posted by user “nyteryder79”, allows users to shift the back and forward buttons on the Nautilus file browser, back to the left. Read More

Apply And Adjust Audio Effects With Moo0 AudioEffecter

Moo0 AudioEffecter is an application for adding and adjusting effects of audio files, including detailed adjustment of volume, bass, pitch etc. For example, you can enhance vocal and instrument sound for amplifying the audio track playback sound. Moo0 AudioEffecter has been developed by the same developers who previously brought us Moo0 ConnectionWatcher, Moo0 File Shredder, Moo0 DiskCleaner and Moo0 MultiDesktop. Read More

WinArchiver: Mount ZIP, RAR, 7z Archives & Disk Images As Virtual Drives

WinArchiver Virtual Drive is a disc mounting application for mounting all kinds of CD/DVD images and compressed archives. You can run programs or access the files from a virtual disc without the need to use the original CD/DVD. This can greatly help reduce the strain on the lens of the optical drive, and generally prolong it’s life. WinArchiver Virtual Drive is similar to other applications of it’s kind, such as Magic Disc, with the exception that it can also mount ZIP, RAR, 7Z and other archives as virtual discs. This makes it possible to run compressed archives without extracting them, and also saves hard disk space. For example, you can run a compressed archive containing your files from a virtual drive rather than having to extract the archive, which may consume more hard disk space. Read More

Receive Periodic Screenshots Of A Remote System With Network Spy

Network Spy is an open source application that provides the option to remotely monitor a system by receiving periodic screenshots of the desktop. This application can be used by both novice and advanced users for various reasons. The screenshots from a remote PC can be used for parental monitoring, to keep an eye on employees in a company, and to monitor a server. For example, if you are running updates on a server, you might be interested in periodically checking the progress of the updates. This can help system administrators avoid continually logging into a server via remote desktop to view server status. Likewise, you can also learn if a server is encountering errors by receiving screenshots. Read More

Design And Print CD/DVD Covers For Free With DVD Slim

I like maintaining my DVD collection in an impeccable manner, which includes making sure that the DVD covers are not damaged or dull. Sometimes, the DVD cover for a good movie or TV Show can be a big disappointment for fans, while at other instances, a damaged cover really ends up ruining the look of a collection. Moreover, there are also home video collections that are easier to identify if you had a cover for them. When dealing with the aforementioned issues, one often finds it hard to create and print DVD covers. DVD Slim is a handy application that makes it easy to create all kinds of CD/DVD covers. It provides a list of disc types for creating covers, including CD/DVD 7mm, CD/DVD 9mm, Blu-Ray/HD-DVD, PlayStation 3, PSP, Nintendo Wii and others. Using this application, you can easily create and print disc cover for  your video, audio and game collections. Read More

Install Linux Mint Mate Desktop In Ubuntu 11.10

Due to frequent Unity issues and UI preferences, many Ubuntu users have installed the Gnome 3 and the classic Gnome (Gnome Fallback) sessions. Although Gnome Fallback session brings many of the Gnome 2 user interface features, it is greatly deprived of the eye candy. If you are an Ubuntu 11.10 user who wishes to obtain a Gnome 2 style desktop with a stylish interface, then try Linux Mint 12. In this post, we will provide you with the procedure to install Linux Mint 12. Read More

How To Install Windows 8 On A Windows 7 Tablet [Guide]

If you have a tablet capable of running the Windows 7 operating system, then you might be interested in trying out a more tablet-oriented Windows OS, i.e., Windows 8. Although the currently available Windows 8 build is still in its pre-beta stage, however, you might find the new Metro UI to be more suitable for your tablet. In this post, we will provide you with a guide for installing Windows 8 on a Windows 7 tablet. Read More

Excel Mixer Nano: MS Excel Add-In To Control Cell Values With Sliders

Excel Mixer Nano is an add-in for Microsoft Excel that provides Excel data and chart display by moving a simple slider. All you have to do is to select a range of cells in MS Excel, and use Excel Mixer Nano sliders (or scroll bar) for the selected cells to change values with a display of a value graph. Excel Mixer Nano has the ability to remember configurations, therefore, you do not require regularly configuring sliders. The main purpose of this application is to provide two major functionalities, i.e., to control cell values in Excel files with sliders, and to observe the real-time reaction of formulas with the help of MS Excel charts (displayed along side the sliders). Hence, Excel Mixer Nano brings your Excel data and charts to life with your mouse. Read More