Copy/Paste Spreadsheet Data And Convert It To HTML Tables

HTML editors make it exceptionally easy to create a web page. The tools available ensure you never forget to close a tag, and that you don't accidentally apply an attribute where you don't mean to. The WYSIWYG editors make it all the easier to 'design' a web page. That said, even the best HTML editors can give you problems and that's where it helps to know how basic HTML works. One of the more complicated things you will do when writing HTML code is creating tables. Even with an HTML editor, you might find pasting data from a spreadsheet into an auto-generated table doesn't go smoothly. Meet TABELIZER, a simple utility that lets you copy and paste data from a spreadsheet (Excel, Google Sheets, Calc, etc) and converts it to HTML code. Read More

Crop, Resize, Optimize, And Add Text & Filters To A GIF

GIFs, the animated ones, have more appeal than you would think. They can be used instructionally; a quick little GIF showing you how to hide the icons on your desktop is so much easier to watch than a video. They also make for a great witty comeback when you can't get the words right yourself. That said, many of us have to settle with using the GIFs that are available online because making one requires going through a few tutorials to learn how. EzGif is a little web app that helps make it easier for the average, unskilled, GIF user to resize, crop, optimize, split, add texts, and even filters. It's simple to use and that's basically the hook. Read More

Add Do Not Track Browsing In Any iOS App & Block Content

Apps like Facebook and Twitter improve the in-app browser they offer so that it will load content faster, and display it better making it easier to read. That said there are still times when a link only opens in an actual browser like Safari or Chrome. Although a browser's primary function is to display a web page, it must do so securely. Browsecurely is an iOS extension that adds a secure browser to any and all apps the have a built-in browser. It stops links from tracking you but it also lets you block any content that you've blocked via Safari's content blocking feature (iOS 9 only). Additionally, it also remembers services you're logged into in Safari and doesn't force you to log into them again should you open a link in a different app. Read More

Sync Text Across Devices Over Your WiFi Network

Syncing clipboard content across devices is something we often need to do and there are plenty of apps out there for just this purpose. These apps aren't just satisfied with syncing clipboard content; they'll back it up, sync it, keep your history, do your laundry, and much more. That said, I've never found an app or service that I liked enough to keep using. Running an app in the background or using a clunky app to sync text between my phone has never seemed 'easy', possibly because of the hundred or so other features that these apps come with. Savr is a little web app that exclusively syncs text across any and all devices over your WiFi network. You need to install absolutely nothing. The app will work in your browser, both on your mobile and your computer. All you need to do is copy and paste the text. Read More

Search And Compare Up To Five Wearable Fitness Tracking Devices By Features

Fitness trackers have established themselves as exceptionally useful devices. Even with smart watches gaining in popularity, fitness trackers are still popular with new devices and new manufacturers entering the market. With each new device that enters the market, there are technological improvements made and new features introduced. InKin is a social fitness platform that has an incredibly amazing web app that lets you search for fitness trackers by features. The tool allows you to refine your search down to which mobile OS the device should work with, what health parameters it should track, and what price range it should lie in. The tool also lets you select and compare up to five different devices, making it easier to pick the right device. Read More

Swipe Left To Unsubscribe From A Newsletter On Your iPhone

If there's one thing Tinder has proved it's that swiping left is the easiest way to reject something and never have to see it again. Tinder made swiping left synonymous with saying No and lots of apps that have been developed since use the gesture as though it were ordained by Apple or Google. Unroll.Me is no different; it's an app that connects with your email account and finds all the newsletters that you've subscribed to. It then presents each newsletter as a card that you can swipe left to get rid of and swipe right to keep receiving. It also comes with a Roll Up feature that lets you combine newsletters into one single daily digest for better and improved reading. Read More

Search For And Download Any Font With Just Its Name

Typography is an important part of design and font choice is one of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to a design project. Regardless if you're image is meant to be printed as a poster, or used on a website, the font used will impact how an image is received. Fonts can make and break an image and it makes sense to invest some solid time looking for the perfect one. That said, sometimes you just find the perfect font used on a web page. You can easily look up what font is used using the web inspector but finding the font, more specifically, finding where you can download it, can be a problem. Get the Font is a simple web app that lets you search for a font and download it in your selected format. Read More

How To Create & Save Custom Cover Pages In MS Word

MS Office comes with some very nice cover pages that you can use for official reports, dissertations, assignments etc. The covers provide placeholder elements that make up a cover page in different layouts. Some are picture heavy while others are minimal in design giving you a reasonable variety to choose from. That said, the covers meet generic needs and it's very obvious when you've used one.  If you'd like to create and use a custom cover page in MS office, here's how. Read More

Enable An On-Screen Grid To Arrange Windows More Easily

Aero Snap is a very popular Windows feature that lets users easily arrange their windows on the screen. With Windows 8, the feature was improved on so that you could snap three windows the full vertical length of your screen. WindowGrid is a free Windows app that takes snapping windows to a whole new level. It adds a grid to your screen when you're rearranging a window and lets you snap the window into any arrangement with the aid of the grid. The grid is customizable so that you can use it effectively on both a small and large screen. Read More

New Features In Firefox 42 For Desktop And Android

Firefox 42 is out for both desktop and Android. There is a long list of amazing features aimed at a better user experience as well as security improvements. Desktop users will now be able to view which tabs are playing sound and mute them from a UI indicator on the tab. It's easier to insert saved login credentials on a web page via the right-click context menu, and to view passwords from it. There is a new control center for security information regarding websites, and a tracking protection feature now available for private browsing sessions. Android users can now look up and edit passwords from the about:login page, speak search queries directly, and also turn on tracking protection for private browsing. Read More

How To Set WiFi Connection Order In Windows 10

Most offices have more than one WiFi connection available. Multiple connections serve either as a backup in case one of them fails, or they are meant to distribute the load from many users across multiple connections. That said, Windows 10 doesn't consider which of the available WiFi connections has stronger range before connecting to one. Instead, it gives priority to connections based on which one was added first, and which one was added later. That is the default behavior and it can be problematic especially if you often have to manually change which WiFi connection your computer is connected. Here's how you can change the priority of a WiFi connection in Windows 10. Read More

How To Swap Values Between Cells, Rows, Or Columns In MS Excel

When selecting text in MS Word, you might have accidentally clicked at the wrong time, or released the mouse button when you didn't intend to and ended up rearranging text. Swapping text, when done accidentally is annoying but a swap function is nevertheless very useful and if you think about an application like MS Excel, a swap function is a must have. With MS Excel, you have cells filled with data that you may need to swap between cells, or even between rows and columns. Fortunately MS Excel has a swap function that lets you swap date in cells easily. Here's how it works. Read More

How To Add A Custom Action Button To Quick Settings In Android 6.0

The quick settings added to the Notification Panel in Android 5.0 were very popular but they came with no customization options. As of Android 6.0, an experimental customization option has been added that lets you add custom tiles to it as well as remove and rearrange the default ones. For the average user wanting to add a custom setting using the experimental option requires an app. Meet Custom Quick Settings, a free Android app that lets you add a custom quick settings option to the Notifications panel in Android 6.0. Since the app is a one-size fits all solution, and it is geared towards making the process of adding a custom setting as simple as possible, it is limited. The setting you add can launch an app, open a URL, and add toggles for data connection, the volume panel, and sync. Read More

How To Block Websites On iOS Devices & Keep Kids Safe

iPads have become a popular learning tool over the many years. Where an iOS device can be a great learning tool for a child, it can also give them access to age-inappropriate content. There's also the fact that kids just learn to use technology faster than you would expect them to and there comes a point when you can't just limit them to use certain apps. At times like these, you might want to consider blocking access to a few websites that you deem inappropriate for kids. Here's how you can block a website on an iOS device. Read More

Find A Horror Movie To Match Your Mood

Yesterday we reviewed a little service called ReelScary that let you look up how scary a movie was before you sat down to watch it. The rating provided by the site is unrelated to its IMDb rating and is based on how gory, disturbing, and full of suspense it is. KillerFlix is a somewhat similar web app that finds  movies (good or bad) based on the kind of movie you want to watch. KillFlix deals exclusively with sub-genres of horror; thriller, gory, violent, and my personal favorite slasher, among others. It features movie ratings and movie synopsis from Bloody Good Horror. Read More

How To Open An ePub File In iBooks On Your iPhone

The transition from reading physical books to reading ebooks is a difficult one. Apart from the complete lack of book-smell, you wonder whether or not the device you have will make for a comfortable reading experience. A lot of tablets that are dedicated ebook readers exist but if you can't splurge on a dedicated device, you will probably have to make do with what you have on hand. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can use the iBooks app to read an ebook in the ePub format. Here's how. Read More

How To Create A Basic Two Option Poll On Twitter

Twitter has introduced a new polling feature that lets users ask followers a question and choose from one of two answers. The poll remains active for 24 hours and updates live for both the person who tweets it, and the users who are responding to it. A tweeted poll can be pinned to your profile much like any other tweet and users can respond to the poll from the web or from mobile apps. Media cannot be added to a tweet that is a poll question which means you will have to tweet out the question and cannot, for example, use an image and ask for an opinion on it. Read More

Check How Scary A Movie Is & Add Your Own Rating

Halloween is just a few days away and if you're too old to go trick or treating, watching a good scary movie is a great alternative. The thing with a good scary movie is that, like comedy, it needs to be done very well. Where comedies rely on the worst of cliches to come across as funny, too many horror movies use little more than jump scares to terrify the audience. A good scary movie, one that will truly disturb you and have you checking under your bed for monsters, is hard to find. Meet ReelScary; a community powered website that lets users rate movies on how scary they are. Read More

See How ISO, Aperture, And Shutter Speed Settings Affect An Image

Smartphone cameras have become so good that they are often the entry device for many photography enthusiasts. With cameras becoming powerful, manufacturers are also allowing users to customize camera settings like ISO sensitivity, Aperture, and Shutter speed. If you're starting out with the basics of photography then you will experiment with these settings quite a bit. If you're having trouble understanding just what changes made to either one of these settings does when you're taking a photo, visit Exposure Tool. It's a very simple online tool that shows you the effect of these settings on a given image and lets you play with them. Read More