Easily Arrange Mac App & Finder Windows In Multiple Ways Via Hotkeys

Snapping windows to either side of your screen is one of my favorite features in Windows 7. The feature works equally well on Windows 8 for desktop apps, along with a variant for Modern UI (Metro) apps that uses a quarter of the screen in a narrow column. Sadly, OS X doesn't have anything like this and if you're using an iMac, you might find that a lot of your screen space is going to waste. There are quite a few Mac apps that allow you to snap windows to either side of your screen, but they are mostly paid or buggy. iSnap is one free exception that we reviewed last year that mimics Aero Snap quite well. Arranger is yet another Mac app that lets you arrange windows, but it offers more options than iSnap, along with fully customizable shortcuts that differentiate between app and Finder windows. Read More

Flickr Gets New Web, Android App Design, Cover Photos & 1TB Free Space

Flickr is a treasure trove of amazing photos. Comprising of stunning collections of original shots as well as stunning digital art created by its users, the service is one of the largest online picture collections you will find, and it has just been redesigned. I for one think it’s about time too; visiting Flickr in the past always made me ask myself why it was still the year 2000 on Flickr, but Yahoo has finally given the service a much needed makeover. The interface is now image-focused and instead of the tiny (and occasionally ineligible) text, you have an infinitely scrolling stream of images from your contacts as well as your own albums. There's a new image viewer as well, and the service now offers you one terabyte of storage space, saving and viewing photos in full resolutions, and a very handy little tool that tells you just how many full resolution images you can fit into a terabyte based on their resolution. Flickr’s new design isn't exactly unique or unconventional; it’s done what most image sharing services did a while back and plastered its background with images. Though regardless, it's still a major improvement.. Read More

Log In To Multiple Skype User Accounts Simultaneously On Mac

Late last year, we covered a little tip to show you how you can run multiple instances of any app on a Mac. It requires you to run a script and is pretty simple even for someone who has never used the AppleScript Editor. Though there is one caveat with that method - it doesn't work for all apps, as we noted in the aforementioned post. Skype was one such app that we identified would not run multiple instances with the script. The reason has something to do with Skype itself, rather than the script. If you were disappointed by this and have the need to run multiple instances of Skype, Multi Skype Launcher is a free Mac app that will do the trick. It’s currently in beta and requires OS X Lion or higher. The app is basically a launcher for Skype, but allows you to launch a new instance of the popular app each time you click it, be it a hundred times if you need to. Read More

LinksWatched Notifies You When Duplicate Tabs Are Opened In Firefox

Duplicate tabs i.e. the same URL opened in more than one tab clutter your browser window unnecessarily. Duplicate tabs are mostly opened by accident or forgetfulness, and rarely out of necessity. We tend to open some of our most frequently used sites multiple times because we forget we already have them open in a different tab, or we can’t find them. LinksWatched is a Firefox add-on that helps fix both these problems; it alerts you when you open a duplicate tab by adding a red border inside the window when a duplicate link is opened, and giving you a desktop notification alerting you that you've opened a link that’s already open in another tab, with the option to switch to it. Compared to extensions like Prevent Duplicate Tabs for Chrome that just close the duplicate tab, LinksWatched doesn't dictate what is done with the duplicate tabs, so the control stays with you. Read More

Save eBooks Online Or To Dropbox & Read From Anywhere With QuietThyme

There’s a large number of eBook readers available for both desktop and mobile platforms, and almost an equal number of apps that allow you to convert eBooks from one format to another. QuietThyme is different; it allows you to edit the Metadata of your eBooks, and search for them by title, author name, or ISBN code. It can connect with your Dropbox account and you can upload your favorite ebooks to the service. It will then provide you a link to your catalog that you can be added to an RSS reader, allowing anyone who’s subscribed to it to know when you've added a new book. Books can be uploaded to either your Dropbox account or to QuietThyme’s own storage. It also integrates with several popular eBook readers across popular mobile and tablet platforms like iOS and Android. Read More

SoundControl Adds Pandora Playback Controls & Notifications To Chrome

Extensions for controlling YouTube are very common and some of them can be quite powerful. What’s odd is that there aren't nearly as many extensions made for services like Pandora, Grooveshark, or Soundcloud, Pandora possibly being the most left out of the three. If you’re trying to find a convenient way to control Pandora, SoundControl Beta for Pandora might be the perfect solution . It’s a Chrome extension that gives you one button to play, pause, and skip songs. The button must be clicked a certain number of times to execute the function associated with it, and is customizable. SoundControl Beta for Pandora also gives you desktop notifications when a new song plays, and lets you select the volume of the ads and directly switch to the tab you have Pandora open in. The extension remembers the last song you were listening to, along with its last position during playback, so if you close Pandora, the same song that you were last listening to will resume from where you left off, the next time you open it. Read More

Find The Right Fonts For Your Projects & Test Them Online With FontPro

Web designers have a lot riding on their shoulders whenever they set out to design a new app or service; everything from the layout and the flow of the content to its color scheme has to be carefully considered and crafted. One very important aspect of design is the choice of font that’s used. It might sound somewhat trivial, but fonts come in a huge variety and they certainly aren't a one-size fits all deal. FontPro is an excellent service that helps you choose the right font for any project. It’s free for now, but might not stay that way. The service allows you to search fonts by specifying different parameters such as the weight, slant, and width of the letters. The search can further be classified into serif, sans serif, slab serif, monospaced, script, handwriting, black letter, and decorative. Let's take a more detailed look at it after the jump. Read More

Disable Two-Finger Horizontal Swipe Gesture For Chrome Or Any Other Mac App

The swipe gestures in OS X are an impressive way to move between desktop spaces, open the Launchpad, or do a number of other impressive things. Though they can also be annoying at times because they work system wide and there are some apps where a two-finger swipe function wouldn't make sense or even cause inconvenience. Unfortunately, the OS offers no way of customizing these gestures. A common beef that some of you might have is the way the two-finger swipe gesture, when accidentally executed in Chrome, will move you to the next or previous page in your browser’s history. Fortunately, there is a little script to disable it. The method works not only for Chrome, but for any other app as well, only requiring a change in the command to refer to the appropriate app. So, let's get it up and running, and get rid of this annoyance from Chrome on OS X. Read More

Google Play Music All Access: What It’s About & How It Works

Google finally unveiled its much anticipated music subscription service yesterday; while the service was still just a rumor, the general opinion about it was that it would give services like Spotify and Rdio a run for their money. The service is called Google Play Music All Access and as the name suggests, it has been built as a subscription-access component of the existing Google Play Music service, which has itself been revamped interface-wise as well. It’s currently available in the US only, and comes with a one month free trial, after which it'll cost $7.99 per month to those who sign up by June 30, and $9.99 per month after that. Subscribers will be able to listen to the thousands of songs available on Google Play without having to purchase individual tracks. Read More

A Detailed Look At The New Google+ With Card-Based UI, Hangouts, Awesome Photo Tweaks & More

Yesterday at Google’s I/O conference, the tech giant announced its much anticipated Music subscription service, revamped Google Maps, and the redesigned Google+. For most of us, Google+ failed to replace Facebook and the many comparisons drawn between the two services failed to sway users in favor of Google's offering. Soon after its debut last year, many of us had discounted it as another failed social network from the search giant. Google, on the other, has not conceded and has been making small improvements as well as significant new additions like Communities to the social network. The latest design is very Pinterest-like; the left bar can now be hidden, making it less of a screen hog. It’s also been cleaned up a bit and the ‘Explore’ option has been replaced with ‘What’s Hot’. Those who didn't like the two-column Timeline view that Facebook introduced might not like the new Google+ layout, which is divided into not even two but three columns. Read More

Get Reverse Google Image Search Option For Facebook Photos In Firefox

Google's reverse image search is a very handy feature. I've used it often to find the original source of an image, or in the case where I like an image for my desktop background, it has helped me find its largest available size. In the past, we've covered quite a number of extensions and add-ons that add Google's reverse Image search to browsers' right-click context menu, allowing you to right-click an image and search for it. Facebook Photo Appraiser is a similar add-on for Firefox that integrate with Facebook and adds a 'Similar images' option for all images on the social network, images allowing you to reverse search them. The search results open in a new tab. Read More

WeatherSignal Uses Android Device Sensors To Read & Crowdsource Local Weather Info

Weather can't always be  predicted accurately since it can changes quite fast and unexpectedly. When and where you get your weather report is also important but weather forecasts are for a set period of time. They aren't always updated constantly at every source and often, one of the best ways to get an accurate and live weather report is from social media. WeatherSignal is an Android app that tackles accurate weather predictions by crowd-sourcing them. The app uses the built-in sensors in your device (some features are limited to certain handsets) and allows you to measure the temperature, humidity, air pressure, magnetic flux and more. You can also submit your own weather report. The report will only ask you if it's raining, snowing, hailing, etc. Each one of the reports that WeatherSignal generates can be added as a widget to your screen. Read More

A Look At The New Features In Firefox 21

The next installment of Firefox i.e. version 21 is now available. The new version brings something for both end users and developers alike. For users who are conscious about their privacy or wondering why their browser is running so slow, Firefox 21 will be a welcome update. Mozilla has added three different settings to its Do Not Disturb feature, as well as a ‘Health Report’ that collects information on how your browser is performing. The health report can be checked any time, and a third feature will use the data gathered by the report to tell you if your browser’s startup time is getting effected due to its health or not. Developers will be pleased to learn about the new Remote Target profiling feature that allows them to connect devices running either Firefox Mobile or Firefox OS to the desktop browser and view them in a separate Developer Tools window of their own. Read More

YTVD Is Like TweetDeck For Your YouTube Channel Subscriptions

YouTube can prove to be immensely distracting; you start off by watching a new video uploaded by one of the channels you're subscribed to, or simply a video from a link someone shared with you, and then get distracted by the trending videos and the countless suggestions, some of which you just can't help but click. YouTube Video Deck is a web and Chrome app that lets you manage your YouTube subscriptions and check for new videos from the app itself, without having to visit YouTube. Sadly you still have to go to YouTube to watch the video itself. The interface is really nice but it does have ads at the bottom of the page. The app connects with your YouTube i.e. Google account and detects the channels you've subscribed to. You can add any number of them - or even all of them at once, if you like - to the app. Videos can be marked as watched as well. Its column layout makes it sort of a TweetDeck for YouTube. Read More

Get Quick Access To Google Keep In Firefox With This Unofficial Add-On

We reviewed an unofficial Google Keep Extension for Chrome when it came out a month back. Since then, Google has released an official extension for its new note takings service but Firefox users can not expect one for their browser because Google doesn't develop extensions for other browsers in order to to keep its competitive edge in Chrome. Firefox users will instead have to rely on unofficial add-ons for the service and if you've been trying to find one, Google Keep is an option that works perfectly. Compared to the Google Keep Extension for Chrome that we reviewed, this one is better as it allows you to upload images to your notes as well. It works exclusively from the location bar, and doesn't offer any other ‘viewing’ modes as there were with the Chrome extension. Read More

Favoriteer Is A Standalone, Lightweight RSS News Reader For Mac

Google Reader’s demise is almost on us, and yet I still instinctively visit the service every morning. A part of me thinks I should start getting used to something new, while the other part says I should enjoy using Google Reader while it is around. Google Reader itself reminds me occasionally that it will be gone forever on July 1, 2013, but I still haven’t decided what service I will turn to in the end. Feedly is looking the best at the moment. If you’re a Mac user still out on the hunt for something minimal to replace Google Reader with, Favoriteer is a another option. Available in the Mac App Store for free, the app is new and works independently of Google Reader. It’s a fairly basic RSS app that lets you subscribe to feeds individually, and you cannot import your feeds from an XML file, which can be a bummer for those migrating from Google Reader. Favoriteer runs in the Menu Bar and appears on your desktop as a floating window that  fades out when it isn't in focus, so that you can see the app behind it. Read More

Easily Create & Apply A Graphics Overlay On Google+ Hangouts

Google's Hangouts feature is one of the easiest ways to have a video conference call. With the integration of apps like YouTube to it, you can now record and upload a hangout directly to the world's most popular video sharing service. Hangouts might sound like an ordinary group chat service but with the apps available, it can be used for so much more. HangoutMagix is one such web app that works with the Hangout Toolbox app for Google+ Hangouts. The app allows you to enter two lines of text and an image, which it then adds to a transparent background. The layout of the graphic generated from the text and logo is similar to what you see when watching interviews on TV, giving the name and brief detail of the speaker or the subject of the video. You can download the image you create with HangoutMagix and add it as an overlay for your hangout, so that people you’re talking to can see that information throughout the hangout. Read More

Easily Check Sandbox Status, Permissions & Code Signing Certificate Of Mac Apps

iOS apps have always been sandboxed and while a significant number of users might not know just what that means in terms of app stability and permissions, it is likely that they know the restriction is there to keep things running smooth. Apple introduced sandboxing for OS X apps in 2012 for the then-upcoming Mountain Lion. Now, all new apps submitted to the Mac App Store must be sandboxed and while many users may not have noticed the difference, developers certainly have. If you have ever wondered just what a sandboxed app running on your Mac is doing, i.e. what permissions the app is using, SandboxInfo is a free app available in the Mac App Store that tells you just that. The app might be useful for developers as well, but for end users, it is the easiest way to see what an app can do, and check its signing authority. Read More

Easy Access Lets You Launch Apps Installed On Your PC From Firefox

Firefox and Chrome are two of the leading browsers in the market and they've both moved towards developing their own browser-based operating systems. Chrome has gone a little further than Firefox so far in Chrome OS, but both their respective OS are a work in progress. A very interesting by-product of theses browsers and their operating systems are the app launchers that we can use for accessing installed apps, as we've seen in the case of Chrome. Easy Access is a Firefox add-on developed by Mozilla that adds an app launcher to Firefox’s add-on bar. By default, it can perform five functions: launch Notepad, My Computer, Paint & Calculator, and switch to a different Firefox profile. However, you can add any number of other application shortcuts to this launcher, and even set command line parameters to pass to an application when it launches. The applications appear in a menu upon clicking the add-on's button; however, you can add any one of them directly to the add-on or navigation bar for faster access as well. Read More

Passport Offers Instant Access To Free App.net Account & Helps You Find Third-Party Clients

App.net is a small social networking and microblogging service that's quite popular among developers and tech industry people. Unlike other such services that are available for free but generate their revenue by showing ads or promoted content, and monetizing users' information, App.net works on a subscription model for generating its revenue, and is completely ad-free. The network only recently announced free accounts but they are tied down to invite codes that are hard to come by. Joining it will cost you, unless you can score an invite for a free account. App.net Passport is an app released by App.net for discovering client apps for the service available on the App Store but in addition, for those who still haven’t been able to sign up for a free account, this app is your ticket into the network. Not only does it allow you to search for App.net clients, manage your profile, and discover new people to follow, it also lets you sign up for a free App.net account and gives you immediate access to it. No waiting lists, invite codes, or voodoo involved. Read More