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Are survival bases and survivor homes the same thing in Minecraft

When you start playing Minecraft, or start a new world in Minecraft, one of the first things you will do is build a small house. It’s not going to be large and the materials used to make it will be some of the most common ones e.g., Cobblestone. This is called a starter house or base which is where players live until they build something better.

Are survival bases and survivor homes the same thing in Minecraft?

Minecraft homes and bases are generally the same thing. A survivor base or a survivor home is what players call the homes/bases they build in the game, in survival mode, to play it. The first home you create i.e., a starter house can be used as a survival base or home but you will generally end up expanding it from what it originally was.

Survival bases and survivor homes vs starter homes

There is no rule to what a survival home/base looks like but generally, they differ from a starter home in the following ways;

  • A starter home is generally made near the player’s spawn point however survival homes/bases are made near strategically beneficial areas e.g. near a lava source, a water source, near a village or other game structure, near or under a neat cave generation that allows for a safe home to be built, etc.
  • A starter home will have one or two rooms, and possibly a bit of farmed land for growing food but survival homes/bases tend to have more elaborate farms set up so that more food can be grown. They also have more rooms with rooms dedicated to different things e.g., a crafting room, storage room, smelting room, enchantment room, and more.
  • Aesthetically, a starter home is rarely anything to look at. Users will use wooden slabs and planks to make it look better but wood burns and isn’t the best block to use for a home. Survival homes will be more sturdy with the exterior often build of blast-resistant blocks or measures put into the design to block creepers from approaching it.
  • Few players ever end up creating the nether portal near their starter home. They are almost always created near, and sometimes inside the survival base. 

The above differences aren’t enforced by the game. Players can use a starter home as their survival base if they so choose. The differences listed above arise because a player’s needs change the more they play. They soon realize there are better places to build a base and get a sense of how they want to use the space as well as the defenses they need to set up to keep it safe. 

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