Read Comics On Windows 8 & RT With ComiXology’s Modern UI Comic Reader

Everyone has their own favorite activities to help them relax after a hard day. Some like to watch movies or TV shows, some listen to music, while others like to read. Reading comics, stories about adventures in far-off lands, or battles among the forces of good and evil is another thing people like to do to in their free time. In fact, for some, it is more than just a hobby. Following the global shift from paper to digital publications, comic books are now also available in digital form through various websites and clients. Recently, ComiXology - the team behind one of the most popular comic readers on Android and iOS - gave their Comics app for Windows 8 and RT an overhaul, bringing it closer to completion. The app allows fans to access and read an archive of more than 30,000 comics by famous publishers such as Marvel and DC.  The available comics are divided into separate categories, allowing you to instantly locate your favorite ones from the huge database. Read More

Unlock Windows 8 With USB Drive & Take Webcam Photos At Failed Login With Lockscreen Pro

The logon screen in Windows 7 cannot be customized at all using the default available options; even changing the background of the logon screen requires you to use a third-party tool. In Windows 8, the lock screen of  has been revamped to include a lot more information and users are provided with some control over it, such as the ability to change its background, specify which apps can put notifications on it and view the date, time and current battery status of your system. However, there has been no significant change in the security of the system. Today, we have a lock screen application called Lockscreen Pro that replaces the regular lock screen with a custom one, providing you with options to unlock the computer with a password or a USB flash drive, and even uses the webcam to capture a photo every time there is an unsuccessful login attempt. Thus while preventing other people from accessing your computer, it also lets you see who tried to gain access to it without your permission. Moreover, you can change the lock screen background to a custom photo. Read More

Easily Copy Or Move Files Of A Specific Type From A Cluttered Folder

Moving or copying specific types of files from a complex folder structure can be a tedious task. If you are doing it manually, you have to first find all the required files stored in all the different folders, and copy them from the source folder to the destination separately for each folder. This way, there is a chance that you may miss some of the files, or copy some files multiple times. Normally, our Downloads folder is cluttered with files of different types and this makes it difficult to copy or move the same type of files to a different folder. File Mover is a free Windows application that allows you to search for a particular type of files in a folder and copy or move them to a new location. The whole process is performed by the app and makes it easier for you to organize your files according to file type. Moreover, the application lets you choose if you want to just copy the files form the parent directory, or also the subdirectories included in it. Read More

Play Songs That Match Your Mood Or The Weather With Smart Music For Windows 8

As different people, we all have varied tastes in music. While rock lovers consider it to be the king of all musical genres, trance enthusiasts and those in love with other genres, tend to disagree. Other than the people who are faithful to only one music genre, many (like me) like to listen to different genres, depending on their mood. For instance, I might listen to rock or trance while I am driving, but choose an ambient playlist before going to sleep. In order to listen to music according to your mood, you need to have pre-made playlists. If you have a huge music collection, creating a different playlist for each mood can be a tedious task, while just randomly playing songs from your collection can even have a negative effect on your mood. Currently, there are a lot of web services as well as Android and iOS apps that allow you to listen to music according to your mood. Today, we present to you an app for Windows 8 called Smart Music that does the same for Microsoft's latest desktop and tablet OS. It features readymade playlists for different types of moods, and provides you with a built-in player to stream the songs directly to your Windows 8 device. Read More

Resize Images To Multiple Sizes At Once Through Drag & Drop

If you are a blogger or frequently post images on the internet, you must know the importance of resizing an image. Most forums and some other image hosting services have their own rules as to what the dimension for an image should be if you want to upload it to the server. Moreover, bloggers have to deal with the image resolution restrictions of their own blog. Even though there are a lot tools that people use for resizing the images, a major problem faced by many is that the image quality drops down significantly during resizing. Previously, we have covered several images resizing applications such as Cooltweak that lets you resize images from the right-click context menu, and Shrink Pic that lets you resize images through drag and drop. Different types of images require you to resize them using different configurations, and changing the settings of the resizing program each time can be a bit tedious. Today, we have found an application called VarieDrop that allows you to set four different profiles for resizing images, supports drag & drop and using multiple resizing profiles for each image simultaneously. Read More

Remotely View The Screen Of Another PC On Network & Take Screenshots

Remote desktop tools allow you to diagnose and manage problems on other computers without having physical access to them. While some of the remote access applications only let you view the screen of another computer, others also let you control it from a remote location, making it easy to get assistance from others when you are in need, or provide the same service to others. Network administrators often need to manage and monitor several computers on the network. If you are running some tasks on one or more servers and you just need to keep an eye on them in order to know if and when an error is encountered, remote viewing access can come real handy, especially if the servers are in another room and it isn't physically possible to be in front of them as well as your workstation all the time. Today, we are bringing you an application called ScreenView that displays the screen of a computer on one or more computers by multicasting the screen over the network. You can change the view to full screen mode and take screenshots of the remote computer using the ScreenView client application. Read More

7+ Taskbar Tweaker: The Best Tool To Customize Windows Taskbar

A lot of people like to customize Windows according to their own preferences. Simple customization such as wallpapers and themes can be controlled through the default options available in the operating system. However, in order to perform unconventional tweaks, you often have to edit Windows Registry and configure Local Group Policy settings. If you don’t want to manually tweak the Windows Registry or LGPE, some application allow you to perform the same tweaks using a convenient, easy-to-understand interface. Previously, we have covered some feature-rich tweaking utilities for Windows 7 such as Sunrise Seven that provides you with a long list of Windows 7 tweaks accessible from a unified interface and Simple Performance Boost, a tool to increase system response time and ensure stability through only the safest tweaks that do not compromise the security or functioning of the system. Today, we have another such tool called 7+ Taskbar Tweaker that works on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 and allows you to perform several tweaks related to the Windows Taskbar. Read More

Set Wallpaper To Automatically Change By Time, Mouse State Or At Logon

Changing your Windows wallpaper helps keep your desktop fresh with a new look every now and then, as keeping the same one for long makes the look rather stagnant. One way to change the wallpaper is to select the image in Windows Explorer and choose the “Set as desktop background” option. Furthermore, Windows already offer you to automatically switch the wallpaper after a specified interval under Personalization options, and we have already covered tools like Kuvva for setting a new wallpaper each day, and Mourao Wallpaper Changer for more control over automatically changing it after an interval. However, if you want a trigger other than time for changing the wallpaper, none of these third party tools or the built-in Windows Personalization option do the job. Today, we bring to you a free Windows application by the name of Wallpaper Change Scheduler that allows you to change the wallpaper using different triggers including weekly, daily, on mouse idle, on mouse move and at logon. Read More

Extract Specific Words From Text, Remove Duplicates & Punctuation With SWEAT

If you have to extract a particular word or phrase from a large amount of text or make some changes to its formatting, doing it manually can be quite frustrating and take up a lot of your time. Spending hours going through a large article, looking for those double spaces and wrong letter cases is sure to be a tedious task. Working with large text files to perform editing tasks similar to the ones we just mentioned require special features not found in common text editors. Today, we are bringing you an application called SWEAT (Search Word Extractor Tool) that allows you to extract a keyword or a phrase from large amounts of text, or perform other advanced editing functions such as removing multiple spaces, unnecessary punctuation or a custom list of works, only showing words repeated more than a particular number of times, fixing mIxEd cASe etc. More on SWEAT after the jump. Read More

SketchBook Express For Windows Is A Great Modern UI Microsoft Paint Alternative

Yesterday, we covered a feature-rich image editing app for Windows 8 called Fotor that provides users with Instagram-like filters, borders and effects to make your images look like they are professionally shot. While it's a great photo editor, Fotor does not let you create any art on a blank canvas or provide you with brushes and other similar paint tools. Today, we have a Windows Store app that fills this void and provides you with different brushes and tools to create professional style drawings and paintings. The collection of different types of brushes offered by Autodesk SketchBook Express, such as Pen, Pencil, Paint Brush, Fill Tool, etc along with a color palette and different sizes for each brush makes both casual and serious drawing a lot of fun. Moreover, the mirror mode offered by this Modern UI app lets you mirror everything you draw or paint, both horizontally and vertically, allowing you to create beautiful mirror paintings and drawings. Keep reading to find out more about SketchBook Express. Read More

Fotor Brings Its Instragram-Like Photo Filters & Tilt-Shift Effect To Windows 8

Ever since the release of Windows 8 and RT, apps that were previously available only for iOS or Android are also coming out for devices running Windows. We have covered similar Windows Store apps, such as Shazam that was available, and very popular, on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The Windows Store still has a very low number of apps as compared to the other platforms, however, apps related to various categories are coming out on daily basis, making the platform better and easier to use. Today, we present to you another app, previously available on iOS and Android, called Fotor. It is a feature-rich image editor for Windows 8 that allows you to apply filters to images, add borders, tilt-shift and other effects. Moreover, the 1-Tap Enhance option lets you quickly improve the quality of an image without having to manually tweak its Brightness, Contrast and Saturation levels. controls. Read More

VSDC Free Video Editor Offers Non-Linear Editing And Several Audio & Visual Effects

Editing videos using professional tools such as Sony Vegas Pro, and Adobe Premier is not an easy task. The high learning curve of these applications require you to spend a lot of time on them, plus the huge price tag can be a deterrent in acquiring the software. On the other hand, when it comes to free video editors, the list of decent ones is not that long. Many of them aren't feature rich enough for serious video editing, while the ones that do offer good options often embed a watermark with their name in the final product, or have restrictions on the output file. VSDC Free Video Editor is one great exception that lets you edit all popular video formats without any restrictions. Read on to learn more about this free tool and its features. Read More

Disable Windows 8 App Notifications Or Change Their Duration

Microsoft's decision to release the exact same interface for both the PC and tablet versions of Windows 8 has its pros and cons. On one hand, this means users won't have to learn two different types of operating systems to use different devices, while on the other, it makes certain features seem redundant, depending on the device you are using. While Windows 8 offers default settings to enable or disable some of these features, there are a lot that cannot be toggled without the use of third party tools. One particular feature, Windows Store app notifications, however, is something that can be tweaked according to your liking using native options. You can either change the time that an app notification stays on the screen, or disable Lock Screen and app notifications altogether. In this post, we will explain how you can alter both settings. Read More

Auto-Sort Your Music Library Into Folders According To Song Meta Tags

These days, hard disks are able to contain several terabytes of data. This means you can now store thousands of files in your computer without worrying about running out of space. However, if your files are not properly organized, it is very difficult to find what you are looking for in that huge pile of data. Sometimes, we save a file in a folder and forget where we put it. If you can't remember its exact location, you can use the built-in search function to look for the file, but in order to take full advantage of this function, you need the files to be properly tagged, as it helps Windows identify exactly what you are looking for. Today, we found a portable tool called Tag 2 Folders that extends the usability of metadata and allows you to sort your locally saved audio files according to their tags. For instance, you can put all the songs related to one genre or a particular artist in a single folder. If you do the same activity manually, creating folders and moving files into them will take up a lot of your time. Read More

Assign Key Combinations To Extra Mouse Buttons In Windows

Ever since the mouse was brought to the masses with the success of Windows, it has had two primary buttons: the left click and the right click. On most mice, these used to be the only buttons before a third one came along with the scroll wheel, increasing the utility of the device specially when reading long documents or browsing lengthy websites. Nowadays, 5 button mice are pretty common, with some specialized ones such as the Razor Naga having as much as 17 buttons. Normal computer usage does not require you to have so many buttons; however, a couple of extra buttons than the regular three can come quite handy when it comes to repetitive tasks. The most common use for the fourth and fifth mouse button is to navigate back and forward in a window. Some mice come with their own software to assign required functions to the extra buttons, but for situations when you don’t have the default software your mouse, there is Mouse Manager. It is an application for Windows that allows you to set almost any combination of keys as the default function on your 4th and 5th mouse buttons. Read More

Follow Latest Business News With The Economist App For Windows 8

Today's world is a global village and it is quite common for something happening in one part of the world directly or indirectly effecting the business activity in another region. If you work in a position where you have to make business decisions, staying up-to-date with the important relevent happenings the world over can be of utmost importance. There are many news sources and magazines such as BBC, Reuters, Newsweek, Time etc., that allow you to keep a keen eye on local as well as global events and when it comes to the field of business and economics, The Economist is one of the first sources that come to mind. It has made its name by providing breaking news and insightful expert opinions on topics ranging from politics, economics and business to science and technology. Recently, the official Windows 8 app for The Economist has been released that allows you to browse through select highlights and columns from the latest and past issues of the weekly in a slick, Modern UI interface. You can read article in different font sizes, listen to an audio stream of the text, and bookmark your favorite articles to read them later. If you are a subscriber, you can also access complete issues and even download them to your device for offline reading. Read More Is The Ultimate Clipboard Manager For Windows

The Windows Clipboard is probably one of the most used features of Windows. Most of us uses it a lot, hitting that Ctrl + C, Ctrl+X and Ctrl + V combination several times during the course of each day as we cut, copy and paste files across our storage media. However, whether it’s a text snippet, an image or a URL, the default Windows Clipboard can not hold more than one item at a time. If you have to copy and paste multiple items when either the source or target is different, you have to do it one by one. Until Microsoft decides to enhance the functionality of the Windows Clipboard, developers will keep coming up with third party applications to fulfill the need. Each third party clipboard application has its own strong point, for instance, some automatically sort the clipboard entries into different groups, while others retain the clipboard entries even after system reboot. Today, we have a clipboard management application called that automatically saves everything you are working on, including text, images, URLs, files, and folders. It lets you manage the clipboard entries, letting you add new items, edit them, save them in files and delete the unneeded ones. You can even preview any saved clipboard item from right within the app. Read More

Change Windows 8 Logon Screen Background Color Separately

Even though Windows 8 offers a lot more customization options in terms of visuals than the previous versions of Windows, we have still seen many tools such as Custom Tiles Maker, Charms Bar Customizer and Skip Metro Suite that allow us to customize the UI even further. The Lock Screen and Logon Screen are two different interfaces in Windows 8; the former allows you to app view notifications, current time and date, internet connectivity and battery status, while the latter lets you choose an account for logging in to the system. By default, Windows 8 allows you to change the Lock Screen wallpaper (check out our guide here). However, there are no options to tweak the Logon Screen and it's set to be the same as the background of your Start Screen. In this guide, we will show you how to change the color of the Logon Screen independent of the Start Screen background color, using  a Windows Registry hack. Read More

Use NumPad Keys For Copy, Paste, Navigation & Power Functions

Performing different actions on your computer using keyboard shortcuts can be more efficient than moving the mouse around to click everything. For example in order to copy and paste text from one window to another, if you do it using just the mouse, you have to select the text, right-click it, choose copy, move to the other window, right-click again, and choose paste. Doing all this using the keyboard shortcuts for copy and paste is just a matter of selecting the text, hitting Ctrl + C  to copy it, and Ctrl + V at the destination to paste it there. The fact that several applications come with their own set of shortcuts makes it a little hard to memorize all of them. Previously, we have reviewed a tool called KeyRocket that recommends you to use different keyboard shortcuts while you are working. Today, we have another keyboard shortcut application for Windows called NumPad Transformer which, as the name suggests, transforms the NumPad of your keyboard into shortcuts for frequently used functions such as Copy, Paste, Close Tab, Switch Windows etc. Keep reading to find out more about NumPad Transformer and its available shortcuts. Read More

File Brick Is A Local, Network & Cloud Files Manager For Windows 8 & RT

Not too long ago, the storage space available in most PCc used to be quite limited. We had to choose to keep only the more important files, and often delete the huge ones that didn't require frequent access, or burn them to discs. With the massive surge in hard disk capacities and decrease in per-GB price over the past few years, personal computers can now save terabytes of data and thus, the need to delete old files in order to copy or create new ones is no longer a concern for most of us. Moreover, other than local storage, cloud storage services, such as Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive allow you to save, access and retrieve your important documents from the cloud anytime. In order to view and manage all that data, we need a good file manager. We have covered several third party file managers for Windows 7 but when it comes to the new Windows 8 modern UI, there aren’t a lot of options on tha table. File Brick is a file management app for Windows 8 that allows you to explore both locally saved files, and those saved on different cloud services including, SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and Facebook. More on File Brick after the jump. Read More