Files&Folders Is A Windows 8 File Manager With SkyDrive Support & Native Media Player

On any computing platform, a good file explorer is essential in order to access stored data. By now, most of us know that Windows 8, available for PCs as well as tablets, has a new Start Screen that acts as a primary dashboard. Desktop is no longer the main workspace. It doesn't even support any third-party apps on Windows 8 tablets running Windows RT. While File Explorer is still available in Desktop Mode on all versions of Windows 8, having a full touch-friendly, Modern UI app for it can come handy, especially on tablets. Developers are slowly coming up with a lot of apps for Windows Store, and with each new app, the quality is also increasing. Previously, we covered a file explorer for Windows 8 called Metro Commander than offers all basic file management options including copy, paste, move etc. Today, we have another file manager for Windows 8 users called Files&Folders that allows you to work with files and folders in Modern UI. It provides options to navigate throughout your storage, access your SkyDrive account, copy, cut and move data. Moreover, you can view images and play audio and video files using the built-in media player. Keep reading to find out more about Files&Folders. Read More

Instantly Resize Windows To Match Any Custom Screen Resolution

When you are creating a website or a new application, it is very important to make sure that it runs correctly on every resolution. Since there is no standard size or standard resolution of computer monitors, everyone has set theirs to a different one. In some cases, including myself, people have two different monitors of a different size, with a completely different resolution set on each one. A developer must keep the fact in mind that while moving the application or website window from one monitor to another, it should be able to resize its content and retain its shape in such a way that its still usable. One way to check if a tool works in all resolutions is to change the resolution of your monitor, however, that can be a tedious task to switch between all the default resolutions. Instead, you can just resize the windows to different resolutions and check if they work correctly after the resize or not. Window Size is a portable tool for Windows that allows you to resize any window to a desired screen resolution. It provides you with some presets for changing the resolution, along with an option to set a custom width and height for the window. Read More

Delay Or Disable Windows Startup Programs To Speed Up System Boot

The number of programs in Windows Startup determines how long will it take for your computer to be ready for use after booting into Windows. If there are a lot of programs, Windows tries to load them as soon as the operating system boots up, making it impossible for you to use the computer during that time. In short, the more the startup items, the longer the wait. Most of the applications allow you to choose if you want them to launch at startup, however, some of them are automatically added. You can edit the Windows Startup list by adding or removing programs from the startup folder, but using a tool for the job is always simpler and more effective. Today, we have an application called Quick Startup that, as its name suggests, is meant to do just that and a little extra. Developed by Glarysoft, this application allows you to add, edit or delete Windows Startup items through a clean, user-friendly interface. It shows them in a list with a security risk rating and path displayed against each, and for users who don't want to get a startup boost without having to get rid of any items, it provides the option to delay the execution of some programs so that they don't create a bottle-neck at startup. Read More

Maximize A Window To Auto-Fit Screen Space Between Other Windows

Aero Snap is one of the Windows features that I use the most while working. The ability to open multiple windows at a time and snap them to the left and right side of your screen makes certain tasks a lot easier to do. Especially if you have a large monitor, the feature can help you take full advantage of the extra screen space, and in a quick, convenient way. Several third party tools have been developed to enhance Aero Snap and allow advanced window arrangement options. We have covered several of these desktop window management utilities here at AddictiveTips; for example, reSizer and GridMove, both of which provide you with quite a few options to rearrange windows in a grid. However, sometimes you just need a simple solution that feels more natural and is easy to understand. WinMaximumize perfectly fits that description. This simple tool lets you maximize an active window in such a way that it consumes all the free screen space left over by other windows. Read More

Edit & Stylize Images The Easy Way With Photo Studio For Windows 8

A very important aspect of image editing is the tool that you're using for the job. For instance, Photoshop is one of the most famous image editing software out there, but it also has a high learning curve. If you aren't already familiar with its interface, using it to perform even the simplest editing operations can prove to be quite difficult. However, touching up photos or images to make them look better for your favorite social network does not require mastering advanced tools. Also, most of these tools aren't available on both desktop and mobile platforms. This is why apps like Photo Studio exist. This free Windows 8 and RT app provides you with basic image editing options, adjustments, Instagram-like filters and frames to make your photos share-ready. More details after the break. Read More

Follow Your Favorite Upcoming Games With GameTracker For Windows 8

There was a time when video games were considered to be something only for kids, but nowadays, games like Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, StarCraft and Valve’s Dota 2 have gained a lot of popularity across all generations of gamers. Gaming tournaments are now rewarding teams with prizes of up to US 1 million dollars making them popular with both casual as well as professional players. While some professional players, play games in order to earn money, most of us only play to relax and enjoy. With all the games, and their sequels, coming out on different platforms, it is difficult to keep a track of all their release dates and the latest news about them. Read More

Download & Listen To Audiobooks In Windows 8

Reading books is a lot of fun for a lot of people. However, reading too much can put a lot of strain on your eyes. These days, we see a lot of books being converted into movies, but a lot of these movies do not do justice to the books. If you are a bookworm, give audiobooks a try. A book reading aid for blind people, audiobooks are also enjoyed by the able community, both children and adults. The way audiobooks work is that someone reads the book in his or her voice and makes a recording out of it. Anyone can listen to the recording and enjoy the book without actually having to read it themselves. It can be quite useful for people who are worried about putting too much strain on their eyes. Read More

Set Windows 8 Lock Screen To Cycle Through Background Images With Chameleon

In Windows 7, there are no native options to customize your lock screen. For instance, if you want to change the background, you have to use a third party application, such as Windows 7 Logon Screen Tweaker, a portable tool that lets you change Logon screen UI elements such as the background and Windows 7 logo, and perform several other tweaks. In Windows 8 & RT, you get native lock screen customization options within the Personalize section of PC Settings, one of which is setting a custom background image. Now, you can pick any image from local storage, but unlike the desktop, the Windows 8 Lock screen does not cycle through a group of backgrounds of your choice. That is where Chameleon comes in. This Windows Store app takes Lock screen background customization one step further by automatically downloading and applying a different background after a user specified time interval. The app has built-in streams for famous wallpaper sources, including National Geographic Photo of the Day and Bing Picture of the Day. More on the app after the jump. Read More

How To Disable Pin To Start Screen Feature In Windows 8

When you install an app on your Windows 8 machine, its shortcut is pinned to the Start Screen by default. It is a useful feature when you are dealing with Windows Store apps; however, the system does not differentiate between the Windows Store apps and desktop apps as well as it should. Since shortcuts for desktop applications are created by the setup process itself, many wouldn't see the need to have an additional shortcut in the form of a tile on Start Screen. The problem doesn't end here. Sometimes, multiple shortcuts are created for the same app. For instance, if you install Google Talk, one tile shortcut is created for the app, while another is added for its diagnostic tool. You can remove these tiles using the app bar menu, but it can be annoying if you have to do it often. AutoPin Controller is an app for Windows 8 that allows you to disable the Pin to Start Screen feature in Windows 8. Basically it locks the Start Screen so that no changes can be made to it, allowing you to install new applications without worrying about them cluttering it. Read More

Security Score Analyzes & Rates Your PC’s Protection Against Malware

Action Center in Windows is designed to notify the user about all the important Security and Maintenance related messages. It collects all the messages that need the user’s attention and displays them in a single corner making it easier for the user to keep an eye on the current state. Since no antivirus software is able to detect each and every virus out there, system security is a major problem nowadays. The fact that new viruses are being created everyday, makes it difficult for users to get complete protection and if, by chance, a virus does get into your system, it creates a real mess. So how can you determine if your computer is safe enough? Read More

View Live Cricket Scores With The ESPN Cricinfo App For Windows 8

Cricket might not be the most popular sport in the world, but whatever fans it has are downright crazy about the game. With teams from all regions of the world, such as Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa, fans like to follow the performance of their favorite players and teams, and apart from the television, one of the best ways to do so is the website. It provides cricket fans with a huge database of news, articles, statistics and other information. Windows 8 and RT using cricket fans would be delighted to know that the official ESPN Cricinfo is now available in the Windows Store. The app allows you to view Live scores, Headlines, Featured articles, Latest news and stay up to date with Current series. Like its iOS, Android and Windows Phone variants, it gives you the option to view news stories related only to your national team or the entire cricket world. You get complete scorecards, along with the latest news and photos of ongoing matches. Read More

Browse The deviantART Gallery In Windows 8 With PicTRO

deviantART is a famous online gallery where anyone can publish there work for others to see. Other than artworks, you will find photography, literature, films, cartoons, comics, and tools for customizing the operating system, such as themes and UI tweaks. The website allows you to view the posted content according to categories, authors, popularity, etc. Apps for a lot of popular websites, such as Snoo for Reddit, and the official app for TuneIn Radio have started to pop up in the Windows Store. Today, we have a third party app for deviantART called PicTRO that allows you to browse through the entire artwork database. You can view the images according to categories, including Photography, Digital art, Traditional, Artisan, Manga, etc. Images in every category can be viewed in the form of a Slideshow. While viewing an image, you can check out other images from the same author, and share the current one through Email, Facebook, and Twitter. Read More

Download And Read Comics In Windows 8 With Manga Z

The Anime and Manga art has a huge fan following and comic reading is a relaxing activity for a lot of people. Many fans like to read their favorite comics on a regular basis. Popular manga series, such as Naruto, Bleach and One Piece have also been aired on TV, while some of them, like Death Note, are so popular that full length movies have been produced based on their stories. However, some hardcore fans like to enjoy them in their original form, that is comics. To enjoy a comic properly, you need to have a comic reader that makes switching between the pages very easy, and provides you with other options to read the comic. Manga Z for Windows 8 is a manga reader app that fits this description. You can download the latest chapters from your favorite manga series and read them on your Windows 8 tablet or PC. Read More

How To Disable “Drag To Close” For Modern Apps In Windows 8

Windows 8 includes a lot of changes in the way apps are handled. Since the OS is created for both tablets and PCs, some of the UI enhancements are suitable more towards a certain device. For instance, in order to close the apps, there is no longer the famous “x” button. Instead, you have to grab the app from the top and pull it down to close it. Another major change in Windows 8 is that desktop also works as an app. So, you can close the desktop app in the same way (by dragging from the top). It is possible to close it accidentally, say, when you quickly drag your mouse to take a screenshot. In this post, we will explain how to disable the "drag to close" feature of Windows 8 to avoid accidental closure of apps. Read More

Set System Volume To Decrease Over Time Before Hitting The Bed

When I go to sleep at night, I like to play my favorite playlist in Windows Media Player. Even though, it has a built-in auto volume leveling enhancement, some of the tracks have sudden bursts of high sound, which can prove to be quiet disturbing when I am trying to sleep. Like me, a lot of other people do the same. They like to listen to music, a radio stream or a podcast when they lie down to sleep and a sudden burst of loud volume can disturb them (especially if the next track has higher volume than the current playing track). If you are one of those people who love to listen to your favorite playlist when going to sleep and want to avoid such situations, VolumeOut is your friend. It's a lightweight and portable app for Windows that lets you set a countdown timer. Once set, it will gradually reduces the volume from the current state to zero. Read More

Batchrun Is A Batch File Creator For Power Users

We just reviewed AutoStarter X3, an app that allows you to run necessary programs, open files and folders, open web pages in separate tabs or windows, and play music stored in specific folders, all by running a single batch file. All its options are suited for normal users and allow them to create a batch file to start their favorite activities on the computer. Batchrun is a similar app that allows you to create a batch file, but it deals with a different set of commands. Whereas AutoStarter lets you open files, folders, websites and programs, Batchrun contains options that are directed more towards power users. For instance, you can Run programs, End and Kill Processes, Create Directories, Delete Directories, etc. You can change the priority of each task, choose a run mode, and set a delay for added commands. Moreover, you can add parameters for executable files added to the list. Read More

Stop Mouse Cursor From Slipping To Secondary Monitor In Windows 8

The personalization menu of Windows 8 is designed to accommodate multiple monitors. The new Charms bar and Switch List, accessible by moving the cursor to the right and left corners of your screen respectively, appear on both monitors. Accessing them can sometimes be a tricky if you are running a multi-monitor setup. For instance, if you have a secondary monitor on the right side, the cursor might slip into the secondary monitor when trying to bring up the Charms bar from the lower right corner. So, you can either waste your time by trying to get the cursor in the perfect position, or move it to the other monitor to easily bring up the bar. Another way is to restrict free movement of the mouse cursor between the screens so that you can easily move it to the screen corners. Mouse Trapper is one such tool that restricts free mouse movement between the connected screens and trap the mouse inside one display. You can still move the cursor to the other monitors by pressing a pre-selected key giving you control of when to free the cursor. Read More

Official Khan Academy App Available For Windows 8

Khan Academy is a very famous online education service that lets people watch videos on various subjects. Currently the website boasts a database of more than 3500 videos that are hosted on YouTube. The best thing about the website is that every video is accessible completely free of charge. Started by a graduate of MIT and Harvard Business School, Salman Khan, the aim of this website is to provide high quality education to everyone everywhere. You can find topics related to mathematics, history, medicine, finance, physics,chemistry, biology, astronomy, economics, computer science and several other disciplines. You can learn about the different topics, as well as take tests to check how much you have learned. Read More

Create Groups Of Apps, Websites & Files To Launch Them Together

As soon as I boot up my PC, there are a number of tools and websites that I start instantly. Like a routine, I open some of these websites in Mozilla Firefox, while others in Google Chrome. This requires me to open each browser separately, and perform a certain sequence of clicks to reach the desired state. Just like me, I am sure many other people have a certain group of programs that they use and favorite websites they like to visit whenever they log into their computers. Using the Windows Startup, you can select different software to run along with Windows, but you cannot open different websites in different internet browsers. Read More