keySharky Adds Keyboard Shortcuts (Hotkeys) To Grooveshark

If you are a Grooveshark addict, you will find that the keyboard functionality is missing. You cannot control the playback with hotkeys. keySharky is an extension for both Firefox and Chrome which adds this missing hotkey functionality to Grooveshark. The default hotkeys for Playback control are a bit unintuitive but they can always be changed from settings. Read More

Portable Grooveshark Desktop Application For Windows

From all the online music services out there, Grooveshark is the most favorite at AddictiveTips HQ. We, like all other users, hate to open a web browser just to listen to music. So what is the solution? Grooveshark has their own Adobe Air app but it is for VIPs only. If you not a VIP member and also hate Adobe Air, the third party Grooveshark Windows Application is for you. Read More

Disk Drill Is Completely Free Data Recovery Software For Mac

Disk Drill is a new application for Mac which not only recovers your hard drive, but also your partition, damaged files, photos, and any type of media. It can recover data from HFS/HFS+, FAT, NTFS, and other file systems right from your Mac. Apart from recovery, it also protects your data from unexpected loss by using build-in Recovery Vault. Read More

Extract And Recover iPhone Data From iTunes Backup

After your iTunes syncs with the iPhone, it keeps a separate backup files which contains all your data, photos, contacts, calendar, sms messages, recordings, videos, voicemails, notes, and call history. These files are not readable and if you want to recover the data in readable format, you will need a tool like iPhone Backup Extractor. Read More

Zum Is Minimalist Eye Candy Application Launcher To Keep Your Desktop Fresh

Since the launch of Windows 7, many users (including me) haven’t found good enough reasons to use 3rd party application launchers. Most of them help in launching the programs quicker but what is the point of using such 3rd party tools when taskbar can do the exact same thing. There is however a new tool in town that wants change the way we think about application launchers. Read More

Love Cooking? Import Recipes To Google Docs Instantly [Chrome Extension]

We are not sure how many of our readers love cooking but if you ever want to quickly import recipes from popular websites to Google Docs for reading later, sharing with friends, or for simply making a collection of your favorite dishes, then gRecipes is the perfect extension for this purpose. At the moment, gRecipes for Chrome can import recipes from four popular websites (more will be supported soon) and makes organizing recipes in Google Docs a breeze. Read More

Find, Monitor, And Secure Your Lost Laptop With LockItTight

LockItTight is a nice web application to locate, monitor, and secure your lost laptop. A free account is required before you can begin installation of client software. Once installed, it runs silently in Windows background. The standard version is free but only supports one device. Which is probably a big downside if you have more than one devices. On the other hand, Prey, a widely popular monitoring app, supports upto 3 devices for free. Read More

Embed AdMob Ads In Your Windows Phone 7 Applications

Admob is so popular among mobile developers that almost every free application for either Android or iPhone, has advertisements from this service. It is a common way to monetize the free applications and earn quick bucks. Developers who are now planning to develop apps for Windows Phone 7 will be disappointed to find out that it is almost impossible to get UserAgent and External IP address, both of which are required by AdMob. In short, the ability to monetize is simply not present in the initial release of WP7. Read More

AddictiveTips v2.0 Coming Soon!

Apologies for the lack of posts lately. After designing AddictiveTips v2.0 for over a month, it is finally starting to come together. The next version of our design will be more social and user-friendly. While I keep myself busy on AddictiveTips v2.0, you will continue to see Android apps reviews by Saad and perhaps some freeware reviews by Usman. The Mobile section will also remain up-to-date which is managed by Ali. There are some interesting changes coming in the next redesign which will go live in 2nd week of October (if everything goes according to the plan) so I will hold off the surprises for now. Read More

Keep Installer Packages Up-To-Date With Ketarin

There are plenty of freewares that get released daily and the same number of them get updated too. How will you keep track of all these updated applications? One way developers try to tackle this problem is to provide a build-in option for users to check for updates, but what if you have a lot of installer packages that needs updating too? Read More

Send Office Notes To Your Coworkers Within LAN (Local Area Network)

If you have worked in a medium to large office environment, you will understand the frustration of sending notes to your co-workers frequently. You often have to get up, walk some distance, give a short message, and come back. How many times can you do it in one day? There are many paid applications that solve this problem but since our focus is to always find a free alternative, today we bring you a very useful tool. Read More

Automatically Switch / Change Mouse Speed

Automatic Mouse Switcher is a great open source tool for those users who prefer using different mouse speed settings for external mouse and touchpad. Suppose you are using two different mouse with your laptop – one at home and other in office. Because every mouse is different, you will need to change the mouse speed almost daily when you commute between work and home. And what about using your laptop with the touchpad? You cannot use the same speed of your external mouse with laptop’s touchpad. Read More

Free Grooveshark Downloader

From all the online music streaming websites out there, I prefer using Grooveshark the most. SciLor’s Grooveshark Downloader is a free tool to download all your favorite music from All songs are downloaded in mp3 format and saved in any user-defined directory, by default it saves in the same directory where the application is residing. Read More