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EvImSync Syncs Evernote Notebooks With Gmail

If you are an Evernote user on Windows, you might want to have a look at backing up your Notebooks to Gmail account. EvImSync is a new applications that does just that. It synchronizes Evernote notebooks with your Gmail account, thus saving them as emails inside one folder (of your choosing).

Keep in mind that it is not a two-way sync, it can only sync one-way from Evernote to Gmail. Therefore, if an email is removed from Gmail, the note will not get removed from Evernote, you will have to remove the notebooks from Evernote to delete it from Gmail. The same goes for changes in tags. You must change them in Evernote to reflect changes in Gmail, not vice versa.

Now coming back to EvlmSync, it is an open source portable app which can be put to a USB and be used while on the go (as long as you have internet connectivity). To force EvImSync to store its configuration in the same directory where it was started from, the executable file should be renamed to “EvImSyncPortable.exe”. By default, all configurations are stored in %AppDate& folder.

Start the application and head over to File –> Configuration.

EvImSync main

Now enter the name of Evernote Notebook that you want to sync, set the IMAP server to ‘imap.gmail.com (make sure IMAP is enabled in Gmail), enter your username / password, and select the base folder in Gmail for syncing before clicking Set Pair.

Evernote to Gmail Config

When done, click Ok. This will take you back to the main interface from where you can start sync immediately. Sadly, there is no schedule sync option. The one-way sync, however, is due to limitations in both IMAP protocol and Evernote scripting engine.

EvImSync requires .NET Framework 4 to run and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download EvImSync

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