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Format And Clean Up Text Of Emails For Easier Reading With StripMail

StripMail is a portable application that cleans up your emails by removing unwanted characters, as well as provides paragraph and indenting options. Just copy and paste wrongly formatted emails in StripMail and select the appropriate options to automatically strip your emails of unwanted characters (such as “>”), which are present when forwarding emails. It allows indenting entire text, adding quotes, creating paragraphs and more.

Copy your email, paste it in StripMail and select any option to perform a function. For example, you may click Do it All to manage the overall formatting of your text or perform tasks turn by turn. For example, clicking on Strip, clears unnecessary characters from the mail. StripMail can also be useful for formatting text obtained from different sources (e.g. downloaded text content from the internet).

Strip mail

Likewise, you can click on Indent to automatically correct the indenting of your mail. The right-click context menu also contains many options that can be used to manage the look of your email text. Other than common copy/paste options, the Strip ‘>I’ characters removes unwanted characters which are presumed as a part of the original mail by your email client when you forward or reply to an email. Similarly, many paragraphing, indenting and text selection options can be accessed from the right click context menu. There are also a number of hot keys that you can use to perform these tasks. Some hotkeys for vital functions include the following:

  • d (Do It All), for complete and automatic formatting of the email.
  • Ctrl-D To do all kinds of stripping automatically.
  • F1 To view instructions.
  • x To exit StripMail

Context menu

After you are done with the stripping process, you can copy and past the text to your email client and send it with a more professional look. Or you can simply copy it to a text editor for easier reading.


StripMail works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download StripMail

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