Remove Any Unwanted Elements From The iOS 7 Interface With HideMe7

You are sure to find Cydia tweaks for even the most minor parts of iOS, specially if you want to make visual alterations to a particular UI element. Even if a tweak isn’t too specialized for just one aspect of iOS, it often ends up focusing on a single area of the firmware, like the lock screen or icons. CustomLS and Transparency are just two examples of such specific Cydia tweaks, despite the fact that both of them come packed with a good number of customization options. HideMe7 is a similar tweak, but its biggest advantage lies in the fact that it can let you make changes to all the important parts of iOS. Thanks to this package, you can hide UI elements from the lock screen, Springboard, folders, Notification Center, and Control Center. Read More

Add Shortcuts For Favorite Contacts In iOS 7 Notification Center

Jailbreak apps and tweaks have long been using the Notification Center to facilitate iPhone owners in easily composing text messages and emails without much hassle. Previously, we have seen releases like biteSMS and Overview place contacts-related shortcuts in the NC. Favorite Contacts 7 is a new tweak that differs from others similar ones in that it doesn't stop at adding generic shortcuts to the Notification Center. With this widget, you get NC entries representing your favorite contacts that can be used to directly make calls, send text messages, and compose emails with a single tap. The widget is quite appealing visually as well, and even lets you make some changes to its layout to suit your needs. Read More

TinyBar Trims iOS 7 Notification Banners To Stay Within The Status Bar

The release of the last two iOS jailbreaks has heralded the start of a waiting period for popular tweaks to get updated to support more recent versions of the platform. With iOS 7, we have already seen most of the high-profile tweaks get updated for the latest devices and firmware versions, but the real absentees are always the useful but somewhat obscure packages. You might not remember StatusBulletin, but the tweak certainly garnered a lot of praise from the jailbreak community at the time of its release. StatusBulletin shrunk notification banners to fit the status bar, and made the contents of the banners move along just like news tickers. TinyBar is a similar tweak, but comes with even more configuration options as compared to its predecessor, in addition to compatibility with iOS 7. Read More

Popular, Elegant Weather App BeWeather Now Available On iPhone

iOS has always had pretty decent weather apps, with the stock offering not being a slouch itself. This collection of beautiful apps really received a big boost with the release of Yahoo Weather, which garnered a lot of praise just for its stunning looks. The iOS 7 Weather app gives Yahoo Weather a run for its money, but it’s far from being a two-horse race, as there are plenty of third-party apps belonging to this genre that are always competing for the attention of iOS users. However, one popular option that has been missing from the App Store until now is BeWeather, which has gained plenty of fame on Android & BlackBerry. BeWeather is known for its beautiful UI and thorough forecasts, all complemented by some pretty decent social options. Read More

Quiet Hours Brings iOS’ ‘Do Not Disturb’ Feature To Windows Phone 8

Having a mere silent mode in your cellphone might be enough for some occasions, but all of us have certain patterns in our routines, and putting these patterns to good use can always prove to be useful. This is evident from the popularity of the Do Not Disturb feature available in iOS. It is a testament to its usefulness that Apple brought Do Not Disturb to OS X soon after it was unveiled for iOS 6. Now, Windows Phone users can enjoy their quiet time in peace as well, thanks to a third-party app named Quiet Hours. This WP8 app is not as feature-rich as Do Not Disturb for iOS, but you will still find enough options in it to cater to most situations. With Quiet Hours, users can toggle silent mode with a single tap on a live tile, schedule hours when the phone should go silent, and even set separate sound profiles for each day of the week.

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How To Create Folders For Apps & Settings On Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8

“Where are the app folders?” is a question that new Windows Phone users often ask, specially if they are making the switch from Android or iOS. Even though the way Windows Phone is laid out, folders lose some of their importance, but anyone who likes organization is sure to still want a way to arrange their apps just the way they want. On WP7 and Mango, homebrew solutions like Folders allowed users to have this organizational freedom over their devices, but WP8 has been missing something like that until now. It seems like Nokia has finally taken note of the feature’s high demand, and decided to come up with an official solution to the lack of folders on the platform. App Folder is a Lumia-exclusive release that allows users to create folders on Windows Phone 8. Thanks to this app, you can put multiple apps and settings shortcuts in folders bearing the names of your choice. Read More

AppBox Is A New Platform For iOS 7 Lock Screen App Shortcuts & Widgets

Lock screen launchers for iOS have become quite common among the jailbreak community in the past year or so. Tweaks like BuddyLock and AnyLock are just two of the many examples of releases that allow iOS users to make the most of their lock screen. While lock screen launchers have a certain usefulness of their own, some might argue that if a launcher is too feature-rich, it ends up killing the whole purpose of the lock screen. AppBox is an upcoming Cydia tweak that might have finally struck just the right balance between being simple and useful. It allows you to place a handful of app shortcuts on the iPhone lock screen, but that’s not where it stops. The tweak is a platform for third-party lock screen app-specific widgets, which can be used to perform a lot of actions without unlocking your device. With AppBox, it becomes possible to compose texts, post to Facebook, create notes, and do much more. The possibilities are virtually limitless, since other developers can come up with AppBox plugins for different apps. Read More

ClassicSwitcher Adds A Customizable iOS 6-Like App Switcher To iOS 7

iOS 7 completely reimagined the App Switcher, replacing the list of running apps' icons at the bottom with an attractive card-like view. A vast majority of users didn't take too long to get used to the new App Switcher, and maybe that's why a plethora of Cydia tweaks have been released to augment and alter this area of iOS, such as Purge and SwitchSpring that we reviewed recently. As nice as the new App Switcher is, there are still some nostalgic users who miss the iOS 6 version of this feature. For this purpose, you can always turn to tweaks like ControlTask that attempt to give you the best of both worlds. ClassicSwitcher is a new tweak, however, that gets rid of the card UI of the App Switcher altogether, and brings the old multitasking tray back. And the best part is that you can thoroughly customize this tray to suit your needs. Read More

Get More Animated (Dynamic) Wallpapers In iOS 7 With iDynamic

You can rave all you want about the Control Center or the new flat UI, but dynamic wallpapers will always hold their own in any discussion of iOS 7 features. Even prior to the release of iOS 7, the Cydia store allowed users to enjoy live wallpapers on their iPhone, thanks to apps like LiveWallpaper and Go Desk. Although these animated screen backgrounds are no longer limited to just the Cydia store, there isn't too much to choose from when it comes to the default iOS 7 dynamic wallpaper collection. As you would expect, a lot of people started looking for ways to augment the firmware’s somewhat meager dynamic wallpaper collection immediately after updating to iOS 7. If you are among those users, your search is finally over. iDynamic is a Cydia app that offers a comprehensive repository of dynamic wallpapers. You can choose any animated set you want, and replace the default wallpaper collection with it quite easily. Read More

Directly Open iOS 7 Notification Center To A Tab Of Choice With NCObey

There are plenty of Cydia tweaks based on ideas that are seemingly a bit too simplistic, but there can be no denying their usefulness in an iPhone’s everyday usage. NCObey is a new Cydia tweak that you always subconsciously wanted to have, without really knowing it. With the revamped iOS 7 Notification Center garnering a lot of praise from everywhere, a few people were quick to note that it gets a little annoying when you want to see notifications, and the NC opens up to show the ‘Today’ view. It would have been cool had Apple made the Notification Center a bit more intelligent, so that it showed up the relevant tab depending upon the status of your pending notifications. NCObey does just that and much more for the iOS 7 NC. The tweak lets users choose a default tab, and also has the capability to make the NC open up on the tab you really want, by monitoring the gesture used to launch the Center. Read More

HomeScreenDesigner Lets You Arrange iOS 7 Home Screen Icons In Any Layout

Android is the platform usually associated with Home screen customization, but iOS can certainly hold its own in that regard if you have a jailbroken device. There are a couple of ways you can tweak your app icons and the Home screen in general even without the jailbreak store, but they are somewhat time-consuming. HomeScreenDesigner is a new Cydia app that allows users to change the default layout of the iOS 7 home screen. You can change the way icons are arranged on Springboard pages, hide their labels, and even apply layouts created by other users to your iPhone. HomeScreenDesigner is a feature-rich package but even if you don’t want to spend too much time trying to create the perfect iPhone screen, the app can still prove to be of great use, thanks to its readymade themes and drag-and-drop configuration options.

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Winterboard’s Big iOS 7 Update Makes It Play Nice With iPhone 5s & Other A7 Devices

iOS 7 was the platform’s first update that generated a lot of interest (and outrage) just because of its UI. The abolishment of skeuomorphism and the complete shift to a flat interface marked the biggest cosmetic changes iOS since its introduction by Steve Jobs. Even though a vast majority of users have finally come to terms with the update and its new looks, there are still many who miss the way their iPhone’s screen looked back in the days of iOS 6. When the iOS 7 jailbreak was finally announced a few days ago, users were certain that a lot of UI-related tweaks would start surfacing in the jailbreak store, and they haven’t been disappointed so far. HomeScreenDesigner, Messages Customiser, ControlTask, and plenty of other releases already let you tinker with the way iOS 7 presents itself to the eye. Having said that, iOS theming can never be complete without Winterboard. The theming platform has been available on iOS 7 until now, but only if you had an older iDevice, and that too, in a semi-functional form that kept running into a lot of problems. Finally though, Winterboard has been updated with support for iOS 7 and iPhone 5s! Read More

40 Best Windows Phone Apps Of 2013

Apps have always been the weak point of Windows Phone, but 2013 was the year that finally saw the WP Store expand to a considerable size. Major apps like Vine, Instagram and Tumblr were released on the platform, but thanks to the special attention given to WP8 by Nokia, there were many other OEM-specific apps that garnered a lot of popularity. Since a lot of people have just started switching to Windows Phone 8, they might not be aware of everything they have missed on the platform so far. So, if you're a Windows Phone owner, take a look at the list we have compile to get fans of Windows Phone up to speed with the best WP Store releases of the past year. Read More

View Live Temperature & Conditions Right On The iOS 7 Weather App Icon

The iOS home screen is usually alive with notifications and icon badges, making sure that users get to see the maximum amount of information at a glance. iOS 7 increased this liveliness manifolds by introducing parallax effect and live wallpapers to the iPhone Springboard. Another small addition to the mix is the Clock app’s icon, which displays the current time in the form of an analog clock that even has a moving seconds hand. In the past, Cydia tweaks like WeatherIcon 6 have allowed the jailbreak community to get even more information out of the home screen. The tweak allowed iOS 6 users to configure any app icon to display real-time weather data. It is nice to see that the concept hasn’t died down with iOS 6, as LiveWeatherIcon brings similar functionality to iOS 7. The tweak supercharges the stock Weather app’s icon, adding some beautiful animations and weather-related stats to it. Read More

How To Delete Cydia Apps Directly From The Home Screen On iOS 7

One of my pet peeves related to iOS has always been the lack of a delete button for apps installed via Cydia. Despite the fact that it does make some sense to distinguish these apps from the App Store ones, most people don’t like the extra steps involved in getting rid of any jailbreak app that has fallen out of favor. The Cydia store is famous for coming up with solutions to little problems that nag iOS users, and providing tweaks that can allow them to get rid of seemingly permanent fixtures of their iOS devices. In the past, we have seen iMageSynced Remover that lets you delete any picture from the stock Photos app, even if it has been synced with iTunes. So, it is no surprise that someone has come up with CyDelete7. The tweak isn't exactly new, as its predecessor CyDelete has been around for quite some time, but this newer version is aimed specifically at iOS 7. With CyDelete7, users get to easily uninstall Cydia apps like biteSMS, Activator or WinterBoard directly from their Home screen. This saves you the hassle of having to launch the Cydia store, wait for it to finish updating its resources, and then delete the undesired package. Read More

Yahoo! News Digest For iPhone Intelligently Summarizes The Day’s Best Stories

Summly made quite an impact on the category of news readers in the App Store during the short period that it was around before its acquisition and shutdown by Yahoo!. Although Yahoo! did add Summly-like features to its official iOS app later on, it still wasn't the same as having a dedicated app aimed at giving you a quick dose of the news stories that really matter. If you still remember and miss Summly, or are just looking for the most convenient way of reading important news stories, Yahoo! News Digest might be your best best. The new iPhone app summarizes the eight most important news stories of each day and each night. The digest gets refreshed every twelve hours, although you can also read some extra stories if you are in the mood. The summaries created by News Digest aren't just shortened versions of the original articles; they consist of different ‘atoms’ - pieces of relevant information gathered from Wikipedia, social media, and maps. Read More

100 Best iPhone & iPad Apps Of 2013

2013 was a year that saw the focus of app developers shift quite a lot to UI. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t any innovation in terms of functionality, but still, the apps that were released during the course of 2013 had markedly cleaner looks as compared to their predecessors. iOS 7 might have had a large role to play in that, as it inspired many apps to revamp their looks to stay in tune with Apple's new policy of shunning skeuomorphism. A lot of activity in the App Store during 2013 had to do with developers updating existing apps, but the Store was still far from leveling off, and we saw many great new releases gain popularity among the masses. Here is our pick of the best iPhone and iPad apps that were covered at AddictiveTips in the past year. Read More

Completely Customize iOS 7 Control Center & Hide Its Sections With CleanCC

CCToggles and FlipControlCenter are just two of the tweaks that have been released to augment or customize the iOS 7 Control Center. There are many other tweaks in the jailbreak store that are aimed at the Control Center, which is proof that the new feature has already garnered a lot of attention from developers. Tinkering with the available toggles and options can be really useful in many cases, but if you are looking to alter the overall layout of the Control Center, CleanCC is the tweak to use. With CleanCC, users can hide certain sections of the Control Center, as well as the separators between these sections. In addition to that, the tweak lets you change the dimensions of the Control Center, and it does so intelligently by automatically rearranging the remaining sections to fill up the chosen space. Read More

Jailbreak iOS 6.1.3-6.1.5 Untethered On Windows & Mac With p0sixspwn

Despite the release of the iOS 7 jailbreak and its growing popularity, there are still a considerable number of iPhone users who haven’t switched to the latest iOS version. Maybe you like the glossy looks, or can’t live without the Cydia tweaks that are only compatible with older versions of the firmware. Whatever the reason might be, if you are not planning to update your iDevice any time soon, the release of p0sixspwn is sure to be welcome news. With p0sixspwn, jailbreaking iPhone and iPod touch devices running iOS 6.1.3, 6.1.4 and 6.1.5 becomes really convenient. The tool has been around in the Cydia store for quite a while, and a Mac version was also released recently. The only thing missing was the tool’s Windows version, but that has finally been released as well, letting users easily get an untethered jailbreak for any iDevice. Read More

Fav Adds An App Of Your Choice In iOS 7 Where Spotlight Used To Be

If you miss the old Spotlight search area from iOS 6, you are certainly in the minority, as iOS 7 offers a much more elegant way of sifting through apps, data, and content on the web. Having said that, there can be no denying the fact that old habits die hard and owing to that, many users frequently find themselves swiping to the right from the edge of their iPhone’s home screen, even though there isn't anything there now. Fav is a new Cydia tweak that puts this phenomenon to good use by letting users assign the defunct Spotlight gesture to launch their favorite app. The tweak isn't too complicated, as all it does is allow users to choose any app installed on their iDevice, and launch it any time they want by swiping from left to right when on the first page of the SpringBoard. Read More