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Improve iPhone Carrier & WiFi Signal Strength With Signal Booster

The “grip of death” issue might be nothing more than a scary story from the past for iPhone owners, but every once in a while, all of us are bound to wish that there was some way to get a stronger WiFi signal on our iOS device. The same holds true for 3G and 4G signals, which can lose some of their strength with the passage of time as your device starts going into sleep mode. Signal Booster is a Cydia tweak that can help you resolve this problem. It has been around in the jailbreak store for quite a while, and has only recently become compatible with iOS 7. The tweak doesn’t ask its users to do too much, but the results are quite positive overall. Signal Booster restarts the whole process of resource allocation on your iPhone, making sure to put enough power behind the signal reception for data and WiFi, ultimately leading to better voice quality in calls, and faster browsing/download speeds. Of course, this is not too different from some methods of signal enhancement we have seen for Android, but Signal Booster stands out by offering a truly one-touch method, rather than asking users to perform a lengthy flow of steps every time they want to get that extra signal bar on their phone’s status area.

Signal-Booster-for-iOS-7 Signal-Booster-done

To call Signal Booster into action, simply tap its Springboard icon once. It takes a few seconds for the app to do its work and refresh your network’s signals. The signals don’t go out completely while Signal Booster is in motion, but they do lose some of their strength before coming back in their full glory. Once the app has restored your device’s radio to its optimal state, Signal Booster shuts itself down automatically.

The app works as advertised in our experience, and does make some improvements to the signal strength. It can’t hurt to give it a try whenever you are desperately looking for some extra coverage on your iPhone. The tweak costs 99 cents, and is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store. There are no options to configure; Signal Booster does not add a menu of its own to the stock Settings app, and even the app’s own Springboard entry is devoid of anything but an animation.

Signal Booster is designed to work with iPhone 3GS and later, while the supported firmware versions include iOS 5, iOS 6, and iOS 7. This means that the app now offers compatibility with a lot more devices than it previously did, so do give it a try even if you have never heard of Signal Booster before.

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