doctape Viewer Opens All Popular File Formats From The Cloud On iOS

Files App and File Manager App are just two examples of the kind of file viewers iOS can offer. By default, it is not possible to open a lot of files on your iPhone, but there are a bunch of apps that can help you in different situations for certain kind of documents or media formats. With the newly released doctape Viewer, however, you might not need multiple apps to open a lot of files from various sources. Not only is the app capable of tapping into several popular cloud storage and file sharing services, it also comes with a lengthy file format compatibility list. If the name doctape sounds familiar to you, it’s because the app has been released by a desktop file management service that has been around for quite some time. Read More

TinyDO Is A Neat, Gesture-Based Reminder App For Windows Phone

Windows Phone doesn’t have any shortage of to-do list apps, and even big names like Indigo grace the WP Store with their presence. Having said that, many of he truly unique apps belonging to this genre are yet to arrive on the platform. In the recent past, no reminder app has gained more popularity than Clear for iOS. The thing that makes Clear such a success is its ability to perform almost all of its tasks through gestures. This is exactly why TinyDO for Windows Phone might prove to be a hit with users. The app comes with a host of gestures, along with some additional useful features like voice commands and the ability to organize playlists into multiple folders. You can also make the app place upcoming tasks on the lock screen. Read More

Material For iOS & Android Shows Latest News Based On Your Social Media Activities

Many apps available for smartphones claim to have enough intelligence to sniff out a user’ preferences from different sources, and then come up with content that is bound to be of interest. Quite recently, we covered an app named rabt for iOS, which creates a video collection based on your feedback. Other similar apps learn from your reading habits over time, and then there are a few like that show posts depending upon your activity on different social networks. Material is not very different from, but in our experience, the app looks much neater. Also, Material is great at arranging posts into a variety of topics, and discovers your interests with great precision, too. The fact that the app is available on both iOS and Android simply adds to its overall appeal. Read More

Autodesk Factory Design Comes To The iPad; Lets You Create & Edit Industrial Floor Plans On The Go

Autodesk has long been making apps that let users perform professional-level designing tasks on the go. In the past, we have seen releases like Instructables, Pixlr Express and Autodesk FormIt from the vendor. Most apps from Autodesk set themselves apart from the competition by providing users with designing options that feel almost too good for mobile devices. Autodesk Factory Design is a tool that has been available on the desktop for quite some time now, and has managed to garner a fair amount of appreciation because of the way it handles the creation and editing of equipment designs and building plans. The service has just been released on iPad as well, and the great thing is that the app isn't too different from its desktop counterpart. You can do just about anything on an iPad that is possible on Autodesk Factory Design on your computer. Read More

imo Instant Messenger For Android & iOS Gets Free Video Calling

In the four years since it was released, imo has managed to become a lot more than merely a medium for merging your multiple online messenger accounts. Thanks to the imo apps on Android and iPhone, users can stay in touch with their friends on the go. In recent times, the service has continued improving with the addition of new features and frequent UI changes. The biggest shortcoming of imo, though, has always been lack of video calling support. A few months back, it was announced that imo will get video chat in the near future, and the announcement was soon followed by the rollout of the feature to some alpha testers. Finally, the wait is over, and imo can now be used by all Android and iOS users to make video calls to their friends. Read More

breez Is A Beautiful WP8 Weather App With Interactive Animations

Windows Phone certainly has no shortage of good weather apps. In the past, we have seen the likes of SkyMotion and Bing Weather dazzle users with their neat UI and useful features. While the Bing app has a beautiful live tile, SkyMotion can claim to be the most up-to-date weather app available on the platform. Despite that, breez is a new WP8 app that has shown that there is always room for improvement in even the most crowded categories of the Windows Phone Store. You just have to launch the app once to see why it is unlike other weather apps available for WP8. For one thing, breez is largely gesture-based, and functions almost entirely button-free. The app’s UI is really eye-catching as well, with animations responding to the user’s touch and the tilting of their device. Read More

ActionsNotifier Displays Notification Banners For Different iPhone System Actions

Recently, we covered a Cydia tweak by the name of NotifyWifi, which came with the ability to display a notification every time users connected to a WiFi network. There are many reasons that tweak can be useful in your daily routine. On an iPhone, information can get lost at times, because not everything is shown automatically, and the Settings app is the only place where you can see everything about your device with ease. Of course, options like SBSettings can help you in this regard, but that’s still not as convenient as getting a notification every time the state of a setting on your device changes. ActionsNotifier is a new tweak that expands the concept of NotifyWifi to a bunch of other actions. With ActionsNotifier, users get to choose the actions for which they want to get notified, thus ensuring they always know what their device is up to. Read More

See All Nokia & Samsung-Exclusive Apps & Updates In One Place On WP8

Windows Phone comes with a really convenient way of arranging all the apps installed on your device, but if there’s one thing the WP8 App List lacks, it is the ability to differentiate between system and third-party apps. If you want to check if an app came preinstalled on your device, there is no way other than trying to delete it (if it can't be uninstalled, it's a system app). Similarly, users can’t see OEM-specific apps in one place either. Admittedly, there are separate sections for each OEM in the WP Store, but they don't list all the available apps. In addition to that, you can't be sure if the versions of the OEM-exclusive apps you have are the latest or not. To help users overcome this problem, a Windows Phone developer recently came up with an app named SysApp Pusher, which checks the WP Store for new OEM apps and updates. That app hasn't been around in the Store for long, and is already facing competition from a couple of new releases named Nokia App Updates and Samsung App Updates. Read More

BitTorrent Sync Comes To iPhone With Camera Roll Backup & P2P File Syncing

We could certainly see BitTorrent Sync being a useful tool when it was first released back in April, but the service’s real potential was unleashed when its Android app came out last month. Syncing your files between a desktop and mobile is something that a lot of users want in this smartphone era. So, now that the Android app for BitTorrent Sync has managed to attract a fair number of users, the team behind the service has just made things even better by releasing an iOS client, too. BitTorrent Sync for iPhone is pretty similar to its Android counterpart, with options for easily sending/receiving files, accessing your computer’s synced data from the phone, and allowing the app to automatically backup everything available in the camera roll of your device. Read More

Lock Manager Adds Info-Rich Widgets To The Windows Phone Lock Screen

Lock Widgets for WP8, and LW2 before it have managed to demonstrate that a Windows Phone’s lock screen has the potential of housing a lot of useful stats and information related to the device. Thanks to these widgets, users get to view the remaining battery percentage, weather information and some other useful tidbits without even unlocking their phone. Lock Manager is a new WP8 app that might not appear too different from Lock Widgets at first glance, but it offers way more customization, and the widgets it features are pretty decent as well. With Lock Manager, the displayed information isn't limited to just system stats and weather, and you also get to view your pending reminders and upcoming appointments from the calendar. As the background for this data, Lock Manager allows users to set up slideshows or load the Bing Daily wallpaper. Read More

rabt For iOS Offers Non-Stop Video Viewing Tailored To Your Taste

The ever-expanding archives of the internet only increase its usefulness, but there are some negative aspects to the phenomenon as well. With so much data floating around, it is not always the easiest of tasks to come across items that are really worth your time. While search engines can help you a great deal, there is still no way of keeping yourself entertained or well-informed without considerable effort. That is why services and apps that can automatically curate content for users have started trending in recent years. For videos specifically, iOS has apps like Epoch and Squrl that can give you hours of fun. rabt is the latest addition to this genre of the App Store, but rather than coming up with random content that the app thinks is good, the preferences of the users are taken into account. rabt does allow its users to filter out certain video categories, but it is also possible to just sit back and enjoy the videos the app comes up with on its own. Read More

Go Pedometer Is The Ultimate GPS-Based Fitness Tracker For iPhone

Fitness can never come without proper motivation and constant action. To stay motivated though, it is essential to have a clear goal in mind at all times. It always helps to know that you aim to reduce your weight to a certain value, or try to bring your waist one size down. Working out without having a clear goal in sight can be effective if you are lucky, but for those looking for guaranteed improvement in their fitness, keeping track of all activities is necessary. In the past, this was only possible via physical trainers or a working knowledge of how the human body works, but these days we have apps like Reebok Fitness and Fitness One that can do the trick. Before you get into too many complicated calorie calculations and workout routines though, there is the basic problem of measuring your progress during the actual exercises. This is where apps like Go Pedometer can come in handy. Read More

Set Your iPhone To Show A Reminder Popup Every Time It’s Unlocked

At the beginning of this year, the Cydia store got a pretty decent tweak that goes by the name of Reminders+. It takes your reminders, and makes sure that they are always at the forefront of your mind by placing them on the lock screen. While this is certainly very helpful, one might argue that iOS already has upcoming reminders lined up inside the Notification Center, and hence having them on the lock screen is just redundant. After all, if you want to see a list, you can simply launch the NC, or go to the Reminders app itself. Having said that, a reminder is set because users want to put their mind at ease, and don’t want to think about the set task at all till its due. If a task is too important though, you might want your phone to constantly nag you about it. This is exactly what Remind Me does. The tweak lets you set a reminder, and then displays it as an alert every time your iPhone is unlocked. The alert has to be manually dismissed, thus ensuring that you get a chance to read it each time. Read More

Whitespace Is A Neat Note-Taking iPhone App With A Powerful Text Editor

Last month we covered an app named Grid that offered users a nice way of maintaining a scrapbook as well as a to-do list in one place. It is always nice to see such multipurpose apps, especially if they come with a clean UI and are easy to use. Whitespace is not quite similar to Grid, but you can place it in the same genre. The app is basically a text editor, but has the distinction of striking the perfect balance between being a simple note-taking app and having the features of a proper word processor. Whitespace lets you quickly jot down notes, but also has the option of attaching media files to each entry. This means that the app can also be used for purposes such as creating galleries out of the photos you already have on your iPhone. To make the app really great, there is a comprehensive tagging system that can be used to easily search through notes and arrange them into neat folders. Read More

Wheel Introduces A Quick New Way To Apply Photo Effects On iOS

There is the odd exception of course, but most iPhone photo editors are meant to be used for just casually sprucing up images. Even if you use a photo editing app fairly regularly, it isn't too likely that you can name even half of the image filters available in it. The whole purpose of effects is to give the photo a new, refreshing look. That is why any fan of casual photo editors is sure to love Wheel. This iOS app lets you edit your photos without putting in any effort at all. The app automatically picks a combination of different image adjustments and filters for the loaded photo, but also keeps the door open for user input, as the intensity and some other aspects of the effect can be altered by spinning the wheel that shows up on the screen. Wheel even has a few gestures that can help you share your photos or undo a change after each step. Read More

6tag Is A Windows Phone 8 Instagram Client With Video Upload Support

Instagram might still be the Holy Grail of Windows Phone apps but with the release of WP8, developers have finally started coming up with alternatives to the official client of the service. Instagraph, Instance (formerly Itsdagram), and Hipstamatic all offer Instagram uploading right from your Windows Phone, so it might look like 6tag has arrived a little late to the party. However, the app does have an ace up its sleeve that isn't yet offered by any other third-party Instagram client we've seen for the platform: video upload capability! 6tag has been released by the same developer who came up with 6sec, so the two apps have some similarities, especially in the UI department. The photo effects and camera on offer are quite decent as well, while you can also perform tasks like leaving comments and likes on posts from people you follow on Instagram. Read More

Mix Music, Video Clips & Photos Like A DJ With Sympler For iPhone

Video mixing apps are usually too complicated for most users to fully understand, a fine example of which is the previously covered vjay for iPhone and iPad. At the other end of the spectrum, if a video creator is too simple, it lacks the options needed to make it useful for serious editing. Apps like VidRhythm are good for having fun but if you want to create a mashup of videos you have, there are plenty of limitations on it. Sympler is a new app that seems to have struck the perfect balance between the two extremes. With Sympler, you can create short music videos by mashing together videos, audio clips and photos. The best bit about the app is that it doesn’t ask its users to do too much, but the end results are still pretty good. Read More

Reminisce Offers Highly Customizable Gesture-Based App Switching On iOS

For a feature of iOS that has never been criticized too much, App Switcher has a lot of tweaks aimed at it in the Cydia store. Some of them, like MissionBoard, make additions to the existing app management tray in iOS, while others like Auxo offer a completely new way of switching between running apps. Some of these tweaks improve the App Switcher aesthetically, but usually this comes at the cost of making things more complicated, and having to remember several different gestures. Reminisce is a new Cydia release that might just have found the perfect way of letting users jump between different apps without any hassle, and without making your iPhone’s screen cluttered. The tweak is not a complete App Switcher replacement by any means, as you can’t even kill apps using it, but as a shortcut for switching between apps that have been recently opened, Reminisce is great. In addition to that, the tweak is highly customizable, and almost all areas of its interface can be altered to cater to your taste. Read More

wiggle For iPhone Stitches Two Photos Of A Scene To Make It Seem 3D

Very recently, we covered an app named TypoPic for iOS, which distinguishes itself among a plethora of typography tools owing to the fact that it can easily give a three-dimensional touch to the text overlaid with any photo. While iPhone photo editors are improving on almost daily basis, 3D effects are something that we rarely see even now. Autodesk’s Homestyler is among the very few iOS apps that offer 3D renditions of images. wiggle isn't as comprehensive as Autodesk's offering, and isn't meant to be used for performing serious tasks, but the app can still provide you with hours of fun and some pretty decent end results. With wiggle, you just have to snap two photos, and watch as the app stitches them together as an animation, giving the whole thing a distinctly three-dimensional look. Read More

Add Playback, Volume & Brightness Control Gestures To VLC Player For iOS

There are many media player out there that are appreciated solely because they offer some great gesture-based controls. There are plenty of such examples in our compilation of the best video players for iOS, but most users prefer using apps that have already managed to gain a fair amount of popularity. VLC Player is certainly an app that fits the bill. It was around in the App Store for a short while before Apple took it down, but recently made a triumphant return on both iPhone and iPad. For the duration that VLC was out of the App Store, it remained available for jailbreak users via the Cydia store. So, Cydia and VLC are no strangers, which makes the release of VLC Gestures quite unsurprising. The tweak is aimed at augmenting the VLC app by adding gesture control to it. Read More