Easily Hack Your Google Chromecast With FlashCast

Chromecast is a great little gadget that brings support for streaming content from Google's services to your TV. Just like Google TV, Chromcast runs Android-based firmware, which was rooted soon after the release of the device. However, the method wasn't really too straightforward, and wasn't really meant for casual users. Google later issued a software update that patched the exploit used to root the device. If you still haven't applied that update, there is now an easier method to hack your Chromecast, thanks to FlashCast by XDA-Developers Member tchebb. The tool uses a flash drive and an OTG Micro-USB cable for the purpose, which acts as something like a custom recovery for the device. Read on for the detailed instructions on getting everything prepared for using FlashCast with your Chromecast.  Read More

Kingo Android ROOT Offers One-Click Rooting For Several Devices

Universal one-click rooting solutions such as Z4Root, Universal Androot and SuperOneClick were quite popular for rooting all sorts of Android devices in the old days of Éclair, Froyo and Gingerbread. The late Gingerbread era saw a change in this pattern due to increased security by Google as well as device manufacturers, and the situation only got worse for such tools, as pretty much all of them used exploits that were patched in these versions of Android, and newer universal exploits were becoming increasingly harder to find. Recently, Framaroot changed this by offering an on-device one-click universal rooting method for several devices, just the way Z4Root used to offer in the old days. We now have another universal one-click rooting tool in Kingo Android ROOT that follows in the footsteps of SuperOneClick by working on Windows, and can be used to easily root several devices by manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola and Google. Furthermore, the tool can also unroot already rooted devices. Read More

SolCalendar Is A Gorgeous & Comprehensive Calendar App For Android

Calendar apps are a dime  dozen for all mobile platforms, though most users don't bother going for third-party alternatives, as every smartphone OS ships with a calendar app of its own, and usually this stock offering suffices for the average user. Android has two native stock calendar apps on offer one for generic calendars and the other specifically for Google Calendar, just the way it has separate Email and Gmail apps. Both these work just fine, though at times, one comes across a third-party Calendar that stands out due to its interface or feature set. SolCalendar is one such exception that excels in both these departments, and its support for Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar and pretty much any calendar service supporting the CalDAV standard, beautiful UI, handy gestures, great widgets, integrated weather reports and event stickers makes it one of the best calendar apps we've seen so far. Read on for our detailed review and screenshot tour. Read More

Easily Capture Screencasts On Android With SCR Screen Recorder

Android has had a bunch of screencasting tools available for it on Play Store, including ScreenCast & Recorder that we covered a while back. Though having more options never hurts, especially if they are feature-rich and add something to the mix not offered by the ones already available. Brought to us by XDA-Developers Member iwobanas, SCR Screen Recorder is full-featured screencast recording app for Android that works on all devices running 4.0 ICS or later, including 4.3 Jelly Bean. Support for Tegra devices, high-speed recording on devices that have adequately fast hardware, and an extremely minimal UI that just works without getting in your way while recording make it a great option for anyone looking to record their on-screen activity on Android. Like all other screencast tools, the app requires root access to work. Read on for further details. Read More

Get A Responsive, Revamped UI & Separate Panel For Google Play Music In Chrome

Google Play Music is great not just as a music store and discovery tool, but also for uploading up to 20,000 of your songs for free, and listening to them from any of your devices, be it computers, tablets or smartphones. With a subscription, the service also turns into an online radio, complete with playlists generated based on songs, albums or genres. While the mobile apps of the service are great, one caveat about it has been its browser interface. It's not particularly bad in design or functionality, but there's nothing really special about it either; it's just mediocre. So, how about an extension that revamps it into something not only much more beautiful, but also much more functional? Panel View for Play Music does just that, and does it remarkably well. As its name suggests, this Chrome extension puts the Google Play Music into web interface into a separate panel for you and in addition, customizes it with custom CSS to behave like a well-designed music app. Read More

Get Paranoid Android’s Pie Controls On Any Froyo Or Later Device

With its innovative features such as per-app DPI settings, different UI modes for all devices, the PIE navigation system and the HALO notification system, Paranoid Android has established itself among the top custom ROMs available for Android devices. Though the ROM itself isn’t available for all devices, and besides, not everyone wants to install a whole ROM to get these features, and that’s why we’ve seen efforts by app developers such as Portal for HALO-style notifications and LMT Launcher for PIE-like controls to bring some of these features to devices running any stock or custom ROM. However, many of these efforts required you to be running a recent version of Android, such as ICS or later. If you are still stuck on Android 2.2 Froyo or Android 2.3 Gingerbread and want PIE-like controls on your device, you’re in luck – Pie Control lets you do exactly that, as long as your device is rooted. Read More

How To Remotely Ring, Wipe & Lock Your Phone Or Tablet With Android Device Manager

In this age, we rely heavily on our smartphones for getting a lot of things done. While this certainly has its productivity benefits, it renders us pretty much handicapped when we can’t recall where we last left our device, or worse, if the device gets stolen. We’ve seen several apps for Android such as Comodo Anti-theft, Advanced Mobile Care, Easy Finder and TheftSpy that help you remotely trace your lost or stolen phone’s location, wipe it, or even get a picture of the person who uses it. While all these services offer a lot of benefits and control over your device once you have installed and configured them, many of us start thinking of such solutions once it has been too late and we’ve already lost our device. Those at Google must have that in mind when they rolled out the Android Device Manager, letting users remotely ring, lock and even erase their device without having to install a separate app for the purpose. Let’s take a look at this service in detail and how it works, right after the break. Read More

Root Countless Android Devices With One Click Using Framaroot

In the initial days of Android, one-click rooting methods were all the rage, and the norm when it came to rooting. Though the OS kept on becoming increasingly secure with each update, and in addition to that, device manufacturers as well as mobile carriers kept on adding stronger and stronger protection against exploits, making it harder to root. Nowadays, it is extremely hard to find a single one-click app that can root many devices, and users have to resort to methods specific to their particular phone or tablet. All that is set to change, thanks to XDA-Developrs senior member alephzain, who has recently released Framaroot – a one-click rooting app for a plethora of devices, both popular and obscure. And the best part is that you don’t even need to connect your device to your computer, run any commands, or flash any files for it. Let’s learn more about this impressive rooting tool and how it works, right after the jump. Read More

Get Free, Unlimited Internet Tethering On Verizon Or AT&T Moto X

The Moto X is undoubtedly one of the hottest smartphones on the market right now, and despite efforts by Motorola and mobile carriers to lock it down, it has been rooted by the ever-talented Android hacker Justin Case. Another restriction that many carriers put upon smartphones these days is an extra charge for data tethering, even if you are already paying for an unlimited data plan. This is seen by many as an unfair practice, since it should be up to the user to decide how they want to use the data that they have paid for. That's why we always see efforts by the third-party Android community members to override these tethering restrictions, enabling users to tether their data to their computers without having to worry about paying an extra charge for that. If you have a Moto X on Verizon or AT&T and have rooted the device, you can also enjoy free, unlimited data tethering on your phone right away, thanks to XDA-Developers Senior Member amoamare. For more information and the complete guide, read on after the jump. Read More

Disa Combines Text Messaging & WhatsApp On Android In A Great Interface [Review]

Jut the way cellphones made instant text-based communication ubiquitous, the advent of smartphones, the widespread availability of mobile internet, and services like WhatsApp made it free. However, multiple messaging apps can be a pain to manage, plus the more apps you run, the more system resources they are going to consume, especially with apps that actively work in the background. Remember the days when MSN, Yahoo! and AOL Messengers were all the rage, and multi-protocol IM apps like Pidgin, Digsby and Trillian were immensely popular because they supported all these services and more in a single package? Disa aims to do the same with the modern, phone number-based mobile messaging services. Currently in alpha, it's starting off with SMS and WhatsApp, with support for more services like Google Voice and Hangouts in the pipeline. Though despite being an alpha, it boasts an impressive interface, works surprisingly well, and even lets you merge conversations on multiple services into one! For our detailed review of this extremely promising app, read on. Read More

How To Root Moto X, Motorola Droid Ultra, Mini & Maxx With MotoRoot

Power users prefer Android over pretty much any other smartphone platform out there because of the immense potential of the OS, which truly shines once you have rooted your device. That’s precisely why a lot of such users choose not to go for a device at all if its manufacturer has put restrictions on rooting or unlocking its bootloader that can’t be overridden. This is also one of the key factors behind the popularity of Google’s Nexus program, as well as official bootloader unlocking that many manufacturers have started to offer. While no manufacturers are directly offering an official one-click rooting solution, you’re in luck if you’ve got your hands on a Moto X, or Motorola Droid Ultra, Mini or Maxx. Our friend Justin Case (JCase) has just released the MotoRoot app that roots these devices in one click. Complete rooting instructions to follow right after the jump. Read More

Set Chrome To Automatically Open Specific Sites In Incognito Mode

Online privacy is increasingly becoming a concern, be it due to all the news and evidence on how all our online activities are being tracked by government agencies with the cooperation of software and online services providers, or in situations when you are just having to use a shared computer without a separate and secure user account of your own. Most modern web browsers now come with a feature that lets you browse privately with all the extensions as well as cookies and history saving disabled. The feature is called Incognito mode in Google Chrome, and it has been praised widely since its inception. However, if there are certain websites that you always open in Incognito mode, it can be a hassle to always have to open an Incognito window whenever you want to visit them. What if there was a way for the browser to automatically open those websites in an Incognito window, even if you enter their URL in normal browsing mode? Incognito-Filter is an extension for Chrome that does just that. Read on for more details. Read More

What is Xposed Framework For Android & How To Install It [Guide]

Android is known for its extensive customization potential but unless you have a rooted device, you can only customize it using widgets and different home screen launcher apps. Rooting your device further expands the potential, giving you the ability to run apps that modify the core of the OS and do things not otherwise possible on it. Unlocking the bootloader and flashing a custom recovery takes you to a whole next level, allowing you to install custom mods and even full ROMs that can drastically change your user experience. However, with flashing custom mods or ROMs, you give up the stability, simplicity & reliability of pure vanilla Android. Wouldn't it be great if only rooting would allow you to get the features that are otherwise available only via mods and custom ROMs? Xposed framework is a groundbreaking development that lets you do just that. It’s easy to install and configure, and already has a plethora of modules available that bring functionality to your device that otherwise requires flashing a custom ROM or mod from recovery. Read on to learn more about this amazing framework, complete with installation and usage instructions. Read More

Wireless Minder Automatically Monitors & Turns Off Unused Radios To Save Android Battery

Mobile technology has improved by leaps and bounds over the past decade but unfortunately, battery technology hasn’t kept up with the pace. That’s why as mobile phones grow increasingly power-hungry due to all the features and apps that we keep running on them, we find ourselves sticking closer and closer to a charger cable and a power outlet to meet the charging demands of their batteries. We have seen applications like Deep Sleep Battery Saver and Greenify in the past that use different approaches to help us get the most juice out of our batteries. Apart from the screen, the biggest drain over the battery is caused by the several communication radios on our devices that we keep enabled. These include WiFi, mobile data and Bluetooth on most devices. While you can manually disable them whenever not required to save battery, one often forgets to re-enable them when needed, plus what’s the use of a smartphone if you have to do this manually. Wireless Minder is a tiny app that keeps running in the background with one goal: to disable these radios when they aren’t being actively used, while still keeping on checking periodically if they are required or not. Read on for details. Read More

OSkin Is A Brilliant Platform For Saving & Sharing Your Android Home Screen Setup

The world of Android is full of customization options and we have seen some brilliant launcher apps for home screen replacement on the platform, including the recently reviewed Aviate that totally amazed us. Though once you have customized your phone’s home screen to your liking with the launcher, wallpaper and widgets of your choice, there’s no easy way of saving that complete setup for quickly and easily getting it back later, or sharing it with others. Created by the dev behind OBackupOSkin is a rather ambitious project that aims to change all that, though it’s currently in beta and you’ll need to have a Google+ profile in order to take it on a spin. So let’s find out more about this interesting app after the break. Read More

How To Stream Songs To Any UPnP/DLNA Receiver Device From Google Music

Ever since Google revealed its $35 Chromecast dongle that lets users stream content from Netflix, Google Play Music, Google Play Movies & TV, and YouTube to their TV by simply plugging their device into it, many third-party developers have taken on the task of making it possible to stream content from many more sources to it. That said, some developers have also looked into hacking the Chromecast software support in the aforementioned apps to make them stream their media to devices other than the Chromecast itself. Cast To UPnP/DLNA for GMusic is one such free app that lets you stream music from Google Play Music to any UPnP/DLNA device by simply using its Chromecast streaming feature. Read More

How To Post Playable Animated GIFs To Facebook Using GIPHY

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which makes moving pictures worth millions of words, doesn’t it? That’s why GIF files have been immensely popular over the internet, as they allow us to express our views and emotions in an animated way when a still picture just wouldn’t do, and a whole video would be overkill. While the blogosphere, forums and image boards are exploding with these animations, Facebook hasn’t been too kind to them, as the world’s largest social network doesn’t allow users to post animated GIFs to its timeline. No, Facebook hasn’t started to offer that option and you still can’t post your own GIFs to it, but there is now a way of posting GIFs from GIPHY’s collection to the social network in a playable format. Let’s find out how after the jump. Read More

Aviate Is A Google Now-Like Intelligent, Context-Aware Launcher For Android [Review]

The Android app ecosystem is undoubtedly the biggest among all computing platforms today, and we daily test dozens of apps to bring you some of the best among them. That said, it’s not very often that we come across one that just leaves us absolutely spellbound at just how intelligently useful it is. Aviate – despite being in closed, invite-only alpha stage right now – is a perfect example of this. What’s even more surprising is that this isn’t just a regular app, but a launcher instead, and yet instead of merely letting you add widgets to your home screen and launch apps from it yourself, it aims to act like a virtual assistant of sorts as well, presenting you with the right information at the right time when you need it. Its context-sensitive approach of showing you relevant information at the right time without you asking for it makes it closely resemble Google Now, which it resembles in aesthetics as well. Let’s take a closer look at this excellent new launcher right after the jump. Read More

How To Dual-Boot TouchWiz & Any AOSP ROM On Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One have a lot in common. Both these devices represent the very best in terms of both hardware and software that the Android smartphone industry has to offer, and are the pride of their manufacturers. Also, both these devices come in two variants: the standard version running the respective manufacturer’s tweaked OS (Samsung’s Touchwiz and HTC Sense), and the Google Play editions that run stock Android the way it’s built by Google and shipped on Nexus devices. Though what if a user wants to experience both variants of the OS on the same device? We recently took a look at dual-booting HTC Sense and Google Play Edition stock Android on HTC One using MoDaCo.SWITCH, which was later made available for Samsung Galaxy S4 as well. Grarak’s Rom Switcher is a similar tool that let's you dual-boot TouchWiz and any AOSP-based ROM on the S4. Read More

How To Get Classic Tablet UI On Nexus 7 (2013) Running Stock ROM

Since the launch of Nexus 7, newer Android tablets no longer come with the classic tablet UI introduced in Honeycomb that featured a single bar for navigation controls, notifications and status display; instead, they feature phone-like separate bars for each, which many see as an inefficient use of screen space. One way to get back to the classic UI is to flash a custom ROM like Paranoid Android, but many people are happy with their stock ROM and don’t want to go through the hassle of flashing a new one just to get this feature. If you’ve got your hands on the new Nexus 7 (2013) and would prefer the classic tablet UI on it without having to switch to Paranoid Android, XDA-Developers Senior Member Caldair has a solution for you, as long as your tablet is rooted. Read on for more details and installation instructions. Read More