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Download Instagram & Vine Content On Rooted Android Via Xposed Modules

If you’ve been an Instagram or Vine user for a while, you must know that frustrating moment when while browsing your feed on the respective service’s mobile app, you came across a video or picture that you wanted to save, but couldn’t do so because of the lack of any such option. We have already covered methods for saving Instagram videos on PC and downloading Vine videos on iPhone, but if you primarily use Android for all your Vine and Instagram browsing and want to be able to download your favorite images and videos right to your device for later viewing or manual sharing, you’re in luck, as long as you have a rooted device. XDA Senior Member MohammadAG has released two Xposed framework titled Vine Downloader and Instagram Downloader that let you easily download content from both these popular video and image sharing networks with ease.

As mentioned above, both these apps are modules for the excellent Xposed framework, and you’ll need to have it installed and running on your device, which in itself requires a rooted device. Don’t fret though; we have you covered in our guide to using the Xposed framework and installing its modules. Next, install both these modules from the Downloads section of the Xposed Installer app, and you’ll be able to find the new Download option in the menu for all posts in the official Vine and Instagram apps.

Xposed Vine Downloader for Android Xposed Instagram Downloader for Android

Tapping the Download menu option for any video or photo in either app starts the download – it’s that simple. You will also be shown notifications for the download progress. Once the download is complete, you can find the files inside Vine and Instagram folders in your Download folder on the SD card.

Xposed Vine & Instagram Downloaders for Android 1 Xposed Vine & Instagram Downloaders for Android 2

Whenever I come across a useful Xposed module like either of these, I can’t help appreciating the marvel Xposed’s developer rovo89 has created. The way it can add functionality to Android or any app, or even extend the functionality of pretty much any existing feature without even requiring users to flash a mod or even install a modified version of an app, is just remarkable.

So, go ahead and grab these two modules, and start saving all those awesome videos and photos from these two networks that you always wanted to keep. Though make sure not to pass them on as your own, and always give proper credit to their original creators when sharing. To learn more about either of these modules and follow their development, visit the appropriate XDA thread via the following links.

Download Vine Downloader from XDA

Download Instagram Downloader from XDA

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