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How To Get S-OFF On International & Verizon HTC One

HTC One has been among the hottest phones of the year, but unless you got yourself the Google Play Edition of the device that comes with pure Nexus-style stock Android and no carrier or manufacturer restrictions whatsoever, you need to unlock its bootloader via the HTC DEV method in order to install custom mods on it. Furthermore, for those who want to get full, unrestricted access to all parts of their device, there’s HTC’s infamous S flag that needs to be turned off using a process known as gaining S-OFF. Unfortunately, not all variants of the device are alike and getting S-OFF on different carrier variants can involve different methods. If you’ve got the International GSM HTC One (m7) or the Verizon CDMA variant (m7wlv), you can now gain S-OFF on it with ease, as long as it’s running a compatible firmware, thanks to rumrunner by XDA Recognized Developers beaups and Fuses. Read on for more details and instructions.


Disclaimer: Please follow this guide at your own risk. AddictiveTips will not be liable if your device gets damaged or bricked during the process.


  • International GSM or Verizon (CDMA) HTC One running a compatible HTC Sense-based stock firmware. We will be checking compatibility in the first few steps of the procedure.
  • In case of the International GSM edition of the phone, its bootloader must be unlocked.
  • Android SDK installed for fastboot and ADB.
  • PC running Windows or 32-bit Linux (preferably Ubuntu) via native installation or Live CDs/USBs, but NOT in a virtual machine.
  • HTC Sync, Samsung Kies and any other such mobile phone software fully uninstalled.
  • HTC drivers for fastboot and ADB installed and working.
  • Firewalls and internet security programs that filter your network traffic disabled.
  • USB debugging enabled on the phone.
  • Fast boot disabled from Settings > Battery.
  • Any screen security such as passcode, pattern or face locks disabled.


  1. Connect your phone to your computer via USB (use a USB 2.0 port and preferably the original cable).
  2. Open a Command Prompt or Terminal window and enter the following command to reboot the phone in bootloader:
    adb reboot bootloader
  3. Once in bootloader, select FASTBOOT using the volume keys (if not already selected) and press POWER to enter it.
  4. Enter the following command on your computer:
    fastboot getvar mainver
  5. Note down the result and then reboot back into Android using the following command:
    fastboot reboot
  6. Now visit the rumrunner s-off downloads page and download the right version of rumrunner for your device based on its ROM Version after matching it with the ones displayed there. Keep on mind that there are separate sections for each device there: HTC One (GSM) for the international (m7) version and HTC One (CDMA) for the Verizon one (m7wlv). If a compatible version is not listed for your device there, DO NOT attempt to proceed with any other version.
    Linux users: Make sure you save the downloaded archive to a partition that’s in one of Linux’s native formats, and not in a Windows, Mac or other format.
  7. Extract the contents of the downloaded archive using a utility of your choice. We prefer 7-zip on Windows, while Linux users can use the built-in tar command as follows:
    tar –zxf filename.tgz

    replacing filename.tgz with the name of the file you downloaded in the previous step.

  8. From the extracted files, run soju. Windows users can just double-click soju.exe, while Linux users should enter the following command in Terminal:
    sudo ./soju
  9. Agree with the terms and conditions prompt and let soju do its magic.

Your device will be rebooted many times in the process and when all is done, you should have S-OFF.

[via XDA-Developers]

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