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TabStats Shows A Graph For Number Of Chrome Tabs You Keep Opened Over Time

Google Chrome is packed with a wide variety of top-notch features that have helped make it the most well-regarded browser on desktop and mobile. One of those features, of course, is tabbed browsing lets you browse multiple web pages without having to open multiple windows. Another great thing about Chrome is the impressive number of extensions available at Chrome Web Store that further extend the browser’s functionality including its tabbed browsing experience. For instance, TabInfoCopy is a handy extension that allows users to quickly copy the selected tab’s title and URL to clipboard and then paste the info anywhere they want. Likewise, Veritabs brings all the tabs in a sidebar for easier management. If you are curios about the number of tabs you have open at any time, and how that number varies across different times, give TabStats a shot. As its name suggests, the extension tracks the number of your open tabs, and lets you view their stats. Details after the jump.

Upon installation, TabStats will create its icon next to the URL bar. Clicking this icon will allow you to see the total number of currently opened tabs in a small popup.


Merely viewing the number of your currently open tabs isn’t necessarily going to be too useful, unless that number is high enough to be difficult to count in a couple of seconds. To actually get to the stats feature of the extension, just click the button labelled ‘Graph’, and you’ll be presented with a graphical representation of your tabbed browsing sessions based on time. You can select a time frame between last hour, last 6 hours, last 24 hours, or all time. In addition, you also can adjust the display options to toggle data points, connecting lines, fill, horizontal guidelines, and vertical guidelines, in addition to choosing custom colors for the graph, lines and points using an integrated color picker tool.


The extension currently supports a rather limited set of features that we have taken a look at above, though the developer plans to add more options in future updates of TabStats. The features planned for future releases include the ability to let users share charts via social media, more color options and some other tidbits. Still, even in its current form, the extension can be useful to take a look at how many tabs you have open over different time periods. To get the extension, head over to the following link.

Install TabStats From Chrome Web Store

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