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HTC One M7 Toolkit: Unlock Bootloader, Install Recovery, Root & More

The HTC One is becoming HTC’s biggest hit to date, and rightly so since the phone is not only amazingly beautiful to look at, but also packs quite a punch when it comes to specs and features. The device was rooted soon after getting released, and we brought you our rooting guide for the device as always, though it required you to do everything manually. If you are looking for an easier way to unlock your HTC One’s bootloader, flash ClockworkMod, TWRP or any custom recovery to it, root the device or any combination of the above, there’s now an all-in-one toolkit available to help you with the process.


HTC One M7 All-in-One Rootkit is developed by XDA Recognized Developer hasoon2000 – the same guy who brought us similar toolkits for several other popular HTC phones including One X+, Droid DNA, One X, One S, Vivid, Rezound, myTouch 4G Slide, Amaze 4G and many others.

HTC One All-in-One Toolkit

Let’s now get the toolkit up and running, and see what we can do with it.

Setting Everything Up

Before you can start using the toolkit, you’ll have to configure a few things on both your computer and your phone.

  • Enable USB debugging on your phone.
  • Download the tooklit. Make sure to get the latest version, in case there are multiple files there.
  • Extract the contents of the downloaded RAR file. We recommend using 7-zip for the purpose.

Unlocking the bootloader

The toolkit guides you through all the steps of unlocking your phone’s bootloader. Just start performing the steps from the top-left box one by one in that order. You’ll have to select a step, press the ‘Go’ button, follow any instructions that pop up to complete it, and move on to the next step, doing it till the process is complete.

Installing A Custom Recovery

Once you have unlocked the bootloader, you can quickly install a custom recovery using the toolkit. There is built-in support for downloading and installing the latest version of ClockworkMod (classic) or ClockworkMod Touch recovery using the top-right box. In addition, if you want to install another recovery such as TWRP, you can use the third option i.e. ‘Your Own Recovery’ and follow the instructions to flash any recovery using its .img file.

Rooting The Device

To root your device, first make sure you have unlocked the bootloader and installed a custom recovery. Next, select the ‘Perm Root’ option (the last one) from the Extras section and follow the instructions to get root access in no time.

Flash A Kernel

The Kernels section lets you flash any custom kernel to your device with ease. Just make sure the kernel you are using is meant for the HTC One, and is in boot.img format. If it is in recovery-flashable format, you’ll need to open the zip file and extract the boot.img file from it first.

Performing Other Useful Commands

The Commands section allows you to perform several other useful commands without having to do so manually. These include:

  • Booting into bootloader
  • Booting into recovery
  • Checking CID
  • Erasing Cache
  • Getvar All
  • Rebooting Phone
  • Relocking Bootloader

In addition, the Extras section also allows you to

  • ADB Sideload a ROM
  • Batch-install one or more apps using their APK files
  • Backup/Restore apps and their data
  • Flash factory RUU zip (Complete factory reset)
  • Fix Mainver error
  • Make a logcat

Quite a handful, isn’t it? So if you’ve got yourself an HTC One that you want to take beyond the stock features it comes with but are afraid of doing it all manually due to the risk of messing things up, go ahead and use the toolkit as a much safer and quicker option to take full control of your device.

[via XDA-Developers]

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  1. I unlocked myHTC M7 10 days earlier and I got the code from safeunlockcode com. Try to call first you network provider and after that see if they can unlock your device for a minimum price.

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