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Raise iPhone To Your Ear While Messaging To Quickly Call A Contact

Users of jailbroken iOS devices have access to a lot of gestures, but there are a few gestures that Apple has made available for all users. One such gesture is the display’s automatic blackout whenever you are taking a call. The iPhone makes use of its proximity sensor to detect your face against the device during a call, and turns the screen off accordingly. Another use of this sensor is to launch Siri whenever your device is raised to the ear. There have also been a few tweaks in the past that utilize the proximity sensor for some useful purpose, like automatically turning off the screen when you put the phone in your pocket. There is now another Cydia tweak in the jailbreak store that brings a new touch of automation to your iPhone. Thanks to RaiseToCall, you can place a call to anyone right from their SMS thread simply by raising the phone to your ear.

RaiseToCall Cydia

By default, all threads in Messages have a Call button at the top of the screen. With RaiseToCall, however, you don’t even have to look at the screen to make the call. While you are texting someone or reading a text by them, just raise the iPhone to your ear, (or cover the area at the top of the screen with your hand), and RaiseToCall initiates the call automatically.

The great thing about RaiseToCall is the fact that it is not limited to the stock Messages app only. Even if you use biteSMS – which is the first choice texting app for many iOS users – RaiseToCall still works. You just have to cover the proximity sensor, and the phone starts dialing the person by itself.

RaiseToCall does not have an interface of its own, and it places calls using the default iPhone dialer. You won’t see any intermediate screen, which makes the whole process pretty smooth. It’s one of those silent background tweaks that don’t have to be configured manually, and it doesn’t even have a menu of its own in the stock Settings app. As soon as you install it, RaiseToCall is enabled automatically.

Apart from a slight risk of accidental calls, RaiseToCall doesn’t have any drawbacks that one could think of. It will cost you $1.99, but such seamless integration with the OS makes the price reasonable in our opinion. You can grab the tweak by heading to the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store.

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