TalkBox Voice Messenger For Android Gives Voice Chat A New Meaning

Apps built around the concept of instant messaging are already available in abundance across app stores of both renowned smartphone operating systems, Android and iOS. That being said, if you are thinking that we are going to introduce you to yet another similar-looking, tried-and-tested alternative, think again! Originally developed for the iOS and now available on the Android Market, TalkBox is a cross-platform voice messaging app that merges the conventional text chat interface with voice communication. The app, much like the built-in Voice Clips feature in Windows Live Messenger, allows both Android and iOS users to send recorded audio snippets to each other. Users can geo-tag each of their messages and can invite up to seven friends to an on going conversation. Read More

123Clip For Android Lets You Save Parts Of A Web Page For Offline Viewing

As we browse the internet, we often come across information on certain web pages that we want to save for later reference. While there are tools out there like Instapaper, Read It Later and Readability that allow you to do this, they essentially save the entire page for the purpose, and not all of them have Android apps available. What if you only want to capture a certain part of a web page for later reference rather than a full web page, and that too on your Android device? We've got just the right app for you! 123Clip is a free, handy tool for Android that allows you to select or “clip” portions of a web page and save them to your SD card for offline viewing. Clips can include any number of images and/or blocks of text selected by the user or even the entire web page. Unlike in regular saved web pages, the HTML blocks in these clips are arranged in a one-column, inline format more suitable for mobile viewing – particularly useful when it comes to web pages that don’t have mobile variants. Read More

Wiki Talking Tours For WP7 Is A Talking Geographic Encyclopedia

Are you a frequent traveller? Would you like to know more about the countless places you pass by during your journeys? If you own a Windows Phone 7 device, we have just the app for you. Wiki Talking Tours for Windows Phone 7 is a free location-based app that indicates geotagged Wikipedia articles on a map complete with the distance (in miles or kilometer) from your current location, allowing you to view detailed information on locations near you. When invoked, it begins reading the introductory portion of each article aloud, automatically starting with the ones tagged closest to you. Read More

GO Launcher EX For Android Gets Its Own SMS Widget

And they’re back. Its been only a few weeks since the GO dev team began releasing widgets for their acclaimed home replacement app, GO Launcher EX. The developers have just released yet another good-looking GO Widget to the Android Market, bringing the total count up to three, the other two being the previously reviewed Contacts and Task Manager widgets. Message GOWidget for GO Launcher EX is a smart and efficient SMS widget. The widget, like every thing else from the dev team, is absolutely free and can be downloaded directly from the Market or from within the launcher itself. Read More

Create And Share Panoramic Photos With 360 For Android

The app stores of the top three smartphone platforms - Android, iOs & WP7 - are saturated with numerous photography apps, and the Android Market is simply no exception in this regard. Ranging from simple camera replacement apps to those filled with various photo effects and filters, you can scour the app store of Google's mobile operating system to find a solution that fulfills your photography needs. New to the Android Market, 360 is yet another commendable tool for casual photography enthusiasts. The app lets you capture HD panoramic photographs with your Android device and share them with your social media (Facebook, Twitter) contacts and other 360 users, complete with geotagging. You can also view panoramas uploaded by 360 users from all around the globe or those in your vicinity from within the app. In all, it's a nifty little photography app that merges the concept of panoramic photo capturing with social photo sharing. Just a word of caution for our readers, in our brief test-run, we found the method for capturing panoramas to be taxing yet rewarding. It takes quite a lot of time and patience to capture a flawless panorama but the result is usually well worth the effort, quite satisfying and a treat to view. Read More

Enjoy Secure, Unrestricted Internet Access With SSH Tunnel For Android

Does the network on your Android device have highly restricted and/or monitored internet access? Looking for a simple and easy solution to your deprivation or lack of online privacy? SSH Tunnel for Android is a free, simple tool that provides secure, encrypted web access on your device via SSH (Secure Shell) tunneling. The app allows you to enable SSH tunneling selectively as well as globally, that is, you can enable tunneling for individual apps of your choice or for every app on your device with a single tap. The latter provision, however, requires root access. More after the break. Read More

View Live Stream & Latest News With Al Jazeera English For Android

Staying on top of the leading stories of the world, in general, and your surroundings and areas of interest, in particular is, something that most of us care about a lot, and there is no better way to achieve said purpose than by resorting to a quality news app offered by a reliable news provider. Its been roughly two months since Al Jazeera released Al Jazeera LIVE for all major mobile platforms. The live streaming app, as it seems, was a mere prequel to the freshly released Al Jazeera English – a complete news application that, in addition to the network’s live broadcast, provides access to News, Opinions, Features, Blogs, Programmes and Video clips from the network’s website and allows users to submit their own stories via Email. As of this writing, the app is available for the Android and BlackBerry platforms only. Read More

IVONA Is A High Quality Alternative To Stock Android Text-to-Speech Engine

The robotic monotone output of Android's stock text-to-speech engine doesn’t sound all that pleasant when employed to speak large blocks of text. If you're into TTS-based apps (the likes of Drive or GoogleReader Reading), you might want to try out IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ for Android, a TTS engine that has a more realistic-sounding output than that of the native engine and comes with support for a variety of downloadable male and female voices, all of which, like the app itself, are free. As of this writing, however, only one voice (Kendra US English beta) is available for download. The rest, as it seems, will be available shortly. Read More

Andie Graph For Android Emulates TI Graphing Calculators

Tired of your bulky, old and rusty TI graphing calculator? Looking for a lighter, more 'current' alternate? Look no further. Andie Graph for Android allows you to emulate Texas Instruments graphing calculators on your Android device. As of this writing, the emulator supports TI-82, TI-83, TI-85 and TI-86 graphing calculators. Unlike its predecessor (which was removed from the Android Market for illegal distribution of TI graphing calculator firmware), Andie Graph does not come packed with a ROM (TI firmware, not Android ROM), and requires you to extract your own, or grab one from the internet. Read More

Android Theme Launcher Is A Unique Launcher-Style Live Wallpaper

Generally, live wallpapers are only meant to add a certain amount of oomph to your homescreen. Though, there are quite a few out there that come with added functionality. Android Theme Launcher is one such live wallpaper. Interactive, feature-rich and extensively customizable, this one-of-a-kind live wallpaper turns your homescreen into a showcase of app shortcuts (each of which is an animated Android holding an app icon) and dynamic widgets. Read More

Shake To Launch Any App With AppShaker For Android

What's amazing about Android as an open platform is the virtually unlimited scope of innovation when it comes to developing apps for it and different ways to use it, and what we are about to feature here is a prime example of it. Did the idea of launching apps on your phone in an unconventional way ever occur to you? For instance, launching one simply by shaking your phone in a particular way? It did occur to the developer of AppShaker, who made it as an app that lets you configure your Android device to launch other apps when shaken by you. Read on for more details, our brief review and the download link. Read More

Aggregator Is A Simple Yet Efficient RSS Feed Organizer For Android

News and RSS feed readers are great in a way that they bring you the updated content from your subscribed channels under one hood, thereby preventing you from visiting multiple websites and news sources. However, if you have subscribed to one source too many, chances are that you might feel intimidated by the rather extensive list of 'unread' posts in your feed reader. So, is your Android RSS feed reader getting overly cluttered? Tired of scanning through the countless feed items that appear in your reader everyday? Fret not, because now there is a solution that vows to bring some much needed discipline and customization to your Android's RSS feeds.  Aggregator for Android is a free (ad-supported) RSS feed organizer that can save you loads of time while you’re sifting through your feeds. The app allows you to choose separate update intervals or disable background updating for each feed you add. Update intervals can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as a day. Said feature along with the option to filter feed items by title lets you organize and peruse your feeds a lot more effectively than conventional RSS readers. More after the break. Read More

Snapbucket Is Photobucket’s Free Photo Styling App For Android & iOS

The smartphone industry is flourishing at a faster rate than anticipated, and a large contribution of this success has been made by the awesome apps that exist across app stores of various smartphone platforms. To state it more precisely, it's been the ever-improving quality of mobile cameras and equally formidable companion apps belonging to the photography genre that have enticed many a user towards going for the smartphones instead of medium-range digital cameras. That being said, the Android Market, as well as the iTunes App Store contain plenty of photography apps, each featuring more or less the same set of goodies.  Good Android and iOS photo editing and styling apps are hard to come by, which is why the genre is ruled by a few head honchos in both the Android Market and iOS App Store. Acclaimed image hosting website Photobucket has entered the foray with Snapbucket for Android and iOS, an excellent addition to the genre that allows you to snap, style and share photos via Photobucket, social media (Facebook, Twitter) and Email. Read More

Feed Your Inner Sci-Fi/Fantasy Geek With Blastr For Android

Looking for ways to feed your inner geek on the go? Look no further than the official Android app for NBC’s Blastr, a subsidiary of the SyFy website that keeps you updated with all the latest news for sci-fi, fantasy and supernatural TV shows, movies, comics, video games, books and more. The iOS variant of the free “geekertainment” news app has been around for quite some time now and as is the case with most apps that are available on both platforms, the Android version lacks slightly in UI looks and user-friendliness. Read More

OpenCaching For Andriod & iOS – Find, Hide, Log & Share Geocaches

Are you fond of treasure hunts? Did you know that there could be several treasure troves lying hidden somewhere near your home, school or office, ready to be discovered? Yes, we’re talking about geocaching. If you’re an Android or iOS user and are fascinated by the concept of the worldwide sport, then you’d be happy to know that Garmin has released the official client for its geocaching web service/community, OpenCaching. OpenCaching for Android and iOS lets you find, log (rate & comment on), share, navigate to and register your own geocaches right from your Android or iOS device. Whether it's some information hidden by your mates from the OpenCaching website itself, or using the mobile app, you've now got a chance to immerse in the unending fun by exploring the unknown. Plus, the touch of social media integration makes sharing all the fun stuff with your online buddies a breeze. Read More

Permissions Denied For Android Lets You Block User App Permissions

Given all the hoopla surrounding the security loopholes in Google's mobile operating system, Android, and the extent of damage that certain apps can cause using your personal data/information by just being granted access to specific aspects of your device, it is only fitting to have a solution for managing these permissions accordingly. If you have root access on your Android device and feel the need to tighten the reigns on certain user apps (prevent social media apps from accessing contacts or GPS, for instance), Permissions Denied may be the answer you’re looking for. The freeware allows you to monitor, block, restore and back up permissions for all apps installed on your device. It even lets you block and enable each of its own permissions. Read More

Search, Rate & Review Books On The Go With Goodreads For Android

Frequent travelling and an ever-increasing work load keeping you away from your weekly book club meetings? Join the world’s largest online book readers community to search for, rate and review books that you have read or are currently reading and add new books to your to-read list on the go, with the official Android app for Goodreads, available for free from the Android Market. More after the break. Read More

Application Folder Creates Customizable Folders On Android Homescreen

Although folders are nothing new to Android, their proper use has always been in question by hardcore users. Perhaps the rather bland and monotonous concept of folders in stock Android firmware has led many custom ROM developers to come up with goodies of their own. As a result, we are getting to see many uniquely designed and much purposeful folder apps arriving at a constant pace in the Android Market these days. Once such app that we recently came across is Application Folder -  a free (ad-supported) homescreen widget for Android that can be used to create highly customizable folders containing shortcuts to a user-defined group of apps, bookmarks and/or contacts. Now, you might be wondering how it is any better than the built-in folder creation feature seen in iOS-inspired Android launchers the likes of GO Launcher EX and MIUI’s native launcher. For starters, you can choose a separate icon for each folder that you create using Application Folder. Furthermore, folders can be set to display contained shortcuts (when tapped) in either a side-scrollable badge or the conventional window view. Application is all about hyper-customization; it packs quite a few interesting features that we shall explore past the break. Read More

Texty For Android Lets You Sync, Send & Receive SMS On Your Computer

While you’re busy working on your computer, attending to a barrage of incoming SMS can prove to be quite a hassle. Texty for Android, in combination with its extension for Google Chrome, turns your computer into an SMS gateway that makes sending and replying to text messages quick and painless. The app syncs your contacts, incoming and outgoing SMS over the web with its Chrome extension, allowing you to send and receive SMS from within Google Chrome. As of this writing, the app is available as a private beta on the Android Market and the extension is available for download on  You can download both the extension and Android app but to have access to them, you’ll have to apply for a beta invite. Read More

SocialCamera For Android – Tag Photos Of Friends Faster With Face Recognition

There aren’t many apps on the Android Market that allow you to tag your friends or phone contacts in photos before sharing them over the web, and none that do so automatically via facial recognition. None except Viewdle’s SocialCamera, the mobile counterpart of ViewdleUploader for Windows 7. SocialCamera is a free photo-sharing app for Android that syncs with your phone, Email, Flickr, Facebook & Twitter contacts, allowing you tag them in the photos that you choose to share, while providing you with tag suggestions using face recognition. The more you tag your photos, the more accurate the suggestions get. Still in beta as of this writing, the app is yet to include the option to tag Twitter contacts. However, said feature will soon be included in a future update. More after the break. Read More