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Hound For Android & iOS – Voice Search For Music

From the developers of the highly acclaimed, immensely popular music recognition app, SoundHound, comes another gem of an application for Android and iOS-sporting music buffs. Hound for Android and iOS is a free (ad-supported), comprehensive online information portal for music. The app lets you speak to search for songs, artists and bands, purchase songs and albums, listen to song previews, browse related YouTube videos, bookmark, share and view detailed information for search results. Said info includes top songs, Wikipedia pages, biographies, albums and tour dates for artists or bands, lyrics and album appearances for songs, and track lists for albums. More after the break.

Hound For iOSSearching-after-voice-querySearch-results

The interface is simple and the voice search quite accurate. A clearly spoken and noise-free voice query including both song title and artist name should take you straight to the song page.

If a certain voice query doesn’t return desired results, simply type in the name of the song or artist you’re looking for in the search bar displayed above the results.


Search history can be viewed and cleared (entry-by-entry or all at once) from Menu > History > Searches. You can view bookmarked songs, artists and albums from within the Bookmarks tab on the same screen.

You can grab the app for free from the Android Market or iOS App Store via the links provided below.

Download Hound For Android

Download Hound For iOS

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