Get Screen Standby & Remote Control On Android When Connected To External Display

If you often connect your Android device to a TV or monitor, chances are you don’t want the device to keep its screen on throughout the time it's connected to the external display. Mirroring the device's display on a separate screen for watching a movie or playing a game nullifies the need for the device’s screen to stay on, as it drains the battery. Enter Screen Standby - the app that puts the screen of your rooted Android device to standby while the device remains fully active and continues it’s normal functioning. Screen Standby offers automated functions as well, including auto detection of attached screen(s) via USB, HDMI, Bluetooth etc. and activation upon launch of a defined app. You can even turn the device into a touchpad while the screen is off. If you want to remotely control another Android device, you can not only turn that device’s screen off, but also launch apps on it, control its volume and much more. More on the features of this app after the jump. Read More

How To Root HTC One M7 Using Custom Recovery

HTC One rooted! The device that currently sits on the throne of the Android world has gained root access while the hype from its announcement is still fresh. With its off-the-charts specs and prowess, root access is only going to add to the already-popular device’s appeal. If you are one of those lucky few who somehow managed to grab this device, or are planning on getting one soon, you are in luck. The rooting procedure is fairly easy, though the recoveries needed are not fully functional yet and there have been complaints regarding users failing to boot into a certain recovery. The idea is to flash a recovery, boot into it and install the SuperUser package from within. Not sure whether you should root? Our guide on the top 10 reasons to root an Android device might help you out with your decision. Read More

HelloFax Releases HelloSign Android App For On The Go Digital Document Signing

If you often find yourself in the need to sign important documents on the go and have them delivered to the recipient without wasting much time, there are popular online fax services that will help you do that. However, with the advent of increasingly powerful smartphones, lesser people carry a netbook or a laptop when on the move, which is why Hellofax - the popular online fax service - is available on both web and mobile platforms. The company has just released HelloSign for Android devices – earlier made available for iOS and the web – to help users add digital signatures and a few more elements to any existing document on the go. Better yet, it lets you scan documents from your phone and sign them! We take a closer look at the app after the jump. Read More

View Customizable Pop-up Alerts For Any Android App With Notify Me!

iOS has used popup alerts for a while now, and is a feature that could be dearly missed once you get the hang of it. Android has its rich Notification Drawer, but no native popup alerts for incoming notifications except for apps that have individually implemented this feature for their own notifications. There are some third-party Android apps like Notification Popup Alert that bring this functionality to the entire OS, though if you want more enhanced and customizable notifications, there's Notify Me! Temember the popup message alerts from the CM10 Messaging app's popup alerts? This app brings something similar for all notifications. You can select any app to be notified about, and even alter the style of the popup. Let's take a more detailed look at Notify Me!'s features after the jump. Read More

Delete User & System Android Apps In Bulk With GO App Uninstaller

Android has always fallen short of a better app management system when it comes to uninstalling apps. Sure you can do that from the system settings, or from the app drawer as well in case of Android 4.0 and higher. Also, many third-party launchers allow you a quick way of uninstalling apps from their icons, but what if you want to uninstall multiple apps in one go? There are apps available on the Play Store for batch uninstalling, but none offer the simplicity and additional features that GO App Uninstaller brings to the table. In addition to uninstalling user apps, the app can also delete system apps on rooted devices. With no complicated settings to configure, Go App Uninstaller is simple and easy to use for anyone. Read More

Get Weather Info With 4-Day Forecast In Android Notification Drawer

Android users are not new to weather apps, and there are is a wide array of those on the Play Store with features and functions to suit different tastes. One of the more sought after features is getting weather info in the Notification shade and not just on the Lock screen or Home screen. AOKP ROM brought users an awesome weather panel for the notification drawer, with a minimal design. Though AOKP ROMs are not available for all devices and not everyone might want to install a custom ROM just to get weather info in the notification area. Enter Notification Weather a no-nonsense, easy-to-set-up weather panel for the Notification drawer of your device running Android 4.1 or above. Let's take a more detailed look at it after the jump Read More

Hide Sensitive Call Logs & SMS From Stock Android Apps With Shady Contacts

We all have those moments where we know our friends will play around with our phone, and a major concern in such scenarios is them checking out your information you want to keep confidential. If a friend is borrowing your phone for making a call or sending a text, it's nearly inevitable that they will come across your call logs and text messages. If you have an Android phone and don't want that to happen, you can now hide your call logs and messages with a simple and effective tool called Shady Contacts from Droid Mate.  The app does so without arousing suspicion, as it hides call logs and messages from selected contacts. To add to its prowess, it has some very strict security measures, and can itself can be hidden to silently operate in the background as well. Let's take a closer look at its features and how well they function. Read More

Get iOS-Like Banner Notifications Anywhere On Android

iOS 5 introduced us to what has come to be known as ‘Banner Alerts’ - a simple yet effective feature for those times when you’re running a full-screen app or simply watching a video on your iOS device, and don't want to miss out on your notifications. Android may have triumphed with it’s rich notification center from the start, but Banner Alerts is something we all could benefit from. In case you don't want to wait for Google to implement the feature, Notification Popup Alert is a free app recently released on the Play Store that attempts to replicate the feature on your Android device. The app is still in a Beta state, and does not have a whole lot of customization options to offer for now. However, it does serve its purpose, so let's take a detailed look at it after the jump. Read More

Opera Browser For Android Boasts Redesigned UI, Webkit Engine & All-New Features

Opera Browser has just been released for Android with a totally redesigned UI, new features, and Opera’s new Webkit-based rendering engine that is supposed to improve site compatibility across the board (update: now out of beta). The browser comes bundled with further improvements and features wrapped up in a very clean interface that retains the typical Opera theme we’re accustomed to, and minimal UI elements, with a focus on gestures for navigation. Whether you're an Opera fan (like me), or are just looking for a better alternative to Android’s stock browser, you can learn all about the new Opera Browser Beta after the jump. Read More

Set Activity Phases For Your Workouts With Runtastic Timer For Android

Timer from Runtastic is yet another brilliant innovation from the famous developer known for releasing the perfect apps for your workout training needs to keep you in shape. With Timer, the developers have taken on a simple concept, and turned it into something innovative for every one. Users are able to set their own activity phases and receive voice alerts for them, all set in a neatly laid out UI – something prominent in all Runtastic apps. So if you know your workout pattern and need no automated training app, or you simply want to track some activity other than a workout, read on after the break to learn what Timer has to offer. Read More

Get Real-Time Notifications On Android Lock Screen With This Widget

Android's notification system is great for staying informed about all your phone and app activities and updates from anywhere in the OS, but what if you want to access this information without having to unlock your phone's screen?  Notification LockScreen Widget allows you to do just that! We have seen the likes of DashClock widget bring a lot of extra functionality to the lock screen, but the AnyDash notifications extension for the widget only offered setting up notifications for selective apps, and had its own styling. Notifications Widget places real-time notifications of everything from your Notification Drawer into a very neat widget, complete with a handful of very useful customizable features. Read More

Tweegram For Android: Create Stylized Text To Share On Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Others

Inspiring words, self-quotes and amusing anecdotes don't always have to be shared on Facebook or Twitter. With Tweegram – initially available for iOS and now on Android, too – you can now give your words a vibrant or subtle but elegant makeover. Tweegram is right up there with Textgram, which made quite an impact on both iOS and Android users. The concept is the same: you type in a quote or a catchy status update, stylize it and share it over Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or other social media. We take a look at what Tweegram has to offer, and how well it fairs given the alternative. Read More

NARR8 For Android & iPad Adds Animation & Interactivity To Comic Book Reading

Comics know no age or genre, which is one of the reasons of their appeal. If you’re a fan of comics, and not just specific series by giants like Marvel or DC, but of the art itself, NARR8 (read ‘narrate’) for Android and iOS will definitely keep you occupied with its collection of amazing graphic novels made by skilled artists and story writers. Most of you probably aren't new to the concept of digital comics, but NARR8 brings something more to the table. Elements like animations, music and sound effects make sure that your experience is more than interactive, much like in Madefire for iOS. NARR8 has been around on the iPad for a while now and recently made its way to Android smartphones and tablets. Read More

Create Custom Vibrations For Individual Contacts On Android With Vybe

Custom Vibration patterns for a ringing phone is not the latest innovation around on Android, and it has been available in a few custom ROMs for quite a while. Custom vibration patterns for individual contacts can be helpful in identifying the caller without even having to take the phone out of your pocket, especially when you’re in a meeting or driving. Installing a custom ROM merely to gain this feature on the phone would simply be overkill. Enter, Vybe – Custom Vibrations, a new app with an equally fresh interface that is intuitive and simple to use for anyone, and allows you to define and manage custom vibration patterns. Let's take a look what the app has to offer and how well it fares, after the jump. Read More

Boot Into & Run Linux Distros On Your PC From An Android Device With DriveDroid

We’ve all heard of live USBs that allow the user to boot right into an operating system on a PC without actually having to install it, a trend that has garnered limelight with Linux distributions. Keeping the need to casually test a Linux distro aside, you might find yourself in a situation where your PC’s current OS is failing to boot, you need a live disk to fix the issue or salvage your data, and your USB drive has everything in it but a live disk image. One solution would be to get your hands on another PC, but what if you could boot into a Linux distro (like Ubuntu or Fedora) straight from your rooted Android device? DriveDroid lets you do just that. What's more, this nifty tool will download the distro of your choice straight to the device, ridding you of the need to have access to a second PC. We take a closer look at how DroidDrive works and what makes it so special after the jump. Read More

GO TouchHelper Is A Gorgeous Quick-Access Add-on For GO Launcher EX

Seldom does one come across an app so beautiful that you just want to keep staring at its UI, even if you have no use for it whatsoever. And needless to say, it's even better when the app is useful and intuitive as well. The name of GO Dev Team is familiar to most Android users, and the guys have done it again! While the name GO TouchHelper may sound a bit misleading at first – I thought it was a touch calibration tool – you will see that it serves an entirely different purpose. According to the GO Launcher Dev Team, it's a tool built to "Mix core features into all-in-one app”, and not only does it hold true to that purpose, but also does so while looking amazing! Acting like a dropdown menu containing frequently accessed settings and shortcuts, the app is a simple ‘two-finger downward swipe’ gesture away when using GO Launcher EX. So what exactly does it have to offer? Let's find out! Read More

Asana Brings Its Official Mobile Project Management App To Android

After a successful run on iOS, the official Asana Mobile app has been released for Android as well. Asana is easily one of the most sought after project management web apps, and its availability on the mobile platform gives any team of people working together, the ability to keep themselves and others updated with every development regarding a task or project. Having been just released for Android, I feel the app's UI needs to be slightly more user friendly for those who have just started with Asana. That said, the app brings almost all the Asana features you'll require for collaboration on the go. We take a look at the app and how it functions after the break. Read More

UNCOPT File Browser For Android Offers Holo UI, Dual-Pane View & Root Access

Update: The app has been renamed to Duo: Holo File Manager w/ Root. Dual-pane file managers for Android have been around for a while, and so have others that let you access root level system files. Both these elements offered in one single app for free however, is a rarity that UNCOPT File Browser aims to offer. To build on that, the app sports fantastic aesthetics with a dark Holo theme, along with the ability of browsing  the contents of compressed files like any other folder, support for plugins and much more. Let's take a look at what makes UNCOPT File browser a worthy opponent to most Android file managers out there. Read More

How To Root Sony Xperia Z [Guide]

The Xperia Z - Sony's flagship behemoth of a device running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean on a gorgeous 5" 1080p full HD screen - has been rooted before its actual launch. Sony’s new range of Android devices are becoming more and more developer-friendly, with Sony allowing official bootloader unlocks and releasing kernel sources to the developers to support third-party development. This rooting method comes courtesy of XDA Recognized Developer DooMLoRD, who remotely achieved root access via teamviewer without even getting his hands on the device. Planning on getting an Xperia Z for yourself? Here’s how you can root the device in a few very simple steps. Read More

Phonechievements Turns Routine Android Usage Into A Social Game

It is no surprise that user interest in many smartphone-based games is increasingly being driven by social media elements that allow users to share their achievements and scores with friends and at times the general public. Enter Phonechievements for Android - an app that aims to bring similar social media elements into your everyday phone use. The app uses your regular phone usage stats and brings en element of competition to these otherwise ordinary aspects of the phone. In essence, you will be unlocking achievements as you meet their required set criteria, and there are tons of these to unlock. Unlocking an achievement will allow you to share boast it over Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and encourage some geeky competition amongst you and your friends. Let's find out more after the jump. Read More