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Got-IT For Android: Beautiful To-Do & Notes App With Google Tasks Sync

Got-IT might seem like just other task management + note-taking app, but with its intuitive and Holo-themed UI coupled with features like unlimited lists, swipe navigation, widgets and DashClock support, it could very well become the choice for many users for taking notes and managing tasks in a quick and simple manner. Developed by XDA-Developers forum member ‘Mikro ddd’, the app was built with inspiration from Google Now and Google Keep while adding drop-down menus and swipe navigation to the mix. We take a closer look at the app and see how well it fares, after the jump!

Got-IT 05 Got-IT 04

You can either begin adding your tasks or notes to the default ‘Notes’ list, or create custom lists for organizing your notes and to-do entries lists better. There is no limit to the number of lists you can add, or the number of notes you can add to a list. You can browse through the lists by swiping to the right or left, or use the drop-down list for the purpose in case you have quite a handful of lists added.

Got-IT 17 Got-IT 08Got-IT 19

To create a note or task, simply hit the ‘+’ button in the bottom bar and type the title of the note, along with the note text. Next, specify the list you want to save the note in. If the entry is a task, you can enter the time for, and add a reminder as well if you choose. To save the entry, hit the check mark button in the top bar.

Got-IT 07 Got-IT 14

Reminders will appear in the notification drawer and can be accompanied by alerts including ringtone and vibration.

Got-IT 15 Got-IT 18 Got-IT 1

Got-IT comes with its own widget as well, which can be customized according to your liking; you can choose the list it displays entries from, sort it based on several parameters, and specify a maximum title height. The widget retains the color scheme of the app’s main interface and blends in well with the Holo look of most ICS and Jelly Bean home screens. For Android 4.2 users who want these notes/tasks to be displayed on the lockscreen without the actual widget cluttering up the screen, there’s support for the famous DashClock widget as well.

Got-IT 12 Got-IT 10 Got-IT 11

Got-IT has plenty of settings to tinker with, including the much-coveted synchronization with Google Tasks to keep your tasks and notes in sync across all your devices. Apart from settings that let you customize and toggle display elements such as check boxes, due date and note contents from the list view, you can also customize the notifications settings for your reminders and overdue tasks, and tweak with the synchronization options.

Got-IT can be found on the Play Store as a free and donate (paid) version. The donate version offers two extra features: password-protection for your notes (using the ‘Lock’ button shown in the screenshots above) and shortcuts for quick access to specific lists or notes.


  • Fluid and intuitive UI
  • Unlimited number of lists
  • Multiple navigation options: swipe & drop-down menus


  • No audio or photo notes support
  • No dark Holo theme
  • Reminder settings can be a bit confusing

Download Got-IT Free

Download Got-IT Donate

[via XDA-Developers]

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