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Overlays Turns Any Android Widget Into A Persistent, Floating Panel

Just when you thought apps that could be run as overlays – such as Tiny AppsFloating Browser Flux! and Super Video – were all the rage, Overlays for Android comes along with an offering that further builds on the concept. Overlays works with widgets, not apps, allowing you to use the widget of any app anywhere in the OS, all neatly managed through a robust profile system. Widgets can be resized and repoistioned freely, that is, they do not snap to a grid while you do so. Even better, you can do all this after the floating widget has been set and you are running your priority app. For a more closer look at what could be a step in the evolution of Android widgets, read on after the break.

Overlays 10

The app allows users to select one or more widgets accordingly before displaying their overlays. Though, you can do that later on as well. As seen in the screenshot above, the widget can be dragged and resized, all after holding the widget till it turns red. Landscape mode is supported.

Overlays 1 Overlays 13

To start off, you will need to set up a profile. You can edit or remove profiles later as per need. Each profile will hold a different group of widgets, and as is obvious, the ones enabled will be the ones that will serve as an overlay. You can always enable one or more profiles at a time.

Overlays 14 Overlays 16 Overlays 02

A side panel shows the types of widgets the user can add. All widgets need to be dragged from the panel onto the screen to set up. Apart from the obvious user apps widgets, you get inbuilt widgets as well, such as Unread messages, Missed calls, Battery status, Clock and Weather. Shortcuts can be added as well, because you never know when you might need one.

As discussed before, all widgets are resizable, but the free (no aspect ratio lock) nature of the resizing often causes widgets to end up looking stretched. However, given the screen sizes Android devices have nowadays and the varying UI of each app that the widgets will be displayed over, grid-less resizing is a definite positive.

Overlays 03 Overlays 04 Overlays 05

Every widget is configurable; you can adjust the background colors, transparency and choose whether the widget should be clickable or not.

Overlays 06 Overlays 07

Overlays has both a free version and Pro (paid) version on the Play Store. The Pro version includes the ability to create Application profiles, integrate with Tasker and more built-in overlay widgets.


  • Any, virtually unlimited number of floating widgets
  • Profile management
  • Resizing is snap-ree


  • No option to lock widget aspect-ratio while resizing

Download Overlays For Android

Download Overlays Pro For Android


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