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Install The Latest Redesigned Google Play Store Right Away

Yesterday, Google announced an update to the Google Play Store app, bringing several user interface enhancements as well as a few new features to Android’s most popular app marketplace. The update has already started rolling out and according to Google, everyone should get it over the next few weeks. Though if you don’t want to wait for a few days or weeks to get the latest version of Play Store, we’ve got you covered. In what follows, we’ll take a look at some of the prominent changes made in the latest Play Store 4.0.25, and tell you how to get it up and running on your Android device right away.


This update primarily focuses on UI improvements, boasting lighter background colors and a more content-focused design. On the landing page, you are now shown content in different curated lists (such as a Gangster Movie Classics collection, previews of some new books, FPS games collection, Personal Finance apps etc.) that makes the process of content discovery easier. The lime green color choice for the Apps section is a nice hint at Key Lime Pie.

Google-Play-4.0.25-Nexus-4-Home Google-Play-4.0.25-Nexus-4-Trending

Another change you’ll notice is that all apps listed throughout the several sections and panes of Play Store are now presented as cards similar to those seen in Google Now, with greater focus on their graphics and just the right amount of info shown within each card. There’s also a menu overflow button (that looks like a vertical …) on each card that lets you install the app or add it to your wishlist without having to open its own app page.


The new layout is even more prominent on tablets, presenting more content to you in an engaging manner on the expansive screen of your device.


Another significant change is that in-app purchases can now be made from the context of the app in which the purchase is being made. Previously, making any in-app purchase took you to Play Store, taking the app to background temporarily. Now, you’ll just get a dialog box on top of that app itself, eliminating this annoyance and not requiring the app to re-render after the in-app purchase.


So how do you get the latest update on your device manually instead of waiting for it over the next few days or weeks? It’s dead-simple! Simply download its APK file from the link provided below, transfer it to your device, and sideload. It is the official app as provided by Google with no changes made whatsoever, and will simply update your existing Play Store app to the latest version – no need to be rooted and replace any system files manually.

How did you find the latest version of Play Store? Do you prefer it over the previous one, or would you rather stick with the old design? Do let us know in the comments below.

Download Google Play 4.0.25 APK

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  1. It’s okay, looks a lot cleaner but with a small screen like my LG Optimus Regard most of the words get cut off unlike before on the main screens. I see like “Recommended for y” but it’s nicer looking than the previous version. Really just polished. Nothing different as far as layout and organization. I do like the purchasing in app. That makes a huge difference. Thank you for, as usual, getting the good stuff out to us FIRST.

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