Pi.pe For Windows: Easily Transfer Images Between Multiple Social Networks & Web Services

Sharing is caring. As much as we love to view our favorite photos, we do the same when sharing them with our folks. There are hundreds (or maybe thousands?) of image sharing websites available out there now that allow you to easily upload your files and share them with your friends and family. For instance Instagram has become a limelight of many people's interest lately. If you use multiple photo sharing and social media websites, you may want a cloud data management tool instead that can help you with your online image galleries. Previously, we covered an application for Windows called Migratr that lets you move these pictures to popular photo sharing services including Flickr, Google Picasa, Photobucket and so on. Another one such service that i came across today is Pi.pe. It is a web service that allows you to transfer hundreds of images and videos between multiple social media networks and image uploading websites including Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, MySpace, Picasa, Photobucket and more. Details to follow.Read More

View Images & Articles Within Reddit By Hovering Over Their Links [Chrome]

Normally, whenever you want to take a better look at a particular image or link on Reddit, you have to open it in a new tab, and then switch tabs in order to return to the main page, which is neither convenient nor efficient. Seeit!, a Chrome extension, solves this common problem by providing you with preview capabilities for Reddit. The extension adds a button to the URL bar for all Reddit pages, and allows you to view images and read articles in a scrollable, resizable pop-up window by hovering over their links. Not only does it let you access content on the same page, but also lets you minimize interesting images/articles to the bottom of the website, so you can return to them at a later time.Read More

KanbanFlow: Private & Shared To-Do List Management With Pomodoro Timer

Organizing multiple tasks and actually getting them done on time is not easy, but with KabanFlow, you can easily keep your task list organized and get a quick overview of your current work situation. It is an intelligent web app that is free to use, and once you’ve signed up for it, you can create boards, add tasks, assign them to others, move tasks across different categories, manage subtasks, add comments and much more. The app allows you to create as many shared or private boards as you like. When working in a team, whenever someone adds, deletes or moves a task, the changes can be viewed by all the other team members in real time. KabanFlow allows you to observe tasks that are in progress, completed on the present day and otherwise-done. Additionally, the app supports the popular Pomodoro technique for time management.Read More

Enable Keyboard Shortcuts & Create Custom Hotkeys In Gmail [Tip]

Gmail is becoming an increasingly popular email service. When Google launched it back in 2004, no body knew it would receive such mainstream acceptance.  Right now, it is the 2nd largest email service around and time is not far for it, to claim the 1st spot. Albeit Gmail provide a lucid user experience, various tweaks and tips make it more robust. Keyboard shortcut support is a rather unknown feature of Gmail. If you love using keyboard shortcuts, you must know how convenient it is to use hotkeys to perform mouse-intensive tasks. If you're an avid Gmail user who spends the better half of the day managing emails, then you might want to use hotkeys to quickly navigate between mailboxes (Inbox, Sent Mail, Drafts etc.), and other Gmail sections including Contacts and Tasks. Gmail natively supports quite a few hotkeys used to jump between different Gmail pages & sections, and even allows users to create custom shortcuts for performing routine tasks. In what follows, we will let you know how you can enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail and create custom hotkeys to quickly perform your routine tasks without loosing focus on your everyday computer work.Read More

Thinkbinder: Create Study Groups, Share Files & Collaborate In Real Time [Web]

ThinkBinder is a web application that aims to change the way you study with your friends by offering you a study group environment that is built around a set of useful tools designed to increase productivity. The service lets you have group discussions, share notes and provides you with real-time interactions. Creating a study group on Thinkbinder only takes a few seconds and all you have to do is create an account in a few easy steps or login via Facebook. Once you're logged in to the service you will be able to add members, upload files, create events and share ideas on a whiteboard. You can invite friends through e-mail or Facebook and once they are all in, you can collaborate with them through chat, private messages, and more. Moreover, you can share links, files and work on problems together through a whiteboard in real time.Read More

Tixik Helps You Plan Your Travels By Places To Go & Activities To Do [Web]

Due to the hectic nature of modern life that most people are forced to follow nowadays, one needs to have a vacation once in a while in order to stay motivated, but planning a vacation is not an easy job, as often, we require to look for multiple destinations, locate tourist attractions and find out details about available hotels in our favorite vacation spots. Rummaging through travel catalogues on the internet can be time consuming, and even misleading in some cases. Tixik is a web-based application that provides you with basic information about different tourist spots, categorized according to the country you want to visit as well as the type of activity you want during the vacation, and provides a summary of your travel route on Google Maps. Read past the jump for details.Read More

Streamified: Merge All Your Social & RSS Feeds With Google+ [Chrome]

It's always more convenient if, instead of opening social media websites in multiple windows or tabs, you're allowed to view all your social network feeds and updates from one central location. Streamified is an extension for Chrome that gives you an overview of your social networks as well as RSS feeds within Google+. It saves you the trouble of having to visit each social media website by letting you view all the activity from a single window. The extension supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram & Google Reader; feeds from all these networks and services can be added to your Google+ stream. This will not only simplify the process of sharing images and links with others, but also allow you to quickly update your status across all selected social media accounts. In short, Streamified provides a one-stop solution to keep tabs on all important social media feeds. More after the break.Read More

We Love Deals: Get Alerts For Price Changes On Amazon [Chrome]

Amazon is one of the leading names in online retail and since it delivers in different parts of the world, it’s an excellent service to use if you want to send a surprise gift to someone outside the country. Amazon isn’t just great for buying but also a good place to hunt for discounts and deals. The only trouble is, the number of items is large that you can’t possibly keep up with all the deals. At the same time, not all deals are important for you but you won’t know that unless you see it and that means a ton of browsing. If you're always looking for deals and ways to save cash while shopping online but don’t really have that much time to invest, then We Love Deals is what you need. This nifty little Chrome extension lets you find the latest deals on Amazon by displaying them with image thumbnails and price details, in a slick pop-up. If you like a deal or product, you can click its link to view or purchase it on Amazon. Each deal comes with a title, price, percentage off, date/time and category details. Additionally, the extension's button displays a count to alert you when new deals are added to Amazon.Read More

Novels: On Location Points Out Books Related To Places On Google Maps

NovelsOnLocation is a smart service that uses Google Maps to find literature work based on different locations. The web app's purpose is to provide you with books related to a certain place that, for instance, you're travelling to. It is easy-to-use and lets you find an extensive variety of books from all over the world. The map comes with loads of placemarks, each representing a particular book. You can click on a particular placemark to view its details, or use the search bar on the upper right hand corner of the map to search for a book. The map also gives you zoom in/out functionality, along with two different layouts for the map. In addition to that, if you want to contribute to the service, all you have to do is simply enter a location, and then enter the details of your book in a pop-up.Read More

Select Multiple Gmail Messages via Mouse Click & Drag In Chrome

Gmail brought a lot of innovation to email, especially with its search features. However, one thing that remains traditional (akin to contemporary email services) is the method for selecting multiple messages, whereby requiring you to manually tick each check box for performing a batch action on multiple message threads/conversations. Click-n-Drag Checkbox For Gmail is an extension that aims to change that by letting you click and drag to select a bunch of items. This Chrome extension allows you to check/uncheck multiple checkboxes by clicking and dragging your mouse over their check marks. It is the perfect solution for selecting multiple emails in Gmail, especially when you don’t want to delete all of them. After you've installed the extension, click a checkbox and drag your mouse upwards or downwards to select a range of messages. This handy tool actually toggles the checkboxes, so it will check any conversation that is unchecked and vice versa.Read More

A Better Queue: Find The Best Netflix Streaming Content With Rotten Tomatoes’ Ratings

Finding good Netflix streaming content is not an easy job, mainly because everyone has a different take on a movie, and you may not always want to rely on users' ratings to determine whether a flick is worth your time or not. Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer can be a pretty reliable indicator of movie quality, but switching between Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes isn't really convenient. This is where A Better Queue comes in. This intelligent web application lets you filter and browse Netflix movies with the Tomatometer rating displayed alongside. With it, you will be able to view what's available to watch instantly from Netflix in a list, sorted on the basis of Tomatometer ratings. The service works perfectly and lets you find good movies faster, thanks to its advance filters like rating, year of release and movie genre.Read More

Schedule Google+ Posts For A Later Time With Do Share [Chrome]

Scheduling posts on social networks can lead to many benefits, and may have multiple uses. For instance, you may want to schedule a tweet announcing the launch of something important to you, or a Facebook post to wish your loved ones happy birthday. For the two most popular social media services, Twitter and Facebook, several tools exist that allow you to do just that. Unfortunately, one can't say the same for Google+. You'd be hard pressed to find similar solutions for the social network. If you're still looking for one, try Do Share. This smart Chrome extension helps you write Google+ posts, save them as drafts or schedule them for a later time. You can format posts, share drafts or delete them as well. Posts can be shared with specific circles, which can be added by clicking the +Add more people option within the extension. Also, note that as the network does not have a full API yet, the extension uses a method to automatically log in to your Google+ profile in the background to post scheduled messages. So, for the extension to be able to do so, you'll need to have your computer and browser running, and yourself logged in to Google+.Read More

Frrole Makes Twitter A Location-Based News Source For 50+ Cities [Web]

Frrole is a social newspaper that provides contextual and useful information from Twitter for 50+ cities. It retrieves location based tweets and offers you the most interesting happenings in your vicinity, or for other popular cities, allowing you to keep abreast of all the news in either your area, any chosen city or the whole wide world. Frrole offers you with a great way to keep track of what is happening locally, without having to manually scan Twitter. Moreover, news items are divided into various categories, in real time, such as Headlines, Entertainment, Sports, Travel, Deals, Events, and Jobs. Also, for each feed, you will be able to view its title, time and the number of retweets. Frrole not only shows you the topics that are most discussed in a city, but also gives you an excellent way for finding new people to follow, based on their tweets.Read More

Save Products From Any Online Store To Your Personal Shopping Cart [Chrome]

Impulse is a Chrome extension that puts you in control of your online shopping by letting you save and access products from any website. With Impulse, you can save items from various websites, store them in your personal shopping cart, make wishlists and share them with your friends. After you’ve installed the extension, you will notice that an expandable sidebar has been added to your browser. Next, all you have to do is drag & drop product images from any retailer to the impulse sidebar to save it, along with its title, image and price details, as well as a link back to the product's original location. With it, you will no longer have to return to a website and search for a product you’ve already liked or wanted to purchase. Impulse lets you grab products from all over the web and take them with you as you shop online.Read More

Generate Up To 64-Color RGB & HEX Palettes From Any Image [Chrome]

For web designers, one of the most daunting tasks is coming up with a color scheme from scratch. In this regard, other well-developed websites and apps can prove to be a great source of inspiration. Then there may be times when you'd just want to locate the exact value for a particular shade? Palette For Chrome is an extension that lets you create as many as sixty four color palettes from an image that you like. You can then use the RGB or Hexadecimal values for your website design. The extension adds a Palette For Chrome option to the right-click context menu, which contain further sub-options in the form of Create 16-color palette, Create 24-color palette and Create 32-color palette. You will also find a Create custom palette option in the menu, which lets you move a slider to adjust the number of colors you want in your output.Read More

Fire Media Player Adds A Sidebar For Creating YouTube Playlists & Controlling Playback In Firefox

Fire Media Player is a media playback and management tool that allows you to play YouTube videos and playlists in a compact sidebar. The sidebar can easily be toggled on and off with the click of a button, and music playback can be controlled from the toolbar or from within the right-click context menu. With it, you can create and edit playlists, search for music and share it with your friends on popular social networks. Additionally, music can be added directly to playlists from YouTube using the right-click context menu. Fire Media Player also lets you see thumbnails of next/previous videos right within the sidebar.Read More

Rummage Is A Pinterest-Like Web Portal For eBay Items

Currently running hot among avid social media users, Pinterest is a virtual soft board for photos uploaded by users from all around the world. Rummage is a web app that, taking a page out of the social network's book, transforms eBay’s dull, boring design into an attractive, Pinterest-like interface, with quick access to large photos for items. This slick search tool gives you a fast, fun, and visual way to browse eBay, and lets you choose categories from a pull down menu displayed at the top of the page. You can enter queries in the search bar to find products of your choice, pin them to Pinterest or purchase them via eBay. Moreover, the light box photo displays, and social sharing buttons make Rummage not only visually more appealing, but also more practical and functional. When you've found an item you wish to bid on or purchase, simply click the View item on eBay button, and you'll be taken to said merchandise on eBay.Read More

Flavour Map: Discover Worldwide Tastes & Eating Places; Contribute With Your Own Findings

Flavour Map is an interesting web application that provides you with a crowdsourced map of tastes and places to dine out from all over the world. Not only does it allow you find new cuisines and flavors, but also lets you pin a flavor, restaurant or street food you’ve tried out lately, using Google Street View. Moreover, you can add descriptions, attach images and write reviews. The service can be searched by location, cuisine, description etc, and serves as a worldwide guide for people looking for taste inspiration.Read More

Filter Your Twitter Feed Based On Content/Keywords Or Users [Chrome]

Often, while browsing Twitter, we come across tweets that don’t interest us at all, and only serve to clutter our feeds. Unfollowing people is one option if you want to stop seeing tweets that you don’t like, but what if you could just temporarily hide tweets from a user or for a #hashtag within your feed? Open Tweet Filter provides you with keyword and user-based filtering, allowing you to hide tweets posted by certain users or containing tags that don’t interest you.Read More

Set Reminders For Visiting Websites & Block URLs For A Defined Time [Firefox]

Wasting time online is nothing new for an avid internet user, and even more so if you work in a rather-relaxed environment and require browsing all day long for performance of your tasks. If you have been wasting too much time on distracting websites like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, then Time Limiter, a useful Firefox add-on, may be able to help you focus. This nifty tool blocks these time sinks, but a lot of others do that too, so why use Time Limiter, you ask? The extension not only blocks websites, but will also let you set reminders for visiting a certain domain later, making sure you don't forget where you were actually supposed to be heading. Additionally, the Advanced options allow you to block URLs for particular days and hours.Read More