Tresorit Is A Cloud Storage & Syncing Service With Focus On Security

One of the major concerns that many people have about cloud storage is how secure their data will be when saved to the cloud. Privacy-conscious people tend to hesitate in entrusting their confidential information to a company without the guarantee that no one else will be able to access it. There are countless cloud storage services out there such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Bitcasa that offer plenty of storage space to you for free, but they aren't exactly known for having strong data security and encryption, which has lead to the rise of third-party apps like BoxCryptor for adding that security layer. If security is what you look for in a cloud storage service, Tresorit is can be a good choice. It’s a simple cloud storage and file sharing & syncing app for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS that aims to provide the most secure cloud environment for your data, and comes packaged with an elegant interface. Read More

New In iTunes 11.1: iOS 7 Support, iTunes Radio, Genius Shuffle & More

iTunes 11 was released more than a month after iOS 6 came out, but that wasn’t really a big deal because users were able to continue syncing their iDevices without any problems, and none of the existing features were affected. With iOS 7, however, it is a whole new story. iTunes 11.0.3 does not recognize devices running the OS’ latest version. Some users who immediately updated to iOS 7 hours ago after seeing its new features were left feeling somewhat stuck for the short period of time that iTunes 11.1 was failing to download. The download page seems to be working fine now, though, and not only can you use it to backup/restore your iOS 7 device, but it also has iTunes Radio built into it! Another major addition is ‘Shuffle Genius’, which makes sure that even when in shuffle mode, your playlists are created intelligently. Read More

Epic Is A Chromium-Based Browser With Focus On Privacy & Anonymity

The NSA, Facebook, Yahoo, Google, your government’s spies – the list of agencies or organizations that have access to your data and may be spying on your activities just seems to keep on growing. The recent NSA leaks from whistleblower Ed Snowden have publicly confirmed that internet privacy has become a thing of the past, so the only thing standing between them and your digital footprint is the technology you use. A good VPN can go a long way when it comes to keeping your online activities private, but choosing the right browser is also important. Chromium-based Epic browser seeks to make your browsing as private and secure as possible by blocking internet cookies and tracking codes in an effective manner. While you can find many other such browsers out there already, Epic does offer some really great security features and sports the same great Google Chrome UI that we have all become accustomed to. Read More

Collagerator Helps You Make Great-Looking Collages With Minimal Effort

A photo collage is one of the most beautiful ways of sharing photos with your friends and family. Previously, we've covered a plethora of collage creators for all mobile and desktop platforms and today, we're bring you yet another such great piece of software for Windows and Mac OS X called Collagerator (an assemblage of the words Collage and Creator). The application is not only free, but also pretty awesome at letting you create fascinating collages in no time. It even includes support for retina display and contains templates designed for retina screens. Read More

How To Batch Download Coursera Lecture Videos In A Few Clicks

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) like Udacity, edX and Coursera have taken the world of online education by storm with their high quality, collaborative, work-when-you-want style of study. Coursera in particular is quite popular because it curates courses from multiple world-class universities. You can take up all sorts of courses: from Survey of Music Technology to advanced Computer Science programs like Design and Analysis of Algorithms. Read More

Kiwix: Download Wikipedia, Wikileaks & More For Reading Offline On Windows, Mac, Linux & Android

Wikipedia is the world’s most popular and up to date encyclopedia. It is like an external brain of sorts that we can access anytime to gain knowledge about hundreds of thousands of topics, but only as long as we have internet access. That really doesn’t have to be the case though, since you can use Kiwix to download and read the entirety of Wikipedia completely offline. Check it out after the jump. Read More

MoviePile Is A Great Movie Manager With Support For Extracting Animated GIFs & Short Video Clips

When it comes to movie management and video playback software, there are way too many choices available, some of which are simply great, while others, not quite so. That said, it also comes down to personal taste and preference. We've covered some very fantastic movie managers in the past, such as the excellent jMovieManager and today, we bring you yet another one. MoviePile is a Java-based desktop movie manager for Windows, Mac and Linux that looks great and brings a host of interesting features to the table, the most terrific of which is dubbed Tagmark that allows you to tag specific parts in a video and play them directly with a single click later, or just turn them to an animated GIF. Pretty impressive, right? Read on! Read More

Cloudup Offers Up To 200 GB Of Free Cloud Storage To Upload Files & Share Them As Streams

In this era of widespread broadband access, we are almost spoiled for choice when it comes to the number of cloud storage services available. In fact, there are now even services designed just to manage all your cloud services in one place. Cloudup is yet another one to join the party with a promising design and awesome features. It gives users an ubiquitous file sharing platform for mobile and desktop, letting them store their videos, photos, music and documents, and share them with anyone as stream links. Each user can store up to 1000 files of up to 200 MB each for free, with premium accounts in the making to extend these limits. The service has applications available for both Windows and Mac OS X. Read More

Share Bucket For Mac Offers Quick Screenshot & File Sharing Via Dropbox, Google Drive & SkyDrive

With the default screenshot tool that OS X ships with, along with so many other third-party options that are available for the platform, a new tool in this genre really has to offer something above the rest in order to make any significant impact. Share Bucket is a free screenshot tool available in the Mac App store that boasts an exceptionally good built-in image editor, along with support for uploading screenshots to several cloud service and getting a small URL for them. Once a screenshot has been ‘shared’, the link to it is copied to your clipboard. The app only allows you to capture a select area of your screen but if you want to capture the entire screen or a particular window, you can simply use the default screenshot tool and drag & drop the file on to Share Bucket’s Menu Bar icon to upload it. Read More

Instantly Share Files & Screenshots From Mac Menu Bar With Thunder

You have your file sharing and cloud storage apps, and you have your screenshot tools. If you cross the two, you get something like Thunder - a free app available in the Mac App Store that not only lets you take screenshots and automatically uploads them to the cloud, but also allows you to upload any file to the cloud by dragging & dropping it on its menu bar icon. Whenever a file - whether one you added manually or a screenshot you took with Thunder - is uploaded, a link to it is automatically copied to your clipboard. You can upload one or several files at once; in case of more than one file, all files are added to a zipped archive before being uploaded. Read More

6 Less Talked About Features In OS X Mavericks

As soon as OS X Mavericks was announced, everyone was busy discussing its new name and the myriad of new features that were announced, and generally just dying to get their hands on the developer preview. Since then, those who have access to Mavericks have been detailing things like tabbed browsing in Finder, Keychain in iCloud, and other major features. It’s times like this that the little, less important features are overlooked. Here is a list of 6 lesser known features in OS X Mavericks Beta that users will welcome as much as the major ones. Read More

Skitch For Mac Updated With A Format That Keeps Annotations Editable

Possibly the most popular screenshot app for the OS X platform, Evernote's Skitch, has just been updated, getting a few great new features. A new format for saving images annotated and captured by Skitch has been introduced, which is basically a modified type of PNG that lets you edit the annotations made in Skitch after you've saved the final image. The image canvas can now be expanded to give you more drawing space, and shapes can be drawn more precisely by holding down the ‘Shift’ key. Finally, a new option has been added to the app’s preferences that allows you to hide  the advanced options window that appears after you've taken a screenshot, facilitating you to take further screenshots faster. Read More

Wedge Is A Mac Client With Customizable Hotkeys & Notifications

Ever since introduced its free, invite-only subscription option, desktop clients for the network have been popping up. Kiwi is one of the more popular ones that debuted early on, and Passport released by itself is popular on the iOS platform as it gives you instant access to the a free account. Wedge is yet another ADN client for OS X that lets you view your news stream, direct mentions, messages, interactions, the global stream all in separate tabs. You can also search for users or posts by hashtags. This is pretty much a run-of-the-mill list of features for an client; what sets Wedge apart is the large number of keyboard shortcuts it supports. which are all fully customizable. It also integrates with Notification Center and gives you a lot of freedom to choose what activity you receive notifications for. Lastly, the app adds its icon to the Menu Bar that toggles the Wedge window by default, but can be set to open the compose new post box, and to indicate when there is new activity. Read More

Sismics Is A Windows, Linux & Mac RSS Server With A Web-Based Reader

Google Reader users looking for a new home for your RSS feeds should know that they don’t have much time left now to move over to a different service because in one week, Google will retire the 8-year-old Reader for good. Fortunately there are many Google Reader alternatives available and today, we’re going to take a look at a new, open-source option by the name of Sismics Reader. The application runs on your Windows, Mac or Linux machine as a server and allows multiple users to use it with their separate RSS accounts through any modern web browser running on a computer, table tor smartphone. Sismics' design is based on keeping things simple, just like Google Reader. It presents everything in an easily understandable way and Google Reader users should feel at home using it. Read More

Get iOS 7 Control Center-Like System Toggles & Shortcuts In OS X Dock With FastToggles

The brand new Control Center feature of iOS 7 is certainly worth all the attention it’s getting. Similar features were made available on jailbroken iOS devices with famous tweaks NCSettings and SBSettings.  These controls allow a user to toggle frequently used settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS as well as manage brightness and orientation etc. OS X has some of these same settings that are frequently accessed and you have to go through several clicks, menus, and options just to turn them on or off. FastToggles is a Mac app worth $1.99 that puts these settings just a click away. It’s a group of apps in itself that allow you to turn Bluetooth and Wi-Fi On/Off, toggle the visibility of hidden files and desktop icon, eject all mounted drives, empty the trash, lock your screen, log out, mute sound, open your downloads, Dropbox or Home folder, quit all apps, shut down or restart your Mac, and put the display to sleep. Read More

Edit Images & View Them In Sync On Multiple PCs Over LAN With Nomacs

There has never been a shortage of image viewers on Windows as well as other major desktop platforms; hop on to any software repository on the internet and you will find plenty of options for viewing your photos. So, do we really need another one? Perhaps yes. Especially when image viewers like Nomacs  come packaged with an umpteen number of features, the offer becomes even more enticing. On the surface, it looks exactly like any other image viewer, but deep down you will find a slew of handy tools that are likely to make Nomacs one of your favorite apps. The application supports almost all the major image formats out there (Including RAW), and lets you easily view and edit pictures in JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF, XPM, PGM, CR2, NEF, RW2, PSD and DNG formats, among a handful of others. A rather unusual feature is Nomacs' ability to sync the image view across multiple PCs over your local network, which really sets it apart from other similar tools. Read More

How To Send Video Messages To Your Offline Contacts In Skype

Voicemail lets you deflect calls when you’re busy in order to be able to access the recorded messages later. If you've ever thought of having that very same feature in Skype - the leading app for making voice and video calls over the internet, we have some great news for you. Skype has just added the feature and you can now send video messages to your Skype contacts even when they’re offline. On free accounts, a video message can be 3 minutes long, but with a premium account, users can send video messages of any length. The video messages can be sent from both desktop and mobile apps of the service, and can be recorded by front facing or regular back cameras on mobile devices. Read More

Add Panoramic Camera Motion To Time-Lapse Videos With Panolapse

If you’ve ever seen those nature documentaries on Discovery Channel or National Geographic, you don't really need any explanation about time-lapse videos. Just how they fast-forward time to capture all those plants growing and sun moving in and out of sight in seconds is simply jaw-dropping. With wide adoption of DSLR cameras, time-lapse photography has become quite famous over the past few years. Beside professional cameras specifically designed with this option, there's a variety of smartphone and desktop apps developed to help all types of users with creating time-lapses. So, how about creating them using a bit of your time and a free desktop tool called Panolapse? It’s a free app available for Window as well as Mac OS X for creating time lapse videos with virtual camera motion. Read More

Get A Presentation-Friendly Mouse Cursor With Zoom & Click Highlighting In OS X

Good presentation assistance tools are often hard to find, and most of the ones available are expensive, to say the least. Many are often meant to work with a companion app that you originally created the presentation in, and are not standalone apps that can be used freely. Highlighter is a free Mac App that is a very basic presentation tool; it replaces the mouse cursor with a red hoop. Everything in the hoop is magnified 30% when you click anywhere, and the hoop turns blue for a split second to indicate the action. It’s best used for giving demos and perhaps for creating screencasts. While most feature-rich screencasting tools will will allow you to do this, Highlighter can be a very useful companion for those that don't offer this feature. Read More

Open OS X Preference Panes From Shortcuts In The Dock Or Launchpad

The System Preferences in OS X, the equivalent of the Control Panel on Windows, is accessed quite frequently in general, where some preference panes are used more often than others. To access a preference pane, you have to either open System Preferences, or use Spotlight. Spotlight is, by far, the shortest way to get straight to a pref pane, but for that, you must remember its name correctly. Mactuts has come up with a much faster and exponentially better way to access these panes: accessing them as one would an app. Built using AppleScripts, these app-like shortcuts, collectively called Preferences Quick Launch are similar in appearance to the pane they represent and can be pinned to the Dock. The two preference panes that have been left out are the iCloud and Accessibility panes. This group of shortcuts has been developed for Mountain Lion only, and may or may not work on older versions of OS X. Read More