My Album For iPad: Create A Collage Of Drawings, Photos & Music

There are many iOS apps that let you create collages out of the photos, and there are also a lot of apps that are focused on drawing and finger painting. My Album for iPad combines both these features and adds one of its own to the mix. The app lets users edit photos and add musical effects to them. Not only that, you can put your drawing skills to use in My Album, and then combine your artwork with photos to create an awesome collage. The projects created using the app can be exported as PDF files or plain images. Read More

Shoptimus Is An Intelligent Virtual Assistant For All Kinds Of Shopping [Android]

Sporting a polished and intelligently-crafted user interface, Shoptimus International is a free Android app that brings you the latest shopping deals from some of the leading online merchants, including Kmart,, Target, Abt Electronics and Sears. Be it the latest electronic gadgets, home appliances, products for men, women and kids, or any daily-use commodities, using Shoptimus International, you can explore a wide array of consumer products from across all supported online stores. The app offers you various filters that you can utilize to narrow down your search criteria, listing only those products that meet your liking and budget. While browsing various online stores, you can also add the required items to your wishlist on the go, or head over to the retailer’s website to instantly place the purchase order. That’s not all; the app also supports voice-enabled search, as well as real-time search suggestions, to help you instantly search for items of interest from required outlets. Read More

SimpleWiFi Adds A Slim WiFi Toggle & IP Address To iPhone Notification Center

For all the SBSettings users, many of the tweaks available in the Cydia store are useless or redundant. You want to toggle off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or your data connection? SBSettings can do that. You want to view your iDevice’s IP address or other network info? Just swipe across your phone’s status bar. However, this doesn’t mean that a tweak that performs one of these tasks is completely worthless. There are certain scenarios when SBSettings cannot come to your rescue. What if you are using an app in full screen mode? SBSettings can’t be launched there. Notification Center, on the other hand, is truly universal and can be launched from anywhere in iOS. This is what makes SimpleWiFi a useful tweak. It is basically a Notification Center widget that provides its users with a toggle for Wi-Fi, and displays the current network’s name along with your iPhone’s IP address. Read More

Twitpic Brings Its Official Client To iOS, Lets You Edit & Share Photos

When it comes to sharing photos on Twitter, Twitpic is one of the most used services all over the world, especially before Twitter brought in its own image service. The web interface of Twitpic is more than enough for uploading and sharing any image, but it is always nice to have a an official client for a service on all major platforms. Twitpic just released its official iOS client, and the app can do everything the web version of the service is capable of. Apart from that, the Twitpic app is a good way of editing photos and uploading them to the famous microblogging service on the go. Like Instagram, Twitpic comes with a nice collection of photo effects and filters, along with a Timeline of its own, which showcases the photos shared by people you follow on Twitter. Update: The official Twitpic client for Android has been released. We've added its Google Play Store link at the end of this post. Read More

LuminousPlayer Brings New Effects & Equalizers To Your iPhone’s Music Library

Like most of the stock apps for iOS, the Music app is rather simple in its design. In fact, you have to go to the Settings app if you want to perform as simple a task as applying equalizer presets to songs in your library. In addition to that, the music player for iPhone isn’t very customizable (unless the user has got a jailbroken iDevice). There are many third-party apps available for iOS that are intended to be used as a complete replacement for the stock Music app, but usually, they lack the ease of use and simplicity that users absolutely adore. LuminousPlayer is an app for iPhone that provides a perfect combination of customizability and simplicity regarding music in iOS. The app doesn’t come with too many confusing options, but still has enough to beat the stock Music app. You can apply a bunch of really cool equalizer presets and effects to the tracks on your iDevice, and that, too, without even having to import the music library separately to the app. Details past the jump. Read More

DietPoint Suggests Detailed Personal Diet Plans Based On Your Physique, BMI & Blood Type [iOS]

If you are reading this, chances are that you spend a large part of your day sitting in front of your computer, or maybe your job demands prolonged indoor hours, with little or no chance for exercise. In today's era, physical fitness has taken a somewhat secondary role. However, the same technology that is making us fat can be used to turn the tables and adopt a much healthier routine. The iOS App Store, for one, has got a decent variety of fitness-related apps that can get you back in shape in no time. DietPoint is one such app, and it comes with a staggeringly large number of diet plans, designed to suit your needs regardless of your age, gender, lifestyle or just about any other factor. Not only that, DietPoint compels you to follow the diet plan rigorously, and even helps you with everything, including shopping for the grocery needed to implement your personalized fitness regimen. Read More

Seedair +3 Lets You Explore & Share Geotagged Photos & URLs [Android]

Seedair +3 is a relatively fresh location-based social media-sharing and networking startup that specifically targets mobile users. Through its highly interactive and visually appealing Android app, Seedair +3 lets you instantly share geo-tagged photos, URLs and short messages that can be seen by other app users within your vicinity. You can opt to keep the shared content visible to all, none (apart from you), or only your Seedair +3 friends. There are multiple ways of exploring all the Airsigns (content shared via Seedair +3), and while you explore, the app provides you with a chance to add new friends to your social circle. In addition, it presents you with a host of customary socializing tool, using which you may like, comment on, or share an Airsign with your online buddies. Read More

JumiAmp Allows Remote Control Of iTunes & WinAMP From Android Or iPhone

Back in January, we covered an Android app called TuneSync HomeStream, that allows users to wirelessly stream their iTunes music library from their PC or Mac to their Android devices. What if you wanted to remotely control music playback on your iTunes desktop application right from your Android device? Developed by Jumitech, JumiAMP is a stylish iOS and Android app that allows you to control music playback on iTunes and WinAMP desktop applications over WiFi or mobile data (3G, EDGE). While JumiAMP has been around in the iTunes App Store for quite some time now, its Android variant has just made its way into the Google Play Store. Read More

Android SkyDrive Explorer: Holo-Themed SkyDrive Browser With Support For Music Streaming

The problem with being an Android user and having a Windows Live SkyDrive account is that, currently, there is no official SkyDrive app for Android. Though, the lack of an official client is what inspires many third-party developers to come up with their own solutions. Using previously reviewed SkyDrive Browser, SkyAMP and Picox, Android users can explore their cloud content via a dual-pane file explorer, stream SkyDrive music straight from the cloud, and manage SkyDrive Photos, respectively. Adding to the list of unofficial SkyDrive apps for Android, is the neatly-designed, ICS-themed Android SkyDrive Explorer, which not only lets you remotely access your SkyDrive content, but also allows you to directly view photos and stream music files without having to download them to your device. Read More

Set Any Custom SMS Ringtone On WP7 Using MyRingtone2SMS [Homebrew]

WP7 Mango brought some much-needed changes to Windows Phone 7, and also paved the way for many third-party custom ringtone apps in the Marketplace (a feature hitherto inaccessible for WP7 users having non-jailbroken devices). One small thing that most people failed to mention was the fact that the term “custom ringtones” didn’t seem to apply to SMS and notification sounds. There has never been any possible way of customizing the notification and SMS tones on a Mango phone, even if you had full unlocked access. Fortunately, things have finally changed for the better and you can now choose any sound as your custom SMS ringtone if you have an interop unlocked device! Sounds exciting? Head past the break to find out more about MyRingtone2SMS - the Homebrew that has made this feat possible! Read More

SwipeSelection Allows Easier, Gesture-Based Text Selection In iOS [Cydia]

There isn’t much wrong with text selection in iOS, but needless to say, it could've been much more convenient. The area where the text to be selected is located, is usually hidden under your finger as you strive to move the cursor to an appropriate point. Also, users have to rely on the little magnifying glass that appears while seeking within text, and that can get a bit disorienting at times. This problem has been countered by a certain developer from the Cydia store, whose new tweak, SwipeSelection, makes use of gestures to make text selection really convenient for jailbroken iOS users. You don’t have to play a tedious game every time you want to edit a single alphabet in a whole paragraph once you have SwipeSelection installed on your iPhone or iPad. Read More

SoftPad Turns Your iPhone Into A Remote Control For Windows PC [Cydia]

There are many ways of turning your iPhone into a keyboard, mouse or a monitor for any desktop system. You can get a lot of apps and tweaks that let you do that, but not many of them have the ability to assume these roles simultaneously. SoftPad is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-configure Windows remote control apps for iPhone that we have seen so far. The Cydia app has three main modes; you can use your iOS device as a mouse or keyboard for your PC, or control the entire Windows interface through your iDevice's touchscreen. Moreover, SoftPad makes it extremely easy to switch between the three modes, adding another layer of convenience over its functionality. Read More

Stream Audio From YouTube Videos Using YouTunes Live For iPhone

YouTube might be a video hosting service in essence, but one look at the number of songs and lyrics videos is enough to tell anyone that a majority of users are there for the music. A lot of people run YouTube in the background, only listening to the audio and paying no attention to the video. This is why having YouTunes Live on your iPhone might be a pretty good idea. The app extracts audio from any video on YouTube (or even the videos you have on your device), and you can enjoy listening to your favorite tunes even after the screen has timed out. Read on to know all about this handy app. Read More

AirDroid Receives Mega Update, Adds Screen Mirroring, File/APK Drag & Drop, Video Streaming & More [Android]

When we reviewed the debut version of AirDroid last November, it was already one of the best, most comprehensive Android managers out there, offering wireless control and management of almost every single facet of Android devices. If you thought that the app already had enough on offer and couldn’t get any better, think again! AirDroid has just recently received a massive update (to v1.0.5) that has helped the app step up several notches from the rest of the competition. Read More

91 Locker: 4-Way Android Lock Screen App With System Toggles

The extent of customization that Android offers to its users is nearly unmatched by any other existing mobile OS. When it comes to tweaking and personalizing your device’s lock screen, the gulf between Google’s mobile OS and other contemporary platforms expands manifold. In an attempt to provide you with the most elegant and feature-packed custom Android lockscreen replacement apps, we’ve featured quite a large number of alternatives. Adding plenty of eye-candy and ample functionality to your Android’s lockscreen is 91 Locker – yet another very handy custom Android lockscreen replacement app that brings the core and some of the most sought-after Android features right at your fingertips, even with your device locked. Read More

Song Exporter Pro: Transfer iPhone & iPod Touch Songs To Your Computer Over WiFi Without iTunes

If you are new to iOS, using iTunes can prove to be a nightmare. There are a host of errors you might run into, or you might accidentally lose some of your data in the name of “syncing”, if your device has ever been associated with another computer and iTunes library. Even if you do manage to tame the wild beast that is iTunes, it still won't let you extract and transfer to your computer, the music that is already on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. There are many apps and services that let users do just about anything to bypass iTunes, and Song Exporter Pro is one such useful app. If you have a lot of songs on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, this app will let you download them to your computer, given that both devices are on the same WiFi network. What's even better, is that you can do this on any computer, irrespective of OS, drivers or in the absence of iTunes, since all transfers are handled through the browser. This is as simple as it gets. More past the break. Read More

How To Add EDGE Option To Lumia 900 Cellular Data Settings [Guide]

When the Lumia 800 was launched, people called it the best Windows Phone 7 device to date, but all that changed as soon as its elder sibling, Lumia 900, hit the market. The most prominent difference between the two devices is the front-facing camera in the latter, and the fact that it is the first ever LTE WP7 device! So, the Nokia ship was sailing smoothly regarding the Lumia 900, but then battery issues started rearing their ugly heads, and Nokia even released an update that claimed to fix the battery issues plaguing the Lumia devices. However, there are other steps users can themselves take to enhance their phone’s battery life. How about switching to EDGE on your Lumia 900 instead of using the power-hungry LTE when you don't really need it? We do know there isn’t an EDGE option in the Cellular settings of the phone by default, and this article is all about getting that facility. Read More

[Giveaway] Defense zone HD Is A Stunning, Challenging 2D Tower Defense Game For iPhone & iPad

Tower defense games never get old. With an abundant choice of such time-wasters available for iOS devices, there are a few that manage to stand out from the rest and demand respect. Defense zone HD comes as a fresh breeze for the tower defense genre, with a very simple gameplay and controls that one grows to understand in a few minutes. With graphics and animations worth awing at, and destruction satisfaction at its best, Defense zone will keep you occupied for hours as it begins challenging your strategies moving through the levels. The difficulty, unless you play with the it set to Easy, will mess with your head, enough to make you want to strangle someone. More about the game after the break. Read More

iLockit For Android: Lock Screen App With Unique Image-Based Methods Of Pattern Unlock

Just a couple of weeks ago, we covered an Android app called Photo Lock Screen that allowed users to define their own custom tap sequence/patterns on an image of choice to unlock their screens. Sporting somewhat the same concept, but far more features, iLockit Lock Screen is another security-oriented Android app that has been around for quite some time now (way before Photo Lock Screen, it seems). iLockit offers as many as four different screen locking methods that you can use in a combination of your choice. For instance, you may set any image as the lockscreen's background and select a single point within it, tapping which will unlock the screen, or pick multiple points on the image that you must touch in some order to do the same. Then, there is a method that involves pressing and holding a specific point on the image for a desired time duration. You can also add an invisible line within the image and swipe across it to unlock. Read More

NickWrite: A Smart Text Editor For WP7 That Learns From Your Typing Habits

Out of the many reasons that have made me a fan of Windows Phone 7, the stock Messaging app has got to be somewhere near the top of the list. I am not talking about just the Facebook integration it offers (although that is quite awesome). Other things such as the great keyboard and non-intrusive spellcheck make it perfect for someone who texts a lot. I never thought any update, or app, can better WP7’s stock text editing, but NickWrite seems to have done just that! The app is a simple text editor on the surface, but its distinction lies in its ability to learn from the way you type! Of course, you can add new words to WP7’s own text editor’s dictionary, but NickWrite does everything automatically. It essentially starts guessing a sentence as soon as you begin typing it in, and at times, you will be able to finish a sentence without having to type anything after the first couple of words! Sound familiar? The app's predictive abilities have a lot in common with popular Android keyboard replacement SwiftKey X. Read on for details. Read More