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ESPNcricinfo For WP7: Cricket Scores, Match Details, Articles & More

Almost all Cricket fans know what Cricinfo is, as it is the best source for getting live updates related to the gentlemen’s game. The popular website from ESPN is not limited to just scores and fixture details, and has got practically everything related to Cricket, including articles, photos, videos and rankings. Although you can utilize the mobile version of the site on your Windows Phone 7 device, it is nowhere near as comprehensive as the full version of the famous website. So, it must come as a pleasant surprise for Cricket fans that a new app, named ESPNcricinfo, has just been released in the Marketplace, and it is Cricinfo’s official Mango client! The app has a few pretty good features that are enough to put even the web version of Cricinfo to shame. Read on to learn all about this awesome WP7 app.

ESPNcricinfo Menu ESPNcricinfo Matches ESPNcricinfo Match Page

The app starts off with a view of all the ongoing and recent matches from around the world. This matches page is divided into three subsections, including Live, Fixtures and Results. Each match’s icon shows a summary of the game, and you can go to its dedicated page by tapping the thumbnail. Depending upon the match’s status, users can view the result, scorecard, preview and other related info. Although most sections of ESPNcricinfo can be accessed via swiping across screens, the menu is still pretty useful, as it displays links to all sections in one place, including scores, fixtures, records, rankings and a bunch of others.

ESPNcricinfo News ESPNcricinfo Rankings ESPNcricinfo Videos

The magazine menu of the app displays articles (both informational and humorous) posted on the Cricinfo blog. The news presented in ESPNcricinfo can consist of videos, photos and audio clips, but it is also possible to browse through these media files by going to their respective sections. The Settings menu of the app allows users to choose their favorite team, so that updates are provided accordingly.

ESPNcricinfo Full Scorecard ESPNcricinfo Lean back mode

All the features we have discussed so far are the same as the web version of Cricinfo, but there are a couple of things that take ESPNcricinfo to a whole new level of awesomeness. One of these features is the app’s landscape mode that brings up extra information if you are in one of the supported screens. For example, while viewing a match’s summary, it is possible to take a look at the detailed scorecard of the game by tilting the phone horizontally. Another similar feature is the Lean Back mode, which displays the live score from any ongoing game in full screen. This means your device can be used as a score indicator in dock mode.

ESPNcricinfo is a free app, and a must-have if you are Cricket fan using WP7.

Download ESPNcricinfo

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  1. This is really an app any cricket lover would love to install, and since this month ipl was there, i am sure many readers/users have downloaded and installed it for sure.!

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